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Target The Terrorist ! Editorial International Anti-Terrorist Day

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UN_General_Assembly_hall - Copy


United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York City Photo by Patrick Gruban

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Flag_of_the_United_Nations.svgEvery man and woman on planet earth should be free of the fear of terrorism.

Terrorists are the Cancer Of Humanity.


Scientists and medical researchers search for a cure to the various forms of Cancer.


Courage Is The Terrorist Cancer Cure


Every man, woman and child on planet earth has the cure for the Cancer Of Terrorists – Courage.


Courage like air is hard to see, taste, smell or test for. But, like air, courage I everywhere. The key with using Courage to cure terrorism is to be willing to be creative in the careful application of the solution. You can use your courage to battle terrorist.


The resistance fighters of World War II devised ways to humbly and covertly overcome the Nazis. Your greatest weapon is your mind. Use your common sense to triumph over the bullies and thugs, who grow up to be terrorists.


Every child should be able to use his or her ingenuity to triumph over the school bully.


Thus, every man and woman should be able to think of a way to expose a terrorist to the proper authority.


Acknowledged National Interests


Every nation in the world has an agenda and interests to pursue; the terrorist is always a threat to citizens and the nation that can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

The_United_Nations_Building - Copy

The United Nations headquarters building in New York City Photo by Steve Cadman

International Anti-Terrorist Day


October 9 should become the International Anti-Terrorism Day. On October 9, 2012, two armed terrorists gun men stopped a school bus and shot three schoolgirls at point blank range. The Taliban terrorists’ group admits to meeting to decide to issue the “Kill Order” on a 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl.


The terrorists gun men squeezed the trigger, but, other terrorists groups and individuals had supplied them with the weapons, training and money to carry out the heinous act to assassinate a child.


I would suggest all nations observe October 9 as International Anti-Terrorist Day. Naturally, all nations will have their own priorities, thus, they may decide to choose another date and observe that day as a National Anti-Terrorist Day or promote it as their nation’s date to observe International Anti-Terrorist Day.


Real Victims, Real Symbols Of Terrorists


Malala Yousafzai and her wounded girlfriends are now immortal symbols that cowardly thugs and bullies are an infectious blight on the soul of humanity. Legions of unknown and unnamed children have been misused and abused since time began, but, responsible people always try to protect the children that they might have a future.

Everyone Is A Terrorist Target


When the terrorists squeezed the trigger, they acknowledged that two-thirds of the human population were simply their targets. No woman and no child is no longer safe from the psychotic, sadistic lust for murder in the heart of a terrorist. When the terrorists fired at the frightened children they acknowledged, that now that children and women were legitimate targets of assassination, essentially every man, woman and child is a terrorist target. No one is safe.


United Nations Resolution


All nations can agree that terrorism is a threat. All nations can agree to protect their own domestic and foreign sovereignty to overcome a persistent threat of global terrorism. All nations should be able to agree to sign a short United Nations Resolution that identifies them as a nation that will never rest until the terrorists lie down their weapons or learn to live in virtual isolation afraid of human contact.




Global Terrorism Definition Change Suggestion


Every nation and government on the planet can agree terrorist are a threat. Every nation and government on the planet can agree they need to take action to stop and decrease that threat. How the nations and governments of the world take that action should always be their sovereign right.


I would humbly suggest the nations consider looking at their legal codes. Legal systems are designed to punish criminals and protect citizens. A terrorist is a creature that should not be considered human. Humans have rights.


Terrorists throughout history have demonstrated they are some being that respects only death, destruction and a continuing state of chaos. The legal change to the letter of the law to identify a terrorists as something as other than human would allow governments more flexibility in the persecution and prosecution of terrorists.


Of course, legal scholars will help to prevent dissidents and opposition political party candidates as being classified as terrorists/


The global legal systems of planet earth should review their laws on terrorism.



Terrorists Legal Precedent Change Suggestion


I would recommend the following statement as a starting point:


A terrorists is anyone, who uses a bomb, in a time of peace, to destroy people or property.


A bomb is a device intended only to create death, destruction and create a sense of terror and fear. A bomb is a device that will always kill, maim or injure more people that it was intended due to the scientific and physical laws that explain the blast, concussion, fragmentation and fallout from the initial explosion. In peacetime, a bomb should always be considered the primary weapon of the terrorist.



Individual Citizen’s Responsibility


We all live on planet earth. We have the right to feel a certain sense of peace in our person and in our homes.


Governments can only do so much to protect you from bullies, thugs and terrorists. Each person to be at peace in their own mind and needs to find a way to triumph over the bully, thug and terrorist.




World Wonder Warriors


FEED ICON BUTTONEvery man, woman and child on planet earth who has access to a cell phone or a laptop can text, email or forward a copy of this article or lines of text to their friends, family members, elected officials and colleagues.


October 9 is my suggested date for the International Anti-Terrorist Day.


The important thing is to get people pro-active to resist the bullies and thugs of life than grow into terrorists.


Every person on planet earth should feel honored to be alive.

Microsoft Word - web 2.0 logos.doc


No one should ever make you feel terror or fear at getting out of bed in the morning.


imagesWe may all seem meek and mild-mannered, but, we all have the right to feel as though we should be able to rip open our shirts and be the heroes and heroines that stand up to the Terrorists Of The World.


We owe it to ourselves and our families to be World Wonder Warriors. The true War On Terror needs to start with every man, woman and child on planet earth, who are tired of being bullied and the victim of thugs, who feed off their fear and terror.


Time to text on the cell phones. index


Time to email on the laptops.


Time to stand up to The Terrorists Of The World and let them know The World Wonder Warriors will find a way to deliver the terrorists to Justice.

International_Court_of_Justice - Copy


The Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, which is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

The Little Things


Sometimes the most innocent of acts can reveal a terrorist to the authorities or the terrorist to his or her enemies. Decide in the privacy of your own mind what act you believe will reveal the terrorist and then be careful when you decide to act.


Likewise, we should not have to fear the bullies and thugs that grow up to be terrorist. Children should feel safe to tell a teacher, administrator or adult if another child is trying to bully or hurt him or her. Stop the bullies in grade school and high school and there will be fewer people to recruit into terrorists.


