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Osama bin Laden’s Last Lesson – The Three Gs

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Osama bin Laden’s Last Lesson:

The Three Gs

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I was reluctant to believe the initial reports of Osama bin Laden’s Death.

My concern was bin Laden had pulled “an Arafat.”

In the late 1960s, when I was in high school, Yasser Arafat’s name was another name for “terrorism.”

When I went on active duty in 1978, Yasser Arafat had been labeled “a terrorist.” He had a reputation of always being able to avoid the assassination attempts on his life. In the 1970s, “Yasser Arafat” and “terrorism” were one and the same. Arafat did not shy away from the international spotlight of grabbing newspaper headlines. Before Osama bin Laden ever got any ink for his terrorism tactics, Yasser Arafat was already a Global Superstar Terrorist.

Terrorist Transition To Prestigious Politician

In 1985, one morning I went to work early to get a jump on a story that I was working on. I turned on the radio and made the coffee. The news bulletin on the radio stated: “Yasser Arafat is Dead.”

I smiled. I jumped for joy. I was the only one in the office. I was jubilant. I was beside myself. I felt as though the clouds had parted and angels were blowing their trumpets to signal “Justice Triumphs and Prevails.” It was a great day !

“They got the scumbag,” I shrieked to the empty office, at the top of my lungs !

Filled with joy, I Texas-Two Stepped around the office grateful that God had flushed the Celestial Toilet. One of the most notorious terrorists of the 1970s had been blown away. Hallelujah ! When my colleagues arrived, I told each one.

We shut off the radio and began clicking through the TV channels to find a news broadcast. Arafat was hated.

I couldn’t wait to hear how bad that scumbag had suffered in his final minutes on the earth. Hopefully, there would be video showing his remains plastered to the inside of a bombed out building.

The joy was short lived.

The global news media messed up. The initial report was, quite literally, – dead wrong.

The Bogus Arafat report taught me to wait for valid confirmation about the reported deaths of scumbag terrorists.

Arafat went on to pull off one of the Greatest Global Con Job Of All Time. In the 1970s Arafat had been considered One Of The Most Devious Terrorists’ Masterminds. By the late 1980s, reports began to claim that he wasn’t really a terrorist at all, but had been a “freedom fighter” and his fatherly image was being played up to the world. By the 1990s, Arafat had “a grandfather” image and had gained respect and even been elected president of Palestine.

History seems to have redressed Arafat’s action and the suspicions of his suspected acts of terrorism was scattered like sand on the desert wind. In my opinion, Yasser Arafat is a scumbag terrorist – and I proudly celebrated the news of his confirmed death in November 2004. Finally, God had flushed the Celestial Toilet.

Since Yasser Arafat had survived numerous assassination attempts in his day and Osama bin Laden had been credited with being as slippery as Arafat – I thought the initial report was probably a case of wishful thinking.

In youth, you have hope, dreams, optimism and the belief in politics to make life better and that justice will prevail. By the time, you reach your senior citizen years; it is not uncommon to be skeptical, cynical and downright jaded about official pronouncements from any branch of any and all governments.

I was hopeful that bin Laden had been wasted, but I was “cautiously optimistic.”

Senior Citizen Cynicism

My senior citizen cynicism kicked in: first, the timing of bin Laden’s Death seemed too appropriate.

May signifies the Memorial Day Weekend, which is always the “Official Start of Summer in the United States.” School is out and people are ready to go on vacation.

Oil companies are traditionalist – for years, I’ve noticed “gas prices” always go up around Memorial Day Weekend just as Americans are planning to hit the road for summer vacations (– Obviously, even oil company executives want to send their offspring to college)

Global Stock Market Surge Scam ?

An announcement like: “The Death of Osama bin Laden” should do a lot to restore the confidence in global stock markets and make citizens around the world feel optimistic about life in general. The optimism could easily translate into the “ka-ching of coins into cash registers around the world” as people gear up to enjoy their summer vacations.

