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What Breed Of Pets ?

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Reader Participation Article

What Breed Of Pet ?

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

In the Ozarks, on the farm, usually dogs and cats are pets that no one loses sleep over what type of breed the pets are. As a kid, people would ask, "What kind of dog is that? " The usual reply was, "He is a mutt," or, "We call him Heinz 57 because he is a mixture of everything." The dog might of been the family pet or the working farm stock dog, but people seldom knew the actual recognized breed. The same is true of the family cat.

On the farm, you would usually end up with pets one of two ways. The most frequent was a stray would show up at your door or around one of the buildings. You put out some water and something for the animal to eat and after a day or two, the stray had became a pet. The second way that you would get a pet is you would be looking for a dog or cat or someone would offer to give you one.

As far as strays go, people would sometimes drop a dog or cat near where you live and suddenly a new animal would stroll into your yard. At one time, a total of 47 stray cats had strolled up to my mother’s house over a period of about four years. The 47 number is no exaggeration. I counted them one evening after putting cat food out for them. And, one day I remembered to use the camera, but in that photo there was only about 20 something crowding around three cast iron skillets of cat food. Regardless, of how many stray cats came into the yard, momma always put out cat food for them. For years, she served as a one woman rural animal shelter.

Sometimes where you live can be a major factor in a pet’s life span. My mother’s house is close to a busy state highway, which usually kept the cat population to around 20. At one point, in about two years’ time, her cat population was down to about three because the cat’s always seemed to underestimate the speed of oncoming vehicles on the highway. Dogs usually suffer from the same risk factor of miscalculating the speed of oncoming automobiles.

While the risks to country pets maybe different than the risk to city pets, people in the city probably know what breed of pet they have. I’ve looked at different dog and cat websites, but I can’t tell what breed of dogs we have. Perhaps, readers can look at the photos and tell me what breed of dog, Sarge, Smiley and Bobbie are. I think Sarge is a black female Great Dane mix; but I’m not sure. If readers have an opinion of what these breeds of dogs are – please, email me at



Sarge. What breed of dog is Sarge ?

Bobbie looks around

Bobbie in the yard.

Bobbie on the move.

What breed of dog is Bobbie ?

Smiley on the run.

Smiley poses.

What breed of dog is Smiley ?
SMILEY CLOSE UP_1_DSC_5976_sized for Internet
SMILEY 2_DSC_5974_sized for Internet
SMILEY_1_DSC_5961_sized for Internet
BOBBIE_1_DSC_5964_sized for Internet
BOBBIE_4_DSC_5971_sized for Internet
BOBBIE_2_DSC_5966_sized for Internet
BOBBIE_3_DSC_5967_sized for Internet
SARGE_00A1_DSC_5983_sized for Internet

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November 23, 2011 at 7:58 AM

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