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Target The Terrorist ! Editorial International Anti-Terrorist Day

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UN_General_Assembly_hall - Copy


United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York City Photo by Patrick Gruban

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Flag_of_the_United_Nations.svgEvery man and woman on planet earth should be free of the fear of terrorism.

Terrorists are the Cancer Of Humanity.


Scientists and medical researchers search for a cure to the various forms of Cancer.


Courage Is The Terrorist Cancer Cure


Every man, woman and child on planet earth has the cure for the Cancer Of Terrorists – Courage.


Courage like air is hard to see, taste, smell or test for. But, like air, courage I everywhere. The key with using Courage to cure terrorism is to be willing to be creative in the careful application of the solution. You can use your courage to battle terrorist.


The resistance fighters of World War II devised ways to humbly and covertly overcome the Nazis. Your greatest weapon is your mind. Use your common sense to triumph over the bullies and thugs, who grow up to be terrorists.


Every child should be able to use his or her ingenuity to triumph over the school bully.


Thus, every man and woman should be able to think of a way to expose a terrorist to the proper authority.


Acknowledged National Interests


Every nation in the world has an agenda and interests to pursue; the terrorist is always a threat to citizens and the nation that can be dealt with effectively and efficiently.

The_United_Nations_Building - Copy

The United Nations headquarters building in New York City Photo by Steve Cadman

International Anti-Terrorist Day


October 9 should become the International Anti-Terrorism Day. On October 9, 2012, two armed terrorists gun men stopped a school bus and shot three schoolgirls at point blank range. The Taliban terrorists’ group admits to meeting to decide to issue the “Kill Order” on a 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl.


The terrorists gun men squeezed the trigger, but, other terrorists groups and individuals had supplied them with the weapons, training and money to carry out the heinous act to assassinate a child.


I would suggest all nations observe October 9 as International Anti-Terrorist Day. Naturally, all nations will have their own priorities, thus, they may decide to choose another date and observe that day as a National Anti-Terrorist Day or promote it as their nation’s date to observe International Anti-Terrorist Day.


Real Victims, Real Symbols Of Terrorists


Malala Yousafzai and her wounded girlfriends are now immortal symbols that cowardly thugs and bullies are an infectious blight on the soul of humanity. Legions of unknown and unnamed children have been misused and abused since time began, but, responsible people always try to protect the children that they might have a future.

Everyone Is A Terrorist Target


When the terrorists squeezed the trigger, they acknowledged that two-thirds of the human population were simply their targets. No woman and no child is no longer safe from the psychotic, sadistic lust for murder in the heart of a terrorist. When the terrorists fired at the frightened children they acknowledged, that now that children and women were legitimate targets of assassination, essentially every man, woman and child is a terrorist target. No one is safe.


United Nations Resolution


All nations can agree that terrorism is a threat. All nations can agree to protect their own domestic and foreign sovereignty to overcome a persistent threat of global terrorism. All nations should be able to agree to sign a short United Nations Resolution that identifies them as a nation that will never rest until the terrorists lie down their weapons or learn to live in virtual isolation afraid of human contact.




Global Terrorism Definition Change Suggestion


Every nation and government on the planet can agree terrorist are a threat. Every nation and government on the planet can agree they need to take action to stop and decrease that threat. How the nations and governments of the world take that action should always be their sovereign right.


I would humbly suggest the nations consider looking at their legal codes. Legal systems are designed to punish criminals and protect citizens. A terrorist is a creature that should not be considered human. Humans have rights.


Terrorists throughout history have demonstrated they are some being that respects only death, destruction and a continuing state of chaos. The legal change to the letter of the law to identify a terrorists as something as other than human would allow governments more flexibility in the persecution and prosecution of terrorists.


Of course, legal scholars will help to prevent dissidents and opposition political party candidates as being classified as terrorists/


The global legal systems of planet earth should review their laws on terrorism.



Terrorists Legal Precedent Change Suggestion


I would recommend the following statement as a starting point:


A terrorists is anyone, who uses a bomb, in a time of peace, to destroy people or property.


A bomb is a device intended only to create death, destruction and create a sense of terror and fear. A bomb is a device that will always kill, maim or injure more people that it was intended due to the scientific and physical laws that explain the blast, concussion, fragmentation and fallout from the initial explosion. In peacetime, a bomb should always be considered the primary weapon of the terrorist.



Individual Citizen’s Responsibility


We all live on planet earth. We have the right to feel a certain sense of peace in our person and in our homes.


Governments can only do so much to protect you from bullies, thugs and terrorists. Each person to be at peace in their own mind and needs to find a way to triumph over the bully, thug and terrorist.




