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January The Door Editorial by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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THE DOOR_NIKON D 200 PHOTO by Samuel E Warren Jr 00001_resized


by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

THE DOOR THUMBNAILJanuary, is “The Door To The Year.”


Thank you Roman King Numa Pompilius !


The story goes that the semi-mythical successor to Romulus of Rome added the months of January and February to the Roman front of,March and by doing so created a calendar that equaled a standard lunar year of 354 days.


The ancient Romans and Greeks were some smart humans. They didn’t always understand the physical world going on around them, but, they always tried.


When the scientific and physical laws of their lives were above the understanding of their gray matter, they simply wrote the science off as a quirk of their Gods and Goddesses.


Couch Potato Gods


The ancient Roman and Greek Gods and Goddesses weren’t “couch potato” Gods like the Muslim Allah, Jewish Yehovah and the Christian God and the Protestant God sitting on a sofa watching humanity’s lives as “soap operas” on the wide screen TV of the Universe.


The Pagan Gods and Goddesses were on the ground, in country and usually, in your face, messing with and trying to change or add to your life. They were “hands on” Gods and Goddesses.


The Ancient Roman Soap Opera Of Gods And Goddesses raises the curtain on Janus, who scholars argue and debate over His importance.



Doorman Of Heaven


Janus is “The God Of Doorways.”


Basically, Janus is The Ultimate United States Marine Corps Embassy Guard Of The Gods.

Janus stood at the doorway of Heaven and you didn’t get through the door without going through Janus first.


Now, some scholars want to consider him a “King Of The Gods” entity, while others simply recognize him as “The Doorman.”


The importance is the concept of “Beginnings and Transitions.” Janus provided a starting point and reminded people that daily tasks transition and change along the way to reach a point of completion.


The significance of Janus is obviously the Romans believed that you had to get through Janus to reach the rest of the Gods.


In The Real World of the 21st Century, Janus would be either “the proverbial middle man” or the “personal assistant”, who keeps “The Boss’” schedule.


Janus would make sure the man or woman in charge doesn’t waste their day on trivial tasks and appointments.


Janus is a “Two Face God.”


He had one face that looked into the past and one that looked into the future. The glitch, of course, is his body was in the present and he had no face to see into the present.


Nonetheless, the Romans had an entity and a concept that allowed them to deal with “beginnings” and “transitions.”



Businessman Reservist


They even decided that Janus could be a businessman and a reservist. The key symbol signified commerce and trade, while the long stick or staff was a symbol of military readiness.


Since the Romans equated Janus to naval matters, they basically made him a Navy veteran, who looked out for ships and sailors.


As “The God Of Doorways, Gates, Bridges and Roadways,” Janus was a Corps Of Engineers’ God, a Red Horse God, and a Navy Seabees God, whose duties extended into the Real World of the daily Romans.  They believed Janus looked after the commerce coming into and out of Rome.


Janus kept an eye out for Rome’s neighbors who had a more militant idea of commerce, in terms of conquest. Thus, Janus made time to do his Department Of Homeland Security duties to prevent threats to Rome.


After Hours


Being a male god, of course, Janus had his relationships with mortal women, nymphs and goddesses.

Naturally, Janus fathered, sired and procreated his own mythological generations of descendants.


Ever notice how none of the pagan gods and goddesses never did the silly celibate and abstention routine ?


Pagan Gods and Goddesses did their Nine To Five routine, but, they made time to get out of the office and party down.


The Pagan Gods And Goddesses were not the types, who would “blow off vacation time” to finish a project. They would figure out a way to complete the project and still enjoy their lives.




At one point in Rome, Janus was considered “The Initiator Of Human Life,” which meant that basically Janus had to “sign off” on procreation before it could occur.


In essence, Janus was considered “The Holy Ghost” or “The Holy Spirit”.


Through The Doorway


Time, movement and the year are all concepts associated with Janus, as well as, the indications that people identified at different times Janus with the sun and the moon,


The Romans would name January, in honor of, Janus. Thus, stepping through “The Doorway Into The Year,” obviously, was a process that the ancient Romans knew would set the tone for the rest of the year.


The fact that the Romans took the time to decide on the rites and procedures to be observed in requesting the blessings of Janus, meant they understood it was important not to overlook the slightest detail in beginning a new project.


While 21st Century citizens might not worship Janus, the dedication and effort that the ancient Romans put into getting everything in order to begin a new year or a new project is a reminder to modern day citizens to do your homework before you sit out on a new project.


When you turn the doorknob, to open the door, make sure you are ready to step through the door before you take the step over the threshold.


Best Wishes For A Strategic January






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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Fast Christmas Coronation by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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Personal Business Editorial





by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

When, my wife, Christy Warren and I first returned to the Philippines the exuberance and the pomp and circumstance ranked up there in the old black and white news reels with the Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth.


Christy was returning to her native Leyte and the pomp and circumstance had all the trimmings of The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Dianna.


CHRISTMAS STAR THUMBNAIL LOGOI stood at the airport in Manila and for the briefest instant expected to see a royal carriage pulled by white horses trotting up the taxi lane in front of the airport .


