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Coming Soon – Another Yard Sale !

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by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

When the wife speaks, a smart husband listens.  My wife has been talking again about “Downsizing” stuff.  Thus, I know it is time to get ready for at least one more yard sale this year.  I’m sure I will be receiving more marching orders in the coming days, which I will pass along.  For now, I have a few photos of some of the items in the inventory for sale.  Check back, Tuesday, August 6, 2011 for more.

Toys For Kids - When it is Yard Sale time in the Ozarks, my wife, Christy, likes for me to sometimes "Downsize" my toy collection. Thus, I'm sure I'll have some toys for kids to buy. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Christy has decided the time has come to offer furniture in the yard sale inventory.

Antique Vanity From Houston, Texas Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. This vanity was originally owned by Georgia Mavon "Aunt Bill" Warren, my father's oldest sister. A truly outstanding woman, who "spoiled" her nephew. She only lived a couple of blocks from the Maxwell House plant and the aroma in the air really made you want a cup of coffee. This vanity was transported to Galena, Missouri around the 1980s and has been in storage since then.

Christy has been carefully washing some dishes and going through dishes that haven’t  sit on a table in some years.  I’ve

Opal M. DeLong Warren took care of 25 yorshire, hampshire and duroc sows to raise numerous litters of feeder pigs from the mid 1960s through the early 1980s. Thus, when Christy and I saw this ceramic sow and pigs, we bought it for momma. Now, it seems only fair that it might be appreciated by another farmer, who is interested in livestock production. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

noticed her looking at some cookie jars and counting coffee cups.  She has never appreciated my taste in nick-knacks and whatnots.  Thus, I found myself even deciding to part with one or two ceramic figures from my lifetime of collecting bric-a-brac.

Christy has always been one of those creative people, who uses natural materials, fabrics and arts and crafts ideas to bring a sense of order and warmth to a home.

A girl might find this doll in her patriotic afghan gown to be what she needs on the vanity in her room. The doll comes on a stand and is one of those items that would be better suited for a child's room, especially since we don't have any granddaughters to appreciate the doll. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I have always had more of a dorm room or barrack room mentality of cluttering items together and then convince myself that I belong in the midst of the items.  I’ve finally started to understand ideas behind yard sales and garage sales.  Over time, you sometimes inherit different items from trips or people and unless you want to end up sleeping outside on the back forty with the coyotes and raccoons, then, you have to be willing to part with some items.  In moving things around and deciding what goes and what stays sometimes the decision involves some home interior decorating items like paintings and vases that have to be put on the “To Go” list.  I don’t like to part with things.  I like all my stuff.  Unfortunately, it seems some times that you can lose track of stuff .

These pink flowers in a pink vase are only one home decor item that has been selected for the next yard sale. I will try to post some other selections as soon as I can. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

“Wait, is that my binoculars over there in the corner ?”  Guess it is time to put away my John Wayne memorabilia and find a place for my Star Trek action figures.  If I can just remember where I put Dr. Leonard “Bones”McCoy?  That reminds me I have some comic books I haven’t seen in awhile.  One of the bad things about age, momma always said, “Is coming down with “Old Timers,” which mean you forget stuff. I will remember to post more photos tomorrow.  This photograph of the pink flowers in the pink vase is the last item I have to post tonight.  Check back tomorrow and see what other items that we will be offering.


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September 6, 2011 at 1:56 PM

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