Individual citizens should find a covert way to report a suspected terrorist to the proper authorities.


Terrorists Threat Truly Global


Terrorists are a real threat to every citizen on the planet.


In business, sometimes, people may not be aware that their goods, products, services or money is going to support a terrorist or terrorist group.


If you suspect someone you have dealt with is a terrorist, then, remember: Malala and her girlfriends, who got shot on the school bus, could of just as easily have been your daughter,


Terrorists Are Traitors And Cowards


Terrorists are friends to no one. Terrorists stand ready to “betray” their own friends. The Taliban offered to turn Osama bin Laden, the terrorists ‘Al Qaeda leader, over to his enemies.


One news report revealed that when Osama bin Laden was cornered he grabbed one of his four wives in an attempt to use her as a “human shield.”

Osama bin Laden had the bravado to pose aiming an AK-7 in a photo and, yet, in a close quarters situation the best reaction that he could come up with was to “hide behind his wife’s skirt ?”


In Texas, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


In Missouri, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


Most places in the world, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


Terrorists Are “Phony Phreedom Phighters”


A terrorist is a friend to no one.


A terrorist is not a freedom fighter. A terrorist is not a resistance movement leader. Freedom fighters and resistance movement operatives have objectives that can be achieved to end a war. A terrorist wants chaos and a constant state of war to thrive to keep people in fear and terror.


A terrorist is a parasite that feeds off human fear and terror to find any excitement or meaning in his or her life.


A terrorist is a killing machine that respects no one and nothing.


A terrorist live to create terror and promote a climate of fear that will have people afraid to sleep at night and walk down the street in sunlight.


Ban Bullies, Thwart Thugs, Trample Terrorists


No one in the world should ever feel bullied by another person. No one in the world should ever feel the victim of a thug. Everyone should be able to find a molecule of courage to reveal a terrorist to the authorities or to an enemy of a terrorist.


Diligence and perseverance through the years and generations will turn the mass multitude of bullies and thugs in army surplus uniforms from units of trained killers into the recognized cold-blooded killers in costumes that they are. Once the propaganda is stripped away, then, the terrorist can be seen as the “kill crazy” creature he or she really is.



Know Your Enemy


Terrorist organizations are the enemies of people, who simply want to live and enjoy their lives and families. Always keep an eye open for information on terrorists organizations. You may not want to bury yourself in a mountain of research everyday, but when you have the time talk to friends, listen to the news, use your mind and decide what to watch out for.


Since I enjoy helping trying to make my readers’ lives more interesting, informative and entertaining, I offer you the links to information on Global Terrorists Organizations Of The World. Those links are at the end or the article, which I call my “Rat Finks File.”


In the 1960s, people who pretended to be friends and then would “rat out” their friends were called, “Rat Finks.” I can’t imagine bigger Global Rat Finks than terrorists, thus, check out the links of “The Rat Finks File.”




Celebrate Global Humanity October 9, 2013


October 9, 2013 – Citizens Of The World should either be dancing in the streets of their nation’s capitols or enjoying local public celebrations to point out how many terrorists are now in jail, facing prosecution or (some places in the world) “sleeping with the fishes.”


International Anti-Terrorist Day Slogan Suggestion


Eventually, countries, will have their own national and local slogans to combat terrorists. The world is full of creative and imaginative people, who love to stand up to bullies, thugs and terrorists.


Until then, if your International Anti-Terrorist Day needs a slogan, feel free to use this Samuel E. Warren Jr., original slogan:


No home, hut or out house on planet earth will ever be safe for a terrorist.”

–Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Think of how pretty that slogan will look in needlepoint next to the “Home Sweet Home” you hang above the fireplace mantel.



Seal_of_Texas.svgTexan,  300px-Seal_of_Missouri.svgMissourian,



Citizen Of The World



Malala Yousafzai arrives at special gunshot unit in British hospital

Schoolgirl shot by Taliban received at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, the primary centre for UK military casualties



The Samuel E. Warren Jr. Terrorists’ Information Links


“The Rat Fink File”








Al Qaeda

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Editorial Terrorist Target Child–Death To The Taliban !

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Taliban Targets 14-year old school girl for Death






by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


There are no words,in any language,in any culture on planet Earth that can explain and justify the terrorists’ insanity of the Taliban in trying to “KILL”, Yousufzai, a 14-year old Pakistani school girl on Tuesday.


The time has come for the Nations Of The World to quit “playing footsie under the table” with global terrorists.


The Taliban, a global gang of bullies and thugs, hiding behind the customs of religion, issued a “KILL” order on a child.


No amount of Western, Eastern or Middle Eastern psychology or politics can ever justify such an insane order.


The Reuters story points out that the little girl had “spoke out for” “Western style girls’ education.”


Kids always speak out for things they want because that is part of growing up.


Kids Now Targets Of Assassination


Parents and grandparents of the world, now, you have to worry that someone, who overhears your child may “target” them “for assassination.”


No child anywhere in the world is safe today or tonight.


Question: If the Taliban is insane enough to target a 14-year-old girl in Pakistan; what would keep them or Al Queada from targeting a 13-year old boy in Baghdad, a 12 year-old girl in Kiev, an 11-year-old boy in Beijing, a 10-year-old girl in Hanoi, a 9-year-old boy in Bangkok, an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta, Georgia or a 7-year-old boy in Damascus ?


Answer: Nothing.


Declaration Of War On Children


Parents and grandparents, the Taliban’s actions on Tuesday, “Declared War On The Children Of The World.”


The Taliban and their Al Queada terrorists colleagues have just announced to the world that “Children are now recognized Global Combatants.”


When a rink,dink, wink,dink terrorists’ organization starts targeting children; it is time for the Nations Of The World to quit brushing off the Taliban and Al Qaeda as annoying dandruff flakes of sadistic, psychotic, nut job thugs and bullies and start aggressively going after the terrorists, whenever they slither out of their holes.


Time To Target Terrorist


From the United Nations to the individual nations of the world, the time has finally come to “pull out all the stops” on the terrorists of the world.


Look and see these terrorists’ monsters for what they are. They are not criminals. They are not humans. They are monsters. Monsters have no civil rights, no human rights.