We were both anxious to get to our final destination of the island of Leyte. However, family members were intent on their “meet and greet” ceremonies in Manila.


Then, of course, our royal itinerary had changed to add an unofficial “Goodwill Visit To Angeles City.”


Queen Christy Warren, Her Royal Majesty, was being treated to all the honors and accolades that she deserved. Prince Samuel of The Ozarks and The Duke Of East Texas was smiling and doing “the wave.”


The only thing missing from the royal entourage was The Official Press Corps. In the back of my mind, I knew the royal budget had the letter W associated with it and the name would not be Windsor.


The Strange American


On the ground, in Leyte, the procession of “Well-Wishers” came with the exuberance of visitors to Buckingham Palace for an “audience” with “Queen Christy” and a chance to see “The Strange American.”


Is he taller or shorter than General MacArthur ?”


He’s a Texan, right ?”


Where is Missouri ?”


What is the Ozarks ?”


Hillbilly is that a religion or a political party in the US ?”



Between Tagalog, Waray and English, I would hear strange questions whispered about me. Maybe, I should of cared, but, as long as they were the old, “Who is this guy ? ” question, then, I just smiled it off.


By January, it was obvious that most of the attendees at the mythical Christmas Coronation weren’t family members grateful that Christy had returned home.


The name Warren had proven not to be the name Windsor and no one from the “palace household” followed up on the holiday requests.


The Warrens Of The Ozarks had no serious intent to become Lloyd s Of London and the domestic policy issues involved The Saldana Family. Christy had come home to be with her family.


Any community initiatives and ongoing economic development that concerned the Warren Family in Barangay Baras would have to involve the overall Saldana Family.


Local people seemed to have had envisioned a British Monarchy arrival, but, the reality is the family approach was more a Joseph Kennedy Hyannis Port, Massachusetts Family approach.


Blood And Biology”


A person is more than his DNA, RNA, chromosomes and biological compounds. The members of a family are more than people who share “Blood And Biology” traits.


Saint Samuel’s Basilica


I have always been interested in heraldry,chivalry and genealogy, but, for the Christmas 2011 celebration, there were just too many people at Saint Samuel’s Basilica.


We didn’t have the pilgrims in the square awaiting the annual Christmas message, we had people who rushed through the jungle courtyard of Saint Samuel’s Basilica to seek an audience with Christy. I assumed the role of the concerned cardinal.


Cardinal Samuel nodded a lot and smiled a lot. But, I was interested to see were the well wishers and “faithful” were headed in their Christmas interpretations I looked forward to December 26, 2011. I wanted to know if “The Spirit Of Goodwill” was “The Real Deal” or just “Christmas Cheer.”


As the new year of 2012 approached, it became clear Saint Samuel’s Basilica would have to accept a more secular and business approach. Relatives were leaving and the shift in the idea of “family” day to day was becoming more like Missouri weather – changeable.


One Warren Way


By March 2012, it had become obvious that the Christmas Season was past and One Warren Way was a private home with it’s own “family” agenda. The opportunists went somewhere else. The family wannabe lobbyists had made their travel arrangements to return to other destinations in the Philippines.


In April 2012, Christy opened her CSW Cafe and got her dream to own and operate her own cafe. She provides good food to the community at a decent price. She became a business woman, who provided jobs.


Family members were offered the opportunity to work in her cafe. A few to date have accepted to work with Christy and her dream. Some did not.


By the Warren Fiscal Year of October 1, 2011, God was still in his Heaven, Sam and Christy were headquartered at One Warren Way with “Family.”


Holiday Historian


The Government of the Philippines dealt with their daily challenges of 2012, The Government of the United States tried to deal with international business and the carry on the traditional “Presidential Campaign” fiesta of every four years.


The major entertainment of any democracy relies on the Presidential or Prime Ministerial Election. The Warren and Saldana Family of Leyte settled down to the day to day business of life in Barangay Baras.


I have had a lifelong interest in all types of history. I got enough college hours under the belt to know how to do the data collection, compilation and analysis routine to examine an issue from all angles. I had collected the data from Christmas Day 2011 and examined the photographs I had taken.


I had enough data to take on the role of “Holiday Historian” and render a verdict on Christmas Day 2011 and the irony is the Christmas Season of 2012 provided the hours to complete the task.


Home For The Holidays


By October 1, 2012, I looked forward to my birthday, October 30, Halloween, October 31 and the end of 2012.


Christy looked forward to Christmas, December 25, 2012 and the New Year of 2013.


Christy decided to close the CSW Cafe for the Christmas Season of 2012 to spend some time at “Home For The Holidays.”


A year has passed, since we returned to the Philippine Islands. I have had time to reflect and look at The Fast Christmas of 2011. The photographer’s habit of having a camera growing out of the end of your hand provided valuable snapshots of time throughout the previous year.


Fast Christmas Fiscal Fiasco


The Life Learning Lesson of Fast Christmas 2011 is simple: people are people. We all have our good points and our bad points. Human nature goes beyond flags, passports and visas.