World Wonder Warriors


FEED ICON BUTTONEvery man, woman and child on planet earth who has access to a cell phone or a laptop can text, email or forward a copy of this article or lines of text to their friends, family members, elected officials and colleagues.


October 9 is my suggested date for the International Anti-Terrorist Day.


The important thing is to get people pro-active to resist the bullies and thugs of life than grow into terrorists.


Every person on planet earth should feel honored to be alive.

Microsoft Word - web 2.0 logos.doc


No one should ever make you feel terror or fear at getting out of bed in the morning.


imagesWe may all seem meek and mild-mannered, but, we all have the right to feel as though we should be able to rip open our shirts and be the heroes and heroines that stand up to the Terrorists Of The World.


We owe it to ourselves and our families to be World Wonder Warriors. The true War On Terror needs to start with every man, woman and child on planet earth, who are tired of being bullied and the victim of thugs, who feed off their fear and terror.


Time to text on the cell phones. index


Time to email on the laptops.


Time to stand up to The Terrorists Of The World and let them know The World Wonder Warriors will find a way to deliver the terrorists to Justice.

International_Court_of_Justice - Copy


The Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, which is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

The Little Things


Sometimes the most innocent of acts can reveal a terrorist to the authorities or the terrorist to his or her enemies. Decide in the privacy of your own mind what act you believe will reveal the terrorist and then be careful when you decide to act.


Likewise, we should not have to fear the bullies and thugs that grow up to be terrorist. Children should feel safe to tell a teacher, administrator or adult if another child is trying to bully or hurt him or her. Stop the bullies in grade school and high school and there will be fewer people to recruit into terrorists.


Individual citizens should find a covert way to report a suspected terrorist to the proper authorities.


Terrorists Threat Truly Global


Terrorists are a real threat to every citizen on the planet.


In business, sometimes, people may not be aware that their goods, products, services or money is going to support a terrorist or terrorist group.


If you suspect someone you have dealt with is a terrorist, then, remember: Malala and her girlfriends, who got shot on the school bus, could of just as easily have been your daughter,


Terrorists Are Traitors And Cowards


Terrorists are friends to no one. Terrorists stand ready to “betray” their own friends. The Taliban offered to turn Osama bin Laden, the terrorists ‘Al Qaeda leader, over to his enemies.


One news report revealed that when Osama bin Laden was cornered he grabbed one of his four wives in an attempt to use her as a “human shield.”

Osama bin Laden had the bravado to pose aiming an AK-7 in a photo and, yet, in a close quarters situation the best reaction that he could come up with was to “hide behind his wife’s skirt ?”


In Texas, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


In Missouri, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


Most places in the world, using your wife to stop a bullet is the act of a coward.


Terrorists Are “Phony Phreedom Phighters”


A terrorist is a friend to no one.


A terrorist is not a freedom fighter. A terrorist is not a resistance movement leader. Freedom fighters and resistance movement operatives have objectives that can be achieved to end a war. A terrorist wants chaos and a constant state of war to thrive to keep people in fear and terror.


A terrorist is a parasite that feeds off human fear and terror to find any excitement or meaning in his or her life.


A terrorist is a killing machine that respects no one and nothing.


A terrorist live to create terror and promote a climate of fear that will have people afraid to sleep at night and walk down the street in sunlight.


Ban Bullies, Thwart Thugs, Trample Terrorists


No one in the world should ever feel bullied by another person. No one in the world should ever feel the victim of a thug. Everyone should be able to find a molecule of courage to reveal a terrorist to the authorities or to an enemy of a terrorist.


Diligence and perseverance through the years and generations will turn the mass multitude of bullies and thugs in army surplus uniforms from units of trained killers into the recognized cold-blooded killers in costumes that they are. Once the propaganda is stripped away, then, the terrorist can be seen as the “kill crazy” creature he or she really is.



Know Your Enemy


Terrorist organizations are the enemies of people, who simply want to live and enjoy their lives and families. Always keep an eye open for information on terrorists organizations. You may not want to bury yourself in a mountain of research everyday, but when you have the time talk to friends, listen to the news, use your mind and decide what to watch out for.


Since I enjoy helping trying to make my readers’ lives more interesting, informative and entertaining, I offer you the links to information on Global Terrorists Organizations Of The World. Those links are at the end or the article, which I call my “Rat Finks File.”


In the 1960s, people who pretended to be friends and then would “rat out” their friends were called, “Rat Finks.” I can’t imagine bigger Global Rat Finks than terrorists, thus, check out the links of “The Rat Finks File.”




Celebrate Global Humanity October 9, 2013


October 9, 2013 – Citizens Of The World should either be dancing in the streets of their nation’s capitols or enjoying local public celebrations to point out how many terrorists are now in jail, facing prosecution or (some places in the world) “sleeping with the fishes.”