The reported Taliban thug, Maulana Fazlullah, gave the order to two killers.

Global Law Enforcement should stand ready to bring these three to justice the instant that they slither out of their holes.

No Place On Earth To Hide

There should be, “No Place On Planet Earth Where Any Of These Three Kill Crazy Monsters can eat or sleep that they do not have to Fear someone will aid an Angel Of Death or a police officer.

Mankind’s Justice

Traditional Mankind’s Global Justice demands that these three killers be brought in to be held accountable.

Old Testament Justice

God’s Old Testament Justice would deliver a Number 12 Lightening Bolt to incinerate the Taliban terrorist responsible. And, in the Old Testament days, the terrorists families would also be wiped off the face of the earth.

Real World Justice ?

In Pakistan,it would be understandable if the citizens were still “insane with grief, anger and vengeance.” In the old black and white Frankenstein movies, angry villagers picked up their hoes, mattocks, picks, shovels, pitchforks, and went charging up to the castle.

Vigilante Justice is always “officially” rejected by the world’s global legal systems.

Three dead Taliban terrorists lying out in the road in Pakistan doesn’t sound like one of those investigations that would have the global community interested, Unless, of course, to know that the the three dead Taliban terrorist scumbags dead in the street were responsible for the act on Malala.

Hijack A School Bus

However, when the two terrorists thugs got on the school bus – their actions were criminal.

The instant the terrorists’ gun man squeezed the trigger at a 14-year old child, the two terrorists and the thug, who gave the order, lost all their “human” rights.

Only a beast would kill a child. And, the beast, like a lion, would only “Kill” to protect it’s hunting ground, cubs, or for food.

The Mayhem Of Monsters

What stepped off the school bus was not terrorists, criminals or humans; what stepped off the school bus was monsters that need to be hunted down and. . .dealt with. . .legally, or at least, definitely.

When the gunmen opened fire, according to the Reuters story, two other girls were hit. One remains unconscious and in critical condition – Taliban “collateral damage.”

Permission To Kill

These insane thugs went so far as to “get permission to ‘kill women.’” They didn’t want to violate tribal code.

Is the World’s Children’s Rights and World’s Women’s Rights Groups in on this issue, yet ?

Women And Children Now Enemy Combatants

No woman is safe. No child is safe.

No woman or child is now safe anywhere in the world because the Taliban and their Al Qaeda buddies have decided “everyone on the planet is now an enemy combatant in their never-ending campaign of destruction.

The Threat Of A 14-Year Old Girl ?

Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year old Pakistani school girl clings to life in an Army hospital.


A 14-year old girl, who should be worrying about what to watch on TV lies at Death’s door.


A 14-year old girl, who should be listening to music, fights for her life.


A 14-year old girl, who should be laughing with her friends and making plans for a great life in the future – may not even have a future.


Scumbag, low-life, sadistic, psychotic, Taliban terrorists thugs, who only know how to kill and destroy, shot not only one 14-year old girl, but, three children overall.


Who Does The Taliban “Kill” Next ?


While Malala clings to Life, of course, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the other terrorists slither around spreading their venom and waiting for the next opportunity to “Kill” someone.


The Nations Of The World let their leaders lodge “Official Protests” in the media and it seems instead – of one child’s life becoming a rallying cry for the Nations Of The World to go after terrorist, she is just “one more victim statistic of collateral damage in the on again, of again, so-called war on global terrorism.


Every Nation Of The World should look at this event and see it for what it is.


No Rules”


A global terrorist’s organization has finally made it known that there are “No Rules.”


Judas Unleashed !


No child is safe. No woman is safe.


If a terrorist is willing to kill a child and a woman; what is the guarantee that the killer will not decide to “kill” a friend or family member.


When the Taliban decided to kill a child and a woman – they admitted – they hold noting holy. The terrorists who would kill a child or a woman is the terrorist, who would turn on family and friends.


Judas has returned !


Judas has been unleashed !


Betrayal by the Taliban is now obvious. No longer can the Taliban hide behind religious custom because they set aside the tribal code that forbid the killing of women.


Terrorists Are NEVER Military !


The Taliban and Al Qaeda and the other nut-job global terrorists may play at being military, but, No Professional Global Trained Military Unit would ever carry out a “Kill” Order on a child.


No legitimate military commander on planet Earth would ever accept or pass along a “Kill Order on a child.


If someone threw down a manila folder on a desk with documentation that proved the 14-year old was a Prophet From Paradise Or Heaven, no military man or woman would carry out the order because the “World’s Legitimate Military Units And Services Do Not Carry Out Kill Orders On Child.”


Even if the documentation in the folder proved that the 14-year old child had video, DVDs, photographs, fingerprints and tons of evidence that the child was indeed, “The Anti-Christ.” None of the “World’s Legitimate Military Units And Services Would Carry Out The Kill Order On A Child.”


Taliban Thugs In Costumes


Dumb bullies and thugs playing at the military and wearing Halloween costumes apparently have No Problem with the Murder or Attempted Murder Of Children. But, these so-called “people” are really just monsters, who sole mission in Life is to destroy.


Until the Nations OF The World finally realize that terrorists don’t care who they kill, how often they kill or how many people get killed as collateral damage, then, the global body count will continue to rise.


Stock Up On Body Bags !


If all the Nations Of The World are going to restrain their actions to “Official Protests” and arrests when they get around to it, then, The Nations Of The World had better keep stocking up on “Body Bags” and offer government subsidies and other kickbacks to funeral homes to allow them to buy and stock

Caskets And Coffins.”


As long as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and all the rest of the global terrorists organizations, “feed and breed” they will continue to spread their “deadly venom” around the world.


Tuesday’s Child Assassination Attempt was not about religion or cultures.


Terrorists Declare War On The World


Tuesday’s Child Assassination Attempt proved the sicko-sadistic, psychotic, perverts “Declared War On The World” and made it known there are “No Rules.”


Children And Women Are Now Enemy Combatants Of Global Terrorists.”


Who Do I Want To Kill Today ?”


If the Nations Of The World continue to sit back and allow the global terrorists to do their random “Who Do I Want To Kill Today ?”


No place on the planet will be safe.


