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Leyte Beach Photos Photos for Cousin Donna

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Photos for Cousin Donna


Beach Ruins

BEACH RUINS IMG_5257_resized

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I love to take photos. Every now and then, I actually browse my hard drive to see if there are photos that need to be deleted or a photographic gem buried in the images waiting to be discovered.

Ahoy !

I found these beach ruin photos. The warm sunshine, blue sky and cool Pacific water is a scene family and friends back in Missouri can appreciate. Usually in November in Stone County, Missouri, the weather get cold and the snow falls.

I bet Cousin Donna has already had to put wood in the furnace.  Wood heat is warm and comfortable. 

Of course, I remember Uncle Richard sitting in a big chair by the old black cast iron heatin’ stove. He would open the creaking door and shove in a stick of old oak or sycamore wood into the orange hot coals and the bright gray ashes. Then, he would snatch up the iron poker and shove it against the stick of wood to get it to drop down on the other burning sticks.

Uncle Richard would grin and then sit back down in the chair to enjoy the warm, wood heat, while snowflakes would whip past the window.

As we say, in the Ozarks, “I reckon, it going to get a lot colder before winter ends.” While the photos will not make you feel any warmer, at least, they will remind you that in southwest Missouri, come April, the sun should start to shine again.

Donna, I hope you like the photos. They might work as a desktop background if you are in a tropical mode. I took these photos on a beach in Leyte in January 2012.


BEACH RUINS IMG_5258_resized
BEACH RUINS IMG_5259_resized
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