International Anti-Terrorist Day Slogan Suggestion


Eventually, countries, will have their own national and local slogans to combat terrorists. The world is full of creative and imaginative people, who love to stand up to bullies, thugs and terrorists.


Until then, if your International Anti-Terrorist Day needs a slogan, feel free to use this Samuel E. Warren Jr., original slogan:


No home, hut or out house on planet earth will ever be safe for a terrorist.”

–Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Think of how pretty that slogan will look in needlepoint next to the “Home Sweet Home” you hang above the fireplace mantel.



Seal_of_Texas.svgTexan,  300px-Seal_of_Missouri.svgMissourian,



Citizen Of The World



Malala Yousafzai arrives at special gunshot unit in British hospital

Schoolgirl shot by Taliban received at Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, the primary centre for UK military casualties



The Samuel E. Warren Jr. Terrorists’ Information Links


“The Rat Fink File”








Al Qaeda

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Run, Taliban, Run ! $100,000 On Cowardly Child Shooters

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Terrorists On The Run


$100,000 Bounty On Cowardly Child Shooters








Run !


By Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Every man and woman on the planet should be outraged !


Today, October 13, 2012, the sun has set again and the moon has risen and the Taliban shooters of a 14-year old Pakistani girl have not been brought to any kind of Justice.


Mothers And Fathers Of The World take a moment to image this young girl as your child.


The Christian Science Monitor story explains that the hooded, bearded Taliban man got on a school bus. The Reuters story, yesterday, pointed out that there were two gun men on the bus.

A Crime Against Humanity


Imagine the Fear. Imagine the Panic. A school bus full of little girls are, no doubt, crouching in their seats. Probably, clutching their book bags and school books. They stare at the two men with weapons. Their hearts are pounding. They hear their own heartbeats in their ears.


The Christian Science Monitor story states that the masked Taliban then demanded to know which girl was Malala Yousafzai. If they did not tell him – He threatened to “shoot them all,”


What kind of sick, sadistic, psychotic maggot would threaten to shoot a bus full of frightened girls ?”


The Reuters’ story points out that the gun men fired. Three schoolgirls were hit by bullets from guns, whose triggers were pulled by cowardly men, who hid their faces behind mask.


This incident is not about religion, culture or country.


This incident is A Crime Against Humanity.


Sicko men get on a school bus and shoot three little girls.


There is no logic, reason, rationale or justification for such “insane” behavior,


The incident happened in Pakistan.


It could happen anywhere in the world when governments allow sadistic scumbags like Al Qaeda and the Taliban to relax, thrive and prosper off of their bully and thug activities.


300px-BBC.svgThe gunmen claimed the 14-year-old girl had been “bad mouthing” the Taliban. In her blog on the BBC, written in Urdu, under a pen name, Malala, was critical on the ban on a girl’s education in the Swat Valley, where she lived.

The Neandrathrals Seek Brood Sows


Someone should remind the Neandrathral knuckle draggers of the Taliban that in The Real World, people are now capable of reading, writing and independent thought.


Women in most societies will not tolerate being dragged by their long hair across the ground. Women in most societies refuse to remain barefoot and pregnant. Women realize Allah did not put them on the planet to be “brood sows” for Neandrathral knuckle draggers.


Al Qaeda and the Taliban want to pretend it is the 11th or 12th Century, when it comes to women, but, they want to live in the 21st Century where they can update their Twitter and facebook accounts while they shine their “ittle, bittle, wittle guns” and build their “little boom, boom bombs.”

Al Qaeda And Taliban Out Of Touch With Reality


The Real World usually just tries to ignore the Al Qaeda and Taliban thugs and bullies, who sit around with other thugs and bullies and imagine they are doing something important. Unfortunately, it is not a computer game and these bullies and thugs come out of their hiding places to “KILL” and destroy.


The Reuters story pointed out that the would-be killers got “permission to kill.” Apparently, their was a rule that they could not “KILL Tribal Women.” Of course, the ranking thugs, set aside the rule, so the attempted assassination “of a 14-year-old girl” could be carried out.


In a quote, Malala talks to a reporter and describe girls flying free like butterflies without any restrictions. That is the kind of optimistic statement that you would expect from a young teenage girl.


Malala, a young 14-year-old girl, who thinks of flying like a butterfly, remains in the hospital in critical condition because some sadistic, psychotic thug, carrying out the orders of other sadistic, psychotic thugs, who call themselves, Taliban, decided this young girl was a threat.


Her two girl friends were injured in the guns being fired in the school bus – “collateral damage of the Taliban.”

Thug In A Mask


In the Christian Science Monitor story, the arrogant gunmen claimed to be a “soldier of Allah.”