The Reuters story points out that the killers decided to strike near a military checkpoint to prove they could strike anywhere. The arrogance of the terrorists prove they have nothing to Fear from the authorities.


Give The Terrorists “Fear”


While the Nations Of The World continue “to ponder” what to do about terrorists. Local citizens in Pakistan, might want to wonder if they will be getting a visit from the “killers.”


You have two people, who tried to kill a child in the local school, then, what is to keep the killers from killing other people in the community.


The shooting happened on Tuesday. I read the story Friday afternoon. I write this editorial Friday night.


In a perfect world, this insane attempted execution would never happen.


In a just world, the killers would be in custody and awaiting trail.


This world is neither perfect or just. The monsters “got their guns off.”


The Nations Of The World seem content to allow the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the other global terrorists, to keep “getting their guns off,” and “blowing up people and property.”


Ozarks Terrorist’s Wisdom

Kill The Snakes !


In the Ozarks, if you decide to kill a nest of copperheads; you do not allow any to slither away. If rattle snakes slither nearby, then, you do what has to be done.


There are more than 200 species of snakes in the Show Me State of Missouri. With all due respect to the lawmakers of the Missouri General Assembly, the “stupid law” about not killing snakes is – “well. . .stupid.”


Farmers in Missouri, who stroll through their pasture and notice a rattle snake or a copperhead slithering through the field will think about the shotgun they are carrying and not what some politician in his air-conditioned and heated office in Jeff City “wrote about a reptile” that can injure the farmer, his or her family and the livestock.


Thus, the Nations Of The World are long overdue for Ozarks wisdom on dealing with snakes and terrorist. Ozarks farmers kill poisonous snakes. Ozarks wildlife and conservationists, no doubt, will continue to do “the lawyer thing” and take the snakes into custody.


Ozarks farmers have common sense – they kill snakes. Ozarks farmers don’t “catch and release” because that only means in a couple of weeks the snake will slither back.


Ozarks farmers know, The Only Good Snake Is A Dead Snake.”


Nations Of The World need to realize:


The Only Good Terrorist Is A Dead Terrorist.”


Global Law Changes Needed


The Laws Of The Nations Of The World need to change to recognize “A Global Terrorist As An Enemy Of Humanity.”


Therefore, he or she is no longer entitled to any human rights of any kind. A man or woman who would kill a child for expressing an idea is not a human, but a creature that needs to be placed into immediate custody and dealt with by the most efficient and effective means possible. Monsters are suppose to be fictional creatures, not out walking the streets of humanity.


The 1970s Terrorist’s Teachings


Global terrorism like poisonous snakes has always been around. Killing poisonous snakes keeps their numbers down and limits the threat. Terrorists rely on Fear and legal systems to make sure they are safe and able to slither back into the sunlight.


Terrorists in the 1970s realized that they could go global with their campaign of Fear. They began with hijacking aircraft. Skyjacking by disgruntled people soon became a Terrorist action. The terrorist hijackings and the Munich Olympics of 1972 made terrorism a global issue. But, nations believed incorrectly by not dealing with terrorist they could stop the problem.


The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack proved that the Nations Of The World still think that legal systems prevent terrorism. Nations Of The World tell themselves that aggressive law enforcement works. How many years did Osama bin Laden remain under the radar after the World Trade Center attacks ?


Lead Head Dead bin Laden


The Terrorists’ Poster Boy Osama bin Laden was just one old snake that ended up “Lead Head Dead.” The United States Government realized what all Ozarks famers know, “When a snake is in a hole, if you want to kill it, you either got to get something down in the hole or get the snake to slither up out of it.”


As long as The Nations Of The World keep pretending that terrorists are people with human dignity and rights and legal protection, then, the random chaos of aircraft flown into buildings and thugs trying to execute a child on a school bus will continue The Perverted Insanity Of Global Terrorism.


Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year old Pakistani school girl had become a national hero for her courage to keep a blog and speak out against narrow-minded bullies and thugs, who rely on Fear to keep people in line.


Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year old Pakistani school girl, became a global icon of freedom, after Tuesday’s assassination attempt, when two armed thugs tried to “Kill” her.


Should Be An

International Symbol

Of Terrorists’ Prosecution And Prevention


Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year old Pakistani school girl, should be an International Symbol Of Terrorists Prevention. World Leaders should finally wake up and become aggressive in the persecution and prosecution of global terrorists.


No home, hut, or outhouse on planet earth should be safe for a terrorist.


Dead Taliban Terrorists


When the sun rises Saturday morning, If news reports describe how the beaten, battered, bruised, bludgeon bodies of the two Taliban terrorist killers were lying in the street, next to the thug that gave the order, then, I would believe the message to the terrorist is that people no longer want to live in Fear of bullies and thugs in Halloween costumes.


When the sun rises Saturday morning it would be nice to see the Internet headlines or pick up a newspaper and to find the two Taliban killers are in custody, the thug who gave the order is in custody and anyone who supported the Taliban is in custody or hold up in a building surrounded by tons of police and military officials all heavily armed.


Death To The Taliban !”

Death To Al Qaeda!”

Time To Kill Snakes!”


Sometime on this Saturday, a world leader somewhere should realize, “Death To The Taliban,” “Death To Al Qaeda” and vigorous prosecution of global terrorists is the only way to “take charge” and control the chaos of global terrorists.


Only when the terrorists feel Fear will they become extinct and the world will finally have a chance to get the tools of education and the opportunities for business and improved agriculture in place to prevent the persistent presence of illiterate bullies and thugs, who are the parasites that live off the hard-working people in rural areas.


World leaders and law enforcement officers, who ignore the Malala Yousufzai Assassination Attempt of the Taliban terrorists are allowing the venom to spread.


Whose child will be the next victim of the Taliban ? Yours ?


A neighbor’s child , perhaps ?


Whose daughter will be the next victim of Al Qaeda ? Yours ?


Will the Taliban and Al Qaeda decide to “kill” a woman next ?


A wife ? A mother ?


Your wife ? Your mother ?


World Leaders the images of “Children And Women’s Caskets”, on the evening news,at dinner time, does little for the appetite,the digestion or a “Good Night’s Sleep.”


Daylight is coming. Time to End The Global Terrorist Nightmare.





