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Joplin, Missouri Tornado Aftermath Information Web Addresses

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Joplin, Missouri Tornado

Aftermath Information

Web Addresses

Compiled by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Galena, Missouri, the county seat of Stone County, is only 78 miles from Joplin. The evening that the tornado struck Joplin, most of southwest Missouri was under a tornado watch. For a few minutes that evening, my wife and I took shelter in the bathroom and listened to continuing storm coverage on the portable radio tuned to KTTS-FM, in Springfield, Missouri.  Growing up in southwest Missouri, you learn to always take Tornado Warnings and Tornado Watches seriously.

Unfortunately, Joplin, Missouri was in the path of the storm. After a deadly tornado, like the Joplin Tornado, all people can do is to grieve and to try and rebuild their lives.

The devastation of natural disasters can never be understated. My wife’s family in the Republic of the Phhilippines heard of the Joplin Tornado and gathered around a TV set to watch news coverage on 24 Oras to listen for any reports of people killed or injured. One of the initial news reports in the Philippines mentioned a Filipina named “Chris.”

Stone County, Missouri Sky the Morning After the Joplin Tornado - I shot this photo of my pasture at 9:45 a.m., May 23, 2011,. The overcast sky in this Nikon D 40 Photo is a stark reminder of the severe weather, which hours earlier struck Joplin, Missouri. The threat of Tornando Warnings and Watches lingered over much of southwest Missouri until Thursday morning. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Our electricity had went out at 6:30 p.m., and remained down for 23 hours. The night of the storm , our cell phones went out about the same time. Meanwhile, text messages from the Philippines were not reaching our cell phones – the family back in the Philippines were worried.

When Christy did get through yesterday, family members in the Philippines were relieved to discover that Christy and I had only experienced high winds and found styrofoam debris in the yard and pasture.

In the days since the tornado there is hope in the dedicated action of volunteers, city, state and national officials and the emergency personnel in the effort to rebuild the hopes, lives and dreams of Missourians in one of America’s greatest cities.

Here are some website addresses to provide detailed information

City of Joplin Facebook Page

City of Joplin Health Department Facebook Page

Joplin Globe

Joplin Globe Tornado Survivor’s Facebook Page

Joplin, Mo May 22, 2011 Tornado Recovery Effort Resources

Joplin Tornado Citizen’s Checks

Official Missouri State Website

Official Missouri State Website Joplin Tornado Coverage

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Safe And Well Page

Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Assistance Page

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May 27, 2011 at 5:25 PM

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