This man was no soldier – he was a thug in a mask.


What kind of Supreme Being would want a thug, who hides behind a mask, and shoots little girls to be one of his “soldiers ?”


Soldiers fight in military campaigns in uniform to succeed at stated strategic and tactical objectives to end a war; they don’t try to “kill” little girls because some other thug told them to.

A Sick World


When a thug in a mask or thugs in a mask can stop a school bus, anywhere, on the planet, and proceed to shoot children at will – then, the global societies of the planet need to admit it is “a sick world.”


Children should never have to be afraid to go to and return home from school. Life maybe a War Zone. Children are Non-Combatants.


The two thugs that did the shooting need to be hunted down. The thug that gave the order needs to be hunted down.

Bloodhounds On Your Trail


They need to hear footsteps in the distance rushing after them. Their hearts should be pounding in their ears. The morose baritone howl of several rushing blood hounds sniffing and howling at the every footfall needs to echo through the night air.


Run, Taliban, Run !”


Keep looking over your shoulder and the devil will catch you for sure !

Taliban And Al Qaeda Insanity



The School Bus Shooting Incident happened in Pakistan, but, the World Trade Center Attacks proved that the “insanity” of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups can just as easily be “transplanted” into the United States and other nations.


Parents and Grandparents Of The World, now, have to Fear when the children go to school in the morning, some “rejects from a mental asylum” might stop the school bus on the way to or from school.


For now, the gun men and their “I make the decisions” thug seem to be in hiding, with the $100,000 bounty on their heads.

Terrorists In Terror ?


The irony is the terrorists should be experiencing some “terror” of their own because they are worth $100,000.


Which one of the three terrorists will be the first to “sell out” the other two ?


Who can they trust ?


Which of their leaders will “sell them out” to the authorities ?


All three have to be careful how they move; they could be walking into a set-up.

Taliban Traitors ?


In the history of the Taliban, the organization fought alongside Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden, at the time, was being hailed as an important terrorists leader. The time came when the Taliban made an offer to turn bin Laden over to his enemies.


The fact that the Taliban was ready to turn bin Laden over to his enemies suggests that if the search for the gun men becomes too uncomfortable for the Taliban or Al Qaeda, the gun men will find themselves “betrayed” and alone.


The two gun men and their colleague who gave the order are simply mindless bullies and thugs, who would “KILL” a child without a moments’ hesitation.


These men are monsters. Hopefully, someone will recognize these terrorists and tell the authorities, so the gun men can be thrown to The Wolves of Justice,


A plot to murder a child for being a child and being optimistic like a child is “insane.” The monsters responsible need to be rounded up and dealt with.

Who Brags About Trying To Kill A Child ?  TTP


The Christian Science Monitor story points out that The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for the shooting of Malala and her girlfriends on the school bus. The TTP claimed responsibility for shooting children.


This terrorist organization claims responsibility for sending grown-men in mask with loaded firearms to shoot a little, defenseless, girl on a school bus. This terrorists’ groups sounds more like a pathetic group of mentally challenged adults that someone let have firearms.

No Reason Accepted


Since the shooting, so-called Taliban leaders have been making statements to try and explain and justify their actions. Insanity is insanity. There is no “spin” to the decision to issue a “KILL” order on a 14-year old child.


The so-called Taliban leaders can spit, polish, grind, and try to shine this story from now to the end of the day. But, at the end of the day, Citizens Of The World will realize that it come down to sicko, sadistic, psychotic, perverted old scumbags, who are determined to treat all women like “brood sows.”


The fact that one little girl had the courage to speak up and tell these sick men that girls should have a better life was a statement that to their egomaniac minds was a threat that would topple their culture. There is no “spin” to this story.


The gun men and all the thugs responsible should be jailed and prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

Children Are Not Enemy Combatants


The TTP Taliban’s paranoia seems to be getting to them because now they are carrying out “KILL” orders on little girls, whose threatening school equipment is Number 2 lead pencils, sharp scissors,a wooden ruler and a cell phone.


Obviously, these Taliban types spent too much time hiding out in caves. Intelligence is hard to grasp,”when you live under a rock.”


Perhaps, the Citizens Of The World will work with the authorities to make sure that the Taliban gun men are brought to Justice. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and other global terrorists organizations need to be taught “Children Are Not Enemy Combatants.”


Children are the only hope for a sick world that spawned the monsters of the Taliban,Al Qaeda and other global terrorists organizations.




Christian Science Monitor News Story




Associated Press News Story Headline

Taliban sent hit squad after teenage activist

Associated Press – Fri, Oct 12, 2012


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Written by samwarren55

October 14, 2012 at 3:15 AM

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