Reuters News Story Link

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Gaddafi served up as Dinner Dummy Dumplings

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Editorial: Gaddafi served up as “Dinner Dummy Dumplings”

Libyan Citizens:

Celebrate !

Celebrate !

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

In the 1970s, Americans snickered at Gaddafi. No one took him seriously. He was a windbag egghead wannabee terrorist trying to get his picture in the newspaper or on a magazine.

On the global scene, he was a banty rooster strutting and crowing hoping to grow up to be a recognized and respected Rhode Island Red Rooster of the Middle East.

Alas, his global obituary came down to “Dinner Dummy Dumplings.” He got his neck wrung – big time.

When Libyan citizens finally plucked his feathers, they even temporarily stored his carcass in a freezer. Ah, the irony of the “chicken terrorist” who left the hen house long enough to attempt to flee the freedom fighter foxes on his trail.

I was on active duty in the 1980s when President Reagan exercised “Common Sense” and “Responsibility” and gave the orders for the Gaddafi Surprise. I came into the office in the morning and everyone was talking, and people were looking at the newspapers that the U.S., had hit some targets.

Before the attack, Gaddafi had a major case of Ayatollah Khomeini Diarrhea Of The Mouth and was blaming the United States for all the evils of the world. He parroted the popular phrase of the era about the United States being “The Great Satan.”

To his credit, President Reagan issued the orders and everyone on the globe got to give their ears a rest. As I remember, the attack killed Gaddafi’s wife, a son and left him with some shrapnel in his body. Gaddafi shut his big mouth for a long time.

Thus, when the Libyan people finally executed Gaddafi, I am one of those politically incorrect people, who applauded their actions. Gaddafi was an evil man who got what he deserved – in spades – just like Saddam and Osama bin Laden.

In the Ozarks, only a fool would cry if you kill a poisonous snake. You never just let the poisonous snake slither away because it is a real world threat that can slither back and injure livestock or kill pets or family members with it’s venom. You take a chopping ax to the snake, blow off the snake’s head with a double barrel shotgun, run over it in a hay baler, or run over the snake with a farm pickup and no one calls the Stone County Coroner to determine the snake’s cause of death. Thus, when you see a news story a few days later that officials are looking to prosecute Gaddafi’s assassins – I wonder why ?

Give Gaddafi’s assassin or assassins a medal, shake their hands, pat them on the back and thank them for having the guts to do what many people in the world wish they could do for years. In Gaddafi’s case, the suspected assassin or assassins were doing necessary house cleaning – they simply took out the trash.

Naturally, you want to give the assassin or assassins a courteous reminder that under normal circumstances in the civilized world you can’t go around killing your average scumbag.

Gaddafi was a human. He was also a rabid dog that didn’t get put down by shrapnel in the 1980s when he was trying to make a name for himself as the Global Bad Guy. In theory, The Rule Of Law applies to everyone. In reality, some sickos may look human, but their actions make them anything but human.

Terrorists, young or old, in my opinion, are the exception to The Rule Of Law because they are the poisonous snakes that spread their fatal venom around the globe; so allow the world to look away long enough – for someone to wield the ax, squeeze the shotgun trigger or slam the pickup accelerator to the floorboard and squash a terrorist snake once and for all.

Creatures like Gaddafi should have their official death certificates contain a statement like: “He stayed too long at the party and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” And list the Official Cause Of Death: “He upset too many people for too long. End of Story.”

My personal idea of a state funeral for Gaddafi: Place his remains in the nearest dumpster and drop the dumpster in the local sewer recycling plant. At least, all the manure finally gets processed together.

The kind of hatred that Gaddafi spread in the 1970s up until his death makes me wonder why anyone would care who killed him or how he died ? The idea that people intend to waste money and time to initiate an investigation into the Death of Gaddafi is ludicrous.

At the end of World War II, Italian citizens rose up against Benito Mussolini and he ended up on a meat hook in a public square for all the world to see. People saw that he was dead with their own eyes and for a time the buzzards got to feast on his flesh. He too was considered an evil man. I don’t recall the Italian Government initiating an investigation into The Death Of Mussolini. Perhaps, they decided to waste their time and money to rebuild their nation.

Gaddafi’s Death means an old terrorist snake is dead. An old dead copperhead in the field means it will no longer breed or spread it’s poisonous venom. In the Ozarks, when we kill an old copperhead, we smile and Thank God that’s one less old snake to worry about, even if we don’t dance in the streets.

Of course, in the Ozarks, Old Timers would usually burn the snake where it was killed to keep other snakes away. It may be an old wives’ tale, but it seemed to work because it would seem like years before you would ever see another snake near the spot where you killed the old copperhead.

In Libya, I would hope that the citizens took the time to celebrate and dance in the streets to remind other global war criminals, terrorists, and dictators that eventually citizens of any nation can rise up against any old poisonous terrorists snakes.


Osama bin Laden’s Last Lesson – The Three Gs

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Osama bin Laden’s Last Lesson:

The Three Gs

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I was reluctant to believe the initial reports of Osama bin Laden’s Death.

My concern was bin Laden had pulled “an Arafat.”

In the late 1960s, when I was in high school, Yasser Arafat’s name was another name for “terrorism.”

When I went on active duty in 1978, Yasser Arafat had been labeled “a terrorist.” He had a reputation of always being able to avoid the assassination attempts on his life. In the 1970s, “Yasser Arafat” and “terrorism” were one and the same. Arafat did not shy away from the international spotlight of grabbing newspaper headlines. Before Osama bin Laden ever got any ink for his terrorism tactics, Yasser Arafat was already a Global Superstar Terrorist.

Terrorist Transition To Prestigious Politician

In 1985, one morning I went to work early to get a jump on a story that I was working on. I turned on the radio and made the coffee. The news bulletin on the radio stated: “Yasser Arafat is Dead.”

I smiled. I jumped for joy. I was the only one in the office. I was jubilant. I was beside myself. I felt as though the clouds had parted and angels were blowing their trumpets to signal “Justice Triumphs and Prevails.” It was a great day !

“They got the scumbag,” I shrieked to the empty office, at the top of my lungs !