Thus, my initial feeling was the Dead bin Laden announcement probably had Wall Street, the World Bank and the G8 number crunchers all calculating the jump in global stock markets. If people around the world believed there is hope for the global economy – their anxious optimism would have them out spending money like it was going out of style and in the long run they would help their national economies out of the sewers of oblivion.

Like a Broadway musical, it would be easy to imagine citizens around the world smiling and ready to get back to enjoying life as the tickers of global stock markets began to spit out the rising numbers of stability and growth.

Thus, the Cold, Hard Cash Reality of bin Laden’s Death could not be overlooked as a motive for the sudden good news worldwide.

Presidential Political Party Ploy

Second, I believe the last time I trusted a politician completely was around 1976, when I worked to get Jimmy Carter into the Oval Office.

Then, again, I supported President Clinton because I believed in his Administration.

I had been lukewarm about President Obama’s candidacy because I didn’t think that he had spent enough “time in the trenches” to gain political expertise before making his run for the White House. I didn’t believe he would be able to “horse whip Congress into shape” or “keep the U.S. Supreme Court justices taking their Alzheimer medication.”

After three years of the Obama Administration I am disappointed that once the “Inaugural Night Optimism” faded – President Obama seems to have become a “Lame Duck President.”

Life has taught me that governments are willing to use and misuse information to achieve goals. Thus, using bin Laden’s death as a political ploy would not be a big surprise. President Obama seems to be in the Lyndon Baines Johnson rut – the world is changing around him and he is posing for photo ops and thinking about reelection.

Vietnam put LBJ out on the street. If President Obama doesn’t wake up – and smell the coffee – the U.S. Economy – or lack of a U.S. Economy – is going to put him out on the street.

The political reality is the hour is at hand when presidential contenders start to crow about their qualifications and clog the airwaves with the nonstop manure leading up to the November ballot box. The incumbent always stands a better chance than the challenger – unless, the incumbent is worthless in the eyes of the voting public.

Exposed Expose’s

The U.S. Government has an awful track record of trying to pull off coverups. In the 1970s everyone heard about the “Watergate Affair ” in their sleep. Some Americans even believed that the 1970s Oil Crisis had been bogus. The Pentagon Papers grabbed headlines and, of course, there was the Iran Contra Affair. About the only people who really buy the Warren Report of President Kennedy’s Assassination is the befuddled bipartisan political bureaucrats, who signed off on the fairy tale. Even the Roswell event from 1947 periodically comes back like a skin rash and keeps Uncle Sam trying to find a new song and dance act to try and soft shoe his way past the obvious stonewalling of the event.

"Uncle Sam" the familiar figure of a political cartoon evolved into a national symbol for The United States of America.

Bottom line is Uncle Sam probably has the worst record of any government in trying to pull off a federal level coverup of a major event. Therefore, it would really be the height of political foolishness to claim bin Laden is dead and then have Al-Qaeda release a videotape to the media showing that bin Laden is alive and well.

Mandates For Change

The American people gave President Carter a mandate for change back in the 1970s and it didn’t work out that well. The American people gave President Clinton a mandate for change and I was pleased with the Clinton Administration’s leadership.

The American people gave President Obama a mandate for change. The jury is still out on this one. The verdict isn’t looking good. The U.S. Economy is still in a coma. Gas prices keep rising. Grocery prices keep rising. Jobs are still more myth than reality. The number of homes, farms, businesses, factories, condominiums and land for sale in America is obscene – the nation’s real estate is essentially an ongoing Coast To Coast Yard Sale.

America’s 2008 Voters Wanted A Political Gunslinger – to come in and “gun down” a “lawless economy” and “round up runaway businesses” and “to corral the stampede of two wars.” President Obama “ain’t” The New Sheriff In Town.

Time passes.

Real Time Results ?

Cash for Clunkers and College Tuition for Soccer Moms programs seems more like a few coins in a tip jar than full blown national economic programs. National Health Care still resides in the imaginations of Americans. President Obama was suppose to have a plan – three years later and voters are wondering : “What Is The Plan ?” “Or Is The Plan Finished ?” And, finally, “What Did The Plan Do ?”

