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Estate Jewelry Ruby Masonic Ring

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Estate Jewelry




by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

The Ring

Samuel E. Warren — Mason– Reagan Lodge — Houston, Texas —

This is a front view of a ruby Masonic ring that was owned by Samuel E. Warren of the Reagan Lodge in Houston, Texas. It is an estate jewelry item offered on Jewelry by Christy on Etsy.

Photo by Christy Warren

The Masonic ring contains a ruby set in a ten karat yellow gold band. My father, Samuel E. Warren owned this Masonic ring. During a work related accident, his first Masonic ring got hung up in some equipment and had to be cut off his finger.

This is a profile view of a ruby Masonic ring that was owned by Samuel E. Warren of the Reagan Lodge in Houston, Texas. It is an estate jewelry item offered on Jewelry by Christy on Etsy. Photo by Christy Warren.

This ring is his second ring. The ring is circa 1945 to 1960.

The ring size is unknown – possibly a 10 – it is a big ring that looks as though it could be sized to fit.

Daddy was a member of the Reagan Lodge in Houston, Texas, so the ring may have been ordered through the lodge or purchased from a jeweler in Houston or Gilmer, Texas. 

According to family history, he joined the Masons after he returned to the United States from World War II.

He followed in the footsteps of his father, Joseph Samuel Warren, who was a Mason of the Bethesda Lodge of Gilmer, Texas.

This is a profile view of a ruby Masonic ring that was owned by Samuel E. Warren of the Reagan Lodge in Houston, Texas. In this photograph, Samuel E. Warren Jr., wears his father's ring to show this profile view. The size of the ring is obviously too large for the wearer's hand. It is an estate jewelry item offered on Jewelry by Christy on Etsy. Photo by Christy Warren.

The Man – Samuel E. Warren

Samuel E. Warren was born January 20, 1920 in Simpsonville, Texas. He grew up on a farm, the little brother of two sisters: Georgia and Agnes.

The son of Joseph Samuel and Elizabeth Warren, he worked as a short haul truck driver making cargo deliveries to Tyler, Kilgore, Gladewater, Mount Pleasant and Gilmer, Texas.

In 1945, Sam’s “Uncle Sam” called. He got “drafted.” After boot camp at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, he served in combat in the European Theater of Operations, which involved a tour of duty in Italy.

Once the war in Europe ended, Sam was sent into the Pacific Theater of Operations. As a noncommissioned officer in the United States Army Signal Corps, he served tours of duty in Australia, New Guinea, and the Philippines. He is one of the Army linemen who strung telephone lines into the rural areas of the Philippines.

This Cameron Iron Works 20 Years Service pin was awarded to Samuel E. Warren, who worked as a "heat treater" at the company in Houston, Texas. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

After the war, Sam got a job at Cameron Iron Works in Houston, Texas. He worked in the area where hot, molten metal was poured to create tools. He was a workaholic.

After work, he would come home and freshen up before going to his night job.

He was a bartender and part time bouncer at Cook’s Hoedown night club in Houston for years. When Cook’s finally closed their doors, he went to work at the Dome Shadow, near the famous Astrodome in Houston.

Sam, a Capricorn, was always a quite man, who spoke in an even tempered voice. He owned Chevrolet trucks, usually in a two tone color pattern of light blue and white.

On the job, he wore a starched and pressed light blue uniform with the white circular patch and the red embroidered name: Sam.

Away from the job, Sam’s blond crew cut found rest under his gray stockman’s Stetson. His view of casual, everyday attire was a western shirt, and black shined cowboy boots. 

Whether he wore khaki pants or denim jeans they had to be starched and have a crease ironed in – down the center of both legs. Uncle Sam and Samuel E. Warren  may not have always seen eye to eye – Daddy didn’t like President LBJ.  Nonetheless, Samuel E. Warren’s civilian clothes always had a military appearance. 

His Liberty Head Silver Dollar buckle created an unmistakeable military gig line.  He wore a traditional brown leather western belt — but, the name: WARREN — was stamped in the leather on the back of the belt.

Samuel E. Warren was a husband and a father, who worked hard all his life. He complained about politics and was always ready to help out a friend or a neighbor. He survived The Great Depression and the combat of World War II. He was kind to kids and liked animals. He was proud, when as a teenager, I joined the Ozarks Chapter of the Order of De Molay. He took pride in being a Mason.

The Legacy

The kind of man, Samuel E. Warren – Daddy – was, I believe, he would of wanted his ruby Masonic ring to be on the hand of a young Mason ready and willing to make a difference in his community and the world.

Thus, hopefully, whoever buys the ring will be a young Mason or a family member who will give it to a young Mason. If you are interested in the ring, you will find it and the price listed in my wife’s Etsy shop Jewelry by Christy

This is a profile view of a ruby Masonic ring that was owned by Samuel E. Warren of the Reagan Lodge in Houston, Texas. In this photograph, the 10K designation is obvious on the inside of the yellow gold band. It is an estate jewelry item offered on Jewelry by Christy on Etsy. Photo by Christy Warren.