Filled with joy, I Texas-Two Stepped around the office grateful that God had flushed the Celestial Toilet. One of the most notorious terrorists of the 1970s had been blown away. Hallelujah ! When my colleagues arrived, I told each one.

We shut off the radio and began clicking through the TV channels to find a news broadcast. Arafat was hated.

I couldn’t wait to hear how bad that scumbag had suffered in his final minutes on the earth. Hopefully, there would be video showing his remains plastered to the inside of a bombed out building.

The joy was short lived.

The global news media messed up. The initial report was, quite literally, – dead wrong.

The Bogus Arafat report taught me to wait for valid confirmation about the reported deaths of scumbag terrorists.

Arafat went on to pull off one of the Greatest Global Con Job Of All Time. In the 1970s Arafat had been considered One Of The Most Devious Terrorists’ Masterminds. By the late 1980s, reports began to claim that he wasn’t really a terrorist at all, but had been a “freedom fighter” and his fatherly image was being played up to the world. By the 1990s, Arafat had “a grandfather” image and had gained respect and even been elected president of Palestine.

History seems to have redressed Arafat’s action and the suspicions of his suspected acts of terrorism was scattered like sand on the desert wind. In my opinion, Yasser Arafat is a scumbag terrorist – and I proudly celebrated the news of his confirmed death in November 2004. Finally, God had flushed the Celestial Toilet.

Since Yasser Arafat had survived numerous assassination attempts in his day and Osama bin Laden had been credited with being as slippery as Arafat – I thought the initial report was probably a case of wishful thinking.

In youth, you have hope, dreams, optimism and the belief in politics to make life better and that justice will prevail. By the time, you reach your senior citizen years; it is not uncommon to be skeptical, cynical and downright jaded about official pronouncements from any branch of any and all governments.

I was hopeful that bin Laden had been wasted, but I was “cautiously optimistic.”

Senior Citizen Cynicism

My senior citizen cynicism kicked in: first, the timing of bin Laden’s Death seemed too appropriate.

May signifies the Memorial Day Weekend, which is always the “Official Start of Summer in the United States.” School is out and people are ready to go on vacation.

Oil companies are traditionalist – for years, I’ve noticed “gas prices” always go up around Memorial Day Weekend just as Americans are planning to hit the road for summer vacations (– Obviously, even oil company executives want to send their offspring to college)

Global Stock Market Surge Scam ?

An announcement like: “The Death of Osama bin Laden” should do a lot to restore the confidence in global stock markets and make citizens around the world feel optimistic about life in general. The optimism could easily translate into the “ka-ching of coins into cash registers around the world” as people gear up to enjoy their summer vacations.

Thus, my initial feeling was the Dead bin Laden announcement probably had Wall Street, the World Bank and the G8 number crunchers all calculating the jump in global stock markets. If people around the world believed there is hope for the global economy – their anxious optimism would have them out spending money like it was going out of style and in the long run they would help their national economies out of the sewers of oblivion.

Like a Broadway musical, it would be easy to imagine citizens around the world smiling and ready to get back to enjoying life as the tickers of global stock markets began to spit out the rising numbers of stability and growth.

Thus, the Cold, Hard Cash Reality of bin Laden’s Death could not be overlooked as a motive for the sudden good news worldwide.

Presidential Political Party Ploy

Second, I believe the last time I trusted a politician completely was around 1976, when I worked to get Jimmy Carter into the Oval Office.

Then, again, I supported President Clinton because I believed in his Administration.

I had been lukewarm about President Obama’s candidacy because I didn’t think that he had spent enough “time in the trenches” to gain political expertise before making his run for the White House. I didn’t believe he would be able to “horse whip Congress into shape” or “keep the U.S. Supreme Court justices taking their Alzheimer medication.”

After three years of the Obama Administration I am disappointed that once the “Inaugural Night Optimism” faded – President Obama seems to have become a “Lame Duck President.”

Life has taught me that governments are willing to use and misuse information to achieve goals. Thus, using bin Laden’s death as a political ploy would not be a big surprise. President Obama seems to be in the Lyndon Baines Johnson rut – the world is changing around him and he is posing for photo ops and thinking about reelection.

Vietnam put LBJ out on the street. If President Obama doesn’t wake up – and smell the coffee – the U.S. Economy – or lack of a U.S. Economy – is going to put him out on the street.

The political reality is the hour is at hand when presidential contenders start to crow about their qualifications and clog the airwaves with the nonstop manure leading up to the November ballot box. The incumbent always stands a better chance than the challenger – unless, the incumbent is worthless in the eyes of the voting public.

Exposed Expose’s

The U.S. Government has an awful track record of trying to pull off coverups. In the 1970s everyone heard about the “Watergate Affair ” in their sleep. Some Americans even believed that the 1970s Oil Crisis had been bogus. The Pentagon Papers grabbed headlines and, of course, there was the Iran Contra Affair. About the only people who really buy the Warren Report of President Kennedy’s Assassination is the befuddled bipartisan political bureaucrats, who signed off on the fairy tale. Even the Roswell event from 1947 periodically comes back like a skin rash and keeps Uncle Sam trying to find a new song and dance act to try and soft shoe his way past the obvious stonewalling of the event.

"Uncle Sam" the familiar figure of a political cartoon evolved into a national symbol for The United States of America.

Bottom line is Uncle Sam probably has the worst record of any government in trying to pull off a federal level coverup of a major event. Therefore, it would really be the height of political foolishness to claim bin Laden is dead and then have Al-Qaeda release a videotape to the media showing that bin Laden is alive and well.

Mandates For Change

The American people gave President Carter a mandate for change back in the 1970s and it didn’t work out that well. The American people gave President Clinton a mandate for change and I was pleased with the Clinton Administration’s leadership.

The American people gave President Obama a mandate for change. The jury is still out on this one. The verdict isn’t looking good. The U.S. Economy is still in a coma. Gas prices keep rising. Grocery prices keep rising. Jobs are still more myth than reality. The number of homes, farms, businesses, factories, condominiums and land for sale in America is obscene – the nation’s real estate is essentially an ongoing Coast To Coast Yard Sale.

America’s 2008 Voters Wanted A Political Gunslinger – to come in and “gun down” a “lawless economy” and “round up runaway businesses” and “to corral the stampede of two wars.” President Obama “ain’t” The New Sheriff In Town.