Some people will take advantage of you, regardless, what day of the year it is. In a perfect world, you would always be able to count on “Family.” The world is not perfect and some family members do not see “The Big Picture.”


In the early 21st Century, the “Fast Food” and “Fad” psychology of “Instant This,” “Instant That” and the evolving technology of “Upgrades” and “Real Time” has convinced people to focus on the “Short Haul” to try and plan for their lives. The end result is “people live from payday to payday without a plan to reach a comfortable retirement.”


To some people Christmas is simply another day to try and rip people off. To some people, “Family” is simply a six letter word in an English dictionary. To some people Christmas is just a holiday to be used to try and set up “pie-in-the-sky” business deals.


Fast Christmas had not been about Christmas at all.

Fast Christmas was various attempts to use Christmas Day 2011 to setup a mood of trust by friends, acquaintances and some family members.  Then, in 2012 the trust could be called upon to support series of changing, financial ventures to profit a few people.  Human nature being human nature some people will try to point the finger and try to make you feel “guilty” to get their way.


Some friends and family members had their own ideas about what Christy and I could do to help them. But, they didn’t have any ideas that would benefit the entire family or the surrounding communities as a whole. The “flash in the pan” business brainstorms didn’t work because my wife “The Boss” is a business woman, who always considers “The Big Picture.” 

Christy’s husband, “Sam the Cynic” needs to be able to visualize a “Real World” result.  I have an imagination.  However, I grew up in Missouri and you have got to “Show Me.” Unless I see three or four colts galloping in the field, I’m not going to invest in a “Unicorn Farm”, I don’t care how good the presentation is.




Mentor Mothers


Nenita Quezon Saldana told her daughter, Christy, “Keep The Family Together.” Opal M. DeLong Warren told her son, Samuel, “Family Is Everything.” Both mothers were right about their beliefs in family. Both mothers, knew their daughter and son would understand the changing nature of “Family” and “Business.”


To me Christmas is about watching kids have fun with their toys, brothers, sisters, cousins and to be able to set down to a table of delicious food and drink and feast like Henry the VIII, my favorite English king.

Henry knew, “How To Party Down !”


Other family members are welcome to apply their own meanings to Christmas to celebrate the holiday in a manner of their own choosing.


Fiscal Christmas Of 2011


Christmas Day 2011, I lean back in the chair at the table and loosen two notches on my brown leather western belt. “That hit the spot. Wonder what kind of feast Cousin Donna cooked this year back in Missouri,” I said aloud to Christy’s Cousin Romel sitting across the table from me.


Christmas Eve 2012, I put away the “Demonyo Itlog” – deviled eggs – macaroni salad, potato salad, rice, and enjoyed Mississippi Mud chocolate candy with my coffee. The women cleared away the table and sit down to a bottle of Christy’s red wine and the Philippines’ “Tuba”, coconut wine.


The men after dinner adjourned to the area by the Christmas Tree to enjoy Tuba and an evening of conversation.

A glance at Christy’s cell phone revealed an absence of “Blood and biology family” Christmas wishes for the holiday, which confirmed what I suspected that “Fast Christmas of 2011” was really “Fiscal Christmas of 2011.”




A Yuletide Toast To Henry VIII


I sit down with the men to celebrate Christmas Eve 2012 and loosen the waist of my walking shorts. I grin at Ramon, “I bet Cousin Donna has started cooking Christmas Dinner in the States. She always starts a couple days ahead of time, And, when I start to chow down on the hot biscuits she serves, I have to remind myself to leave room for pie.”


Kuya Sam, Merry Christmas.”


Merry Christmas, Ramon.”


I raise my tall coffee cup, “Merry Christmas to Henry the VIII,” I grin.


Henry the VIII, Kuya Sam ?”


I laugh.”Long story, Ramon. One of my favorite English kings, who knew how to enjoy a great meal and good conversation.”


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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Into The Garden Of Eden

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Into The Garden Of Eden     Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.     You may have an idea of what The Garden of Eden, Paradise, or Shangri-la is suppose to look like.  Fortunately, for me, February 2, 2012, I was strolling through the jungle with my Canon EOS 40 D camera, when I came upon this earthly road into a heavenly paradise on earth.

The beauty of this photography is I didn’t have to try and find an angle to shoot it.  I simply raised the camera like a tourist and looked through the viewfinder and clicked the shutter.  When I got back to the house and begin looking at the photos, this one caught my eye because of the colors and vegetation and the trail seems to simply disappear into the horizon of the jungle.

This trail into the jungle is in Barangay Baras, Tanauan, Leyte Philippines.  The tropical climate offers a wide variety of coconut trees, banana palms, jackfruit, guava, ferns and other vegetation.  Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Flickr Tags: Garden of Eden, Heaven, Heaven On Earth, Shangri-la, Paradise, Paradise On Earth, Barangay Baras, Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines, coconut trees, jack fruit, guava trees, ferns, tropical, tropical vegetation, trail, nature, Mother Earth, tropics, photo, Samuel E. Warren Jr.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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