Jewelry by Christy – Hobby Evolves Into A Business

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Hobby Evolves Into A Business

Jewelry by Christy

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Diamond In The Rough - Literally - This glass model of a diamond purchased at The Crater Of Diamonds State Park Gift Shop in Murfreesboro, Arkansas is used against the backdrop of Cathedral Brazilian Amethyst to create "a diamond in the rough" effect for the photograph. Christy Warren uses natural stones to create pendants and earrings for sale on Jewelry by Christy in her Etsy shop to provide "Distinctive Jewelry @ Affordable Prices." Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

My wife, Christy Warren is one of those creative people in life who picks up a rock and turns it into a unique pendant. She learned how to wire wrap natural stones and then had me research how to set up a business on Etsy, thus, her shop, Jewelry by Christy was born.

The Boss - Christy Warren of Jewelry by Christy

Christy is one of those people, who demands quality. She is a Leo, so if the stone is for jewelry – that poor stone had better be beautiful before she begins to select cabachons to wire wrap in sterling silver or gold fill wire. When she shops for cabachons to wire wrap, Christy examines each stone as if she is searching for an overlooked crown jewel.

Mom And Pop Operation

  It would be nice to have one of those penthouse offices in a business skyscraper in a major metropolitan American city, but we are a “Mom and Pop operation” and her design and manufacture area is usually the kitchen table.

The Boss Is Out Of The Office Temporarily - When Christy's fingers get tired from wire wrapping stones she usually takes a break and watches Mike on Jewelry Extravaganza on the Gem Shopping Network. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

For people who like “official titles,” Christy is the chief executive officer, chief financial officer, designer and manufacturer of Jewelry by Christy. I, Samuel E. Warren Jr, am, the senior vice president of advertising and director of Jewelry by Christy information technology systems – I shoot the photos for her Etsy site and then upload them to the site.

Christy concentrates on turning natural stones into pendants and earrings and I concentrate on shooting the photos. I’m also director of shipping, so if you order a pendant or earring from Jewelry by Christy on Etsy, I will pack it and ship it to you.

Christy Warren Rock Hound On Call

Christy is a “rock hound” at heart. A few years ago, My cousin, Donna, invited Christy and I to go to Mount Ida, Arkansas to “dig quartz crystal.” Donna and Christy were like 1800s gold miners because they dug into the earth and they kept at it until they had the quartz that they wanted. Me, I dug up a couple of cool pieces and I was easily satisfied – I’m easy to please – usually. Nonetheless, Donna and Christy dug away at that poor Arkansas mountain like a couple of bulldozers. They did dig up some beautiful specimens of quartz crystal.

Christy’s rock garden came into being thanks to her over supply of quartz, which included pieces of milky quartz. The large pieces went into the house and the milky quartz found it’s way to her rock garden outside.

Missouri Geode Safari

Donna had been interested in going to northern Missouri to “dig for geodes.” Donna asked Christy and before I could say, “Stone County,” Christy had her canteen and five pound white rock bucket and was standing by the car door. The enthusiasm that Donna and Christy exert in digging for stones is like watching treasure hunters diligently bore into the earth in search of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It is no cliché to say, “They leave no stone unturned.”

Naturally, the beautiful geode specimens went in the house; and the geodes that didn’t make the grade? You guessed it. The less impressive geodes ended up in her rock garden. Who says rocks don’t grow? Her rock garden seems to keep expanding.

Donna, Christy and I even crossed the border into Keokuk, Iowa and dug into a creek bed to find some baseball-sized geodes. We even went “digging for diamonds,” – that too is another “rock hound adventure,” but I’ll save that story for a future article.

Joplin, Missouri cabachons

If Christy can “dig” her own materials out of the earth; she will – without hesitation. But, if she has to shop for cabachons, then, the supplier has to be able to assure her that the cabachon is quality. Most of the cabachons that she currently has in her inventory came from a supplier in Joplin, Missouri.

Our Rock Book - We use National Audubon Society Field Gudie To Rocks And Minerals is used to identify stones that are not quickly recognized. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Thanks to Donna and Christy, I have earned a new appreciation for “rocks.” When I have specific questions about stones, I go to our big book : National Audubon Society Field Guide To Rocks And Minerals, which we purchased on a trip to Fantastic Caverns, near Springfield, Missouri.

 Checkout Jewelry by Christy for natural jewelry

Checkout the Jewelry by Christy shop on Etsy, if you are shopping for a natural stone to wear as a pendant or earrings then, please, make an Internet visit to us, to see Christy’s creations with your own two eyes.

Christy sometimes relaxes by making afghans. So, from time to time, you should find some of her afghans for sale in her Jewelry by Christy shop. If you have any questions about any of the items, please, do not hesitate to email her at:

Visit Jewelry by Christy by copying and pasting the address in your browser :


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