Time passes.

Real Time Results ?

Cash for Clunkers and College Tuition for Soccer Moms programs seems more like a few coins in a tip jar than full blown national economic programs. National Health Care still resides in the imaginations of Americans. President Obama was suppose to have a plan – three years later and voters are wondering : “What Is The Plan ?” “Or Is The Plan Finished ?” And, finally, “What Did The Plan Do ?”

Today’s America is a “Now” culture that demands “real time” results. If the president is ever going to go into his “FDR mode” and pull out his “New Deal” programs – now, is the time.

A Dead Osama only gives President Obama – brownie points . . . for a few days. Americans forget too quickly and the election is too far off for bin Laden’s death to generate the political capital to get Obama reelected or even guarantee his party’s nomination.

I rejected the initial ideas that their was an economic motive behind a bogus bin Laden story and the political ploy was obviously too big a risk to stand by a bogus bin Laden death story. Still, before I broke out into song over the Death of Osama bin Laden, I wanted some definite proof that bin Laden didn’t get out of town before sundown and got gunned down.

Proof ?

Obviously there are political, diplomatic, cultural and religious considerations that are being weighed at the White House concerning the release of Osama bin Laden Death Photos and Video.

Yet, the nature of society is that “authorized” or not ; “official” or not; sooner, rather than later – there had to be some types of photos or videos that would get leaked to the Internet and the press because some people will be ready to feed the need to see “proof.”

And, regardless of the proof, whether the photos are genuine or fake – no doubt, the conspiracy theorist will already be ready to punch holes in the stories, photos and any video that gets released on television and the Internet.

My proof came after I browsed the Internet and studied the Associated Press stories. I reread the stories and looked for anything that would suggest that the initial releases about bin Laden’s Death were bogus. The more I read, the more the information seemed credible based on my personal experiences in life. I have no doubt that the commandos were able to rapidly deploy and execute the mission.

Personally, I wish that bin Laden’s corpse would have been retained and other governments allowed to participate in the decision of what to do with the body. Again, the political, diplomatic, cultural and religious considerations would of probably resulted in a quagmire of legalities that would of continued long after natural decay of bin Laden’s corpse.

Lead Head Dead Osama

Personally, I’m glad Osama “bought the farm.”

Here was a man, born to wealth. He could of used his talents to make the world a better place. One Internet biography claimed that bin Laden had been trained as a civil engineer.

Instead of working to make the world a better place, bin Laden became “ a religious nut job.” Like Jim Jones and David Koresh he was convinced that Universal Intelligence had empowered him and his mindless minions to set the world on yet another “righteous path to salvation.”

Jones freaked out and drank his poison . Koresh’s insanity literally consumed him in his own fires. And, now, Osama becomes Lead Head Dead Osama.

Cowardly Commander

Osama was not a religious icon; he did not teach and lead. Osama was not a military leader coordinating guerrilla strikes against an enemy. Osama was a cowardly nut job terrorist, who believed his own press releases.

Osama bin Laden, the cowardly commander, preyed on people and their fears to blow themselves up for “his holy war.” He stayed in safe hiding places and shoved his disciples out into the traffic to be arrested, tortured, shot and blown up. His obvious contribution was “selective publicity:” He wanted the publicity without the risk.

Osama bin Laden was no martyr; he was a psychopathic puppeteer, who pulled the strings to send thousands to die in an effort to kill thousands more for his sadistic amusement. He allowed others to die for his cause. His own death came because – the rat had boxed himself into a corner. Bin Laden had imprisoned himself in solitary confinement, in the belief, that he could hide himself away from the world.

The Three Gs

Conspiracy theorists can ponder their scenarios, but. . .

Alas, the supposed “hole-ly man”(obvious, pun intended) – bin Laden forgot: you can cower, but not hide from the Angel of Death. Even madmen like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Ida Amin die. This time the Angel of Death simply enlisted Real World professionals to swing the sword and deliver the death blow.

I believe the reports – Osama bin Laden is dead !


In the final moments, Osama bin Laden failed the Greatest Lesson Of His Life – the hard way –

The Three Gs : God, Guts and Guns.

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May 7, 2011 at 12:47 AM

Good Riddance Scumbag ! Burn In Hell !

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By Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Osama 'been Toasted' Laden, a sadistic terrorist of international fame, is reported to have been killed. I, like many people, hope the report is true. Art by Samuel E, Warren Jr,

The Global Media reports: “Osama bin Laden is Dead.”

Before you break out the champagne, buy a round of beers at the local bar or press for a National Holiday Against Terrorism – let’s get DEFINITE PROOF.

In the early 1980s – the Global Media reported Yasir Arafat had been killed. Less than 24 hours later, the global media had to eat “crow.” They jumped the gun.

After more than 10 years and more than 200 Federal law enforcement agencies kicking over rocks to see if they could find Osama. Suddenly, Osama is Dead . . .

Sooner or later old age would kill off Osama like everyone else.

Is Osama Dead or is it Timing ?

The global economy is still in the toilet. For world stock markets to ever crawl back out of the sewers of oblivion they need a significant jolt. The Public Relations cheerleaders know their favorite pom poms have Osama bin Laden’s name on them – his death would bring points back into global world markets.

This is no time for a bogus U.S. Government Warren Report political fairy tale investigation that raises more questions than it will ever answer.

This story needs to be fact supported by published proof to post on the Internet : DOCUMENTED PROOF –

Autopsy Photos of Osama bin Laden – to include the supposed diseased kidney that required dialysis.

Actual Graphics of the DNA test that proves the corpse is Osama and not one of his kids or close relatives.

Actual Graphics of bin Laden’s fingerprints displayed next to a graphic of the corpse’s fingerprints.

Actual Graphics of bin Laden’s dental x-rays displayed next to a graphic of the corpse’s dental x-rays.

Satellite photos of the crime scene or fire fight scene that shows the area.

On the ground photos of the area to show that “Escape would be impossible.” Plus Ground Penetrating Radar Photos of the area to show there was no hidden tunnels, sinkholes or caves beneath the building of the reported firefight.