Today’s America is a “Now” culture that demands “real time” results. If the president is ever going to go into his “FDR mode” and pull out his “New Deal” programs – now, is the time.

A Dead Osama only gives President Obama – brownie points . . . for a few days. Americans forget too quickly and the election is too far off for bin Laden’s death to generate the political capital to get Obama reelected or even guarantee his party’s nomination.

I rejected the initial ideas that their was an economic motive behind a bogus bin Laden story and the political ploy was obviously too big a risk to stand by a bogus bin Laden death story. Still, before I broke out into song over the Death of Osama bin Laden, I wanted some definite proof that bin Laden didn’t get out of town before sundown and got gunned down.

Proof ?

Obviously there are political, diplomatic, cultural and religious considerations that are being weighed at the White House concerning the release of Osama bin Laden Death Photos and Video.

Yet, the nature of society is that “authorized” or not ; “official” or not; sooner, rather than later – there had to be some types of photos or videos that would get leaked to the Internet and the press because some people will be ready to feed the need to see “proof.”

And, regardless of the proof, whether the photos are genuine or fake – no doubt, the conspiracy theorist will already be ready to punch holes in the stories, photos and any video that gets released on television and the Internet.

My proof came after I browsed the Internet and studied the Associated Press stories. I reread the stories and looked for anything that would suggest that the initial releases about bin Laden’s Death were bogus. The more I read, the more the information seemed credible based on my personal experiences in life. I have no doubt that the commandos were able to rapidly deploy and execute the mission.

Personally, I wish that bin Laden’s corpse would have been retained and other governments allowed to participate in the decision of what to do with the body. Again, the political, diplomatic, cultural and religious considerations would of probably resulted in a quagmire of legalities that would of continued long after natural decay of bin Laden’s corpse.

Lead Head Dead Osama

Personally, I’m glad Osama “bought the farm.”

Here was a man, born to wealth. He could of used his talents to make the world a better place. One Internet biography claimed that bin Laden had been trained as a civil engineer.

Instead of working to make the world a better place, bin Laden became “ a religious nut job.” Like Jim Jones and David Koresh he was convinced that Universal Intelligence had empowered him and his mindless minions to set the world on yet another “righteous path to salvation.”

Jones freaked out and drank his poison . Koresh’s insanity literally consumed him in his own fires. And, now, Osama becomes Lead Head Dead Osama.

Cowardly Commander

Osama was not a religious icon; he did not teach and lead. Osama was not a military leader coordinating guerrilla strikes against an enemy. Osama was a cowardly nut job terrorist, who believed his own press releases.

Osama bin Laden, the cowardly commander, preyed on people and their fears to blow themselves up for “his holy war.” He stayed in safe hiding places and shoved his disciples out into the traffic to be arrested, tortured, shot and blown up. His obvious contribution was “selective publicity:” He wanted the publicity without the risk.

Osama bin Laden was no martyr; he was a psychopathic puppeteer, who pulled the strings to send thousands to die in an effort to kill thousands more for his sadistic amusement. He allowed others to die for his cause. His own death came because – the rat had boxed himself into a corner. Bin Laden had imprisoned himself in solitary confinement, in the belief, that he could hide himself away from the world.

The Three Gs

Conspiracy theorists can ponder their scenarios, but. . .

Alas, the supposed “hole-ly man”(obvious, pun intended) – bin Laden forgot: you can cower, but not hide from the Angel of Death. Even madmen like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Ida Amin die. This time the Angel of Death simply enlisted Real World professionals to swing the sword and deliver the death blow.

I believe the reports – Osama bin Laden is dead !


In the final moments, Osama bin Laden failed the Greatest Lesson Of His Life – the hard way –

The Three Gs : God, Guts and Guns.


Written by samwarren55

May 7, 2011 at 12:47 AM

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