Posted statements of bin Laden’s soldiers in U.S. Custody that points out something definite like “Yeah, Osama bin Laden had this weird mole on the back of his neck and there it is on the body of the corpse.”

Posted witness statements of the locals who can confirm statements like “At (fill in the time) I saw Osama bin Laden and (fill in the number) of associates go into the building.”

Posted statements of individuals who participated – give them code names for security purposes, but post their words like : “. . .we blew away the scumbag. We watched the sucker fry like bacon in a hot skillet. I think one of the guy’s even posted the video on the net of Osama being blown away.”

Documented words of one of Osama’s wives, like, “He didn’t come home.”

Independent verification from Official Sources other than Uncle Sam’s boys and girls like Interpol, Pakistani intelligence or some source other than Uncle, which wanted Osama’s head on a pole.   The source  can use phony code names for security but let’s get some sworn oath statements on the record like, “Yeah, we’ve been after this guy and there is no doubt in my mind that –  that corpse is Osama bin Laden.”

If Osama bin Laden is DEAD – then, there needs to be irrefutable proof – like posted photos of the charred shot up corpse, so that it is obvious that bin Laden is Dead.

Do the Old Wild West Stand The Corpse Up In The Pine Box Or Against The Wall Photo and have a full-sized Osama bin Laden Photo posted next to the corpse. There can’t be any John Herbert Dillinger Public Enemy Number One Doubt about – We Did – In Fact – Get The Bad Guy.

Post all the data on a website for the world to see. Uncle Sam should cough up some money to help pay for the website, but other entities have to be involved. A U.S. Government website won’t work – posting the evidence on white isn’t going to convince anyone.

The last time the White House told the truth – probably – George Washington was president.

Remember the former Bush Administration’s declaration “Mission Accomplished” and, yet, U.S. Troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan – fighting, dying and trying to keep the peace.

The evidence has to go beyond “A Magic Bullet,” and the guy on the grassy knoll of the President Kennedy Assassination and the leads in the case that were ignored.

The evidence has to go beyond “the girl in the polka dot” dress of the Senator Kennedy Assassination that ended with a chosen suspect.

The evidence has to go beyond the photos of Saddam Hussein in custody and then a press release that he was executed.

The evidence has to go beyond a commando raid into Panama and then U.S. Marshalls marching Manuel Noriega out the back of a C-130 to disappear into the system for X number of years.

The evidence has to go beyond guys in Nazi uniforms standing around a trench with a gas can and flames and the claims that the burning body is Adolf Hitler. After all Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengelles escaped human justice for years and supposedly died in exile.

The evidence needs to be so concrete even Conspiracy Theorists will have to come up with outlandish fairy tales about how at the – 11th Hour Alien UFOs Swooped Down To Save Osama but engine malfunctions and bad weather hampered the rescue and Osama was left to a major case of lead poisoning.

Bottom Line – The evidence will have to be so substantial that even Conspiracy Theorists will have to resort to really Out To Lunch fairy tales to cast any doubt on Osama bin Laden’s Death.

The World At Large Demands Proof That Can’t Realistically Be Denied.

Citizens Of The World need to know that the Osama bin Laden bites the dust story is FACT and not a lame Pubic Relations attempt by global bankers to jump-start a watered down global economy. There needs to be proof that Osama is not going to miraculously reappear in a couple of days sipping a cappuccino in a cave with al Qaeda again snickering in the background.

The Bogus Traditional Government Assurances ain’t going to cut it.

Words are cheap. U.S. Government spokesmen have less credibility with the public at large these days than a teenage prostitute.

Professional Politicians Lie So Often – even, they probably don’t know when they accidentally “Tell The Truth.”

The Office Of The President Of The United States Of America should always be respected. Yet, Americans need to be aware that near the end of the 20th Century major stationary fronts of “Hot Air” tend to reside in the Oval Office.

The current president, Obama, really hasn’t earned credibility with voters – the economy is still in the toilet. Thus, the old mundane “Speak To The Nation” Video Photo Opportunity is a modern cliché of “wasted airtime” probably better used by the WWF.

Without clear, concise, video footage of hot lead shredding Osama bin Laden to pieces that can be viewed and rewound for numerous intent viewings – then, the traditional talking head in the expensive suit behind the big desk in the Oval Office makes the “Speak To The Nation” dog and pony show  – tired theater.

The Old Speak To The Nation Ploy has become a click off the remote cliché that only means, “Hey, honey, where is that new DVD movie  ?” (Let’s not forget, even the networks are hooked on the grandstand tradition because they always use their talking heads to explain to us simple-minded Americans what the great Wizard has just told us.)

The Speak To The Nation Ploy is tired theater that belongs to the bygone era when such proclamations “probably did mean something” close to “a politician telling the truth to voters.”

The United States Congress is still Missing In Action – so no comments from any Senator or Congressman should mean anything – other than they can’t miss a “free” network photo op to be on the evening news.

The United States Supreme Court – once upon a time – the other arm of the American Democracy’s System Of Checks and Balances became old people in black robes. They are probably in a back room playing shuffleboard since interpreting the law and protecting the U.S. Constitution seems to be duties left with their Alzheimer’s medication and their adult diapers.

What can the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court say of value about bin Laden’s death – except “Shucks we didn’t get to see Osama bin Laden flown to Gitmo or tried by Secret Tribunal. Dang it all.”

The World Demands Concrete Proof that Osama bin Laden is Dead. Until then, “The Report” is just another “Press Release” – another fairy tale of optimism.

Hopefully, this is One Time that a World Class Bad Guy “Got What He Deserved In Spades.”

If Osama bin Laden truly is DEAD, then:

Glory Hallelujah !

Break Out The Booze!

Let’s Declare An International Holiday Against Global Terrorism !

But, before we celebrate, let’s make sure that One Of The Most Notorious World Figures Since Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin has finally been “put down like the rabid creature he was.”

If Osama bin Laden is Dead – May He Burn Hot In Hell For All Time !

Let’s hope – God – Allah – the Supreme Force Of The Universe – The Big Guy Upstairs – finally flushed a Grade A World Class Scumbag Down The Celestial Toilet.

Hey, Osama – this way through the Doors – Satan is waiting – Seems you are the Guest Of Honor at the Barbeque :}

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May 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM

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