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The Birthday Party

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Plan, Host, Entertain, Celebrate, Reminisce, Enjoy


The Birthday Party

1_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 002

In preparation for the party, Christy Warren already has all the furniture moved to an arranged location on the porch. A tablecloth adds prestige to the rustic, rural coconut lumber dining table. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

by Samuel E. Warren Jr

The day of your birth is obviously the most important day of your life because that is the day your life begins. .


The average citizen calculates their year based on the current calendar from January 1 to December 31 each year.


Back in the 1980s,the United States Government determined their fiscal year would be from October 1 of one year until September 30 of the following year.


I have determined my calendar time-keeping system runs from October 30 of one year until October 30 of the following year. Therefore, my birthday is my yearly calendar.


The Most Important Day Of Your Life Each Year


My annual birthday anniversary each year is the most important day of my life each year. No one celebrates your birthday before you were born and it is unlikely anyone will celebrate your birthday, once you leave this life.


To celebrate your birthday, you need a party. Fortunately, in my life, I had a mother and I have a wife who understands the dynamics of planning and hosting a birthday party. I am a cake and ice cream person, which is all this 57-year-old man expected.

2_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 005


The table settings combine the traditional American arrangement of the place settings of dishes with the daily arrangement of a Filipino table setting. The traditional large soup spoon and the fork, common daily silverware in a Filipino home, rests in the shallow soup bowl dishes.


The Pancit Canton in the plastic container is the Filipino food that symbolizes “Long Life” in the Filipino culture. Therefore, the noodles in the container are not cut during cooking. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Event Planning


Important, prestigious, social events demand professional planning and execution that is equal to, but, fortunately, not as crucial, as military operations. The success of any event begins months, weeks and days before “Zero Hour.”


Where the formal event – a party– is taking place in a boardroom on Wall Street or a diplomatic gathering at a building in a foreign nation’s capitol: the event has to be “right.” because it will be remembered and discussed for years to come.


Most people will not consider their birthday – a “Black Tie Affair At The White House.” I ain’t like most people. Daddy was a Texan. Momma had a sense of protocol that “There is a right way to do everything.”


4_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 016

The dish, in the foreground, is barbeque pork sticks. The pork pieces are marinated for, at least, 24 hours and then placed on bamboo skewers to be roasted over an open grill fire.


The next dish is pork fried rice, Tiny pieces of pork, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables are mixed into the white rice that is then fried.


The main dish is Pancit Canton. In the Philippines, there are two major type of pancit: Canton and Bihon. Bihon is the large, fat noodles. Pancit Canton is the extremely slender noodles that is cooked with a variety of vegetables.


The last dish is another plate of barbeque pork sticks. The pink plastic pitcher contains Pepsi Cola. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Southern Hospitality

Factor in my Texas aunts and uncles into my life and while I never refreshed with the mint julep, wearing my white suit and Panama Jack hat on the front porch of the plantation mansion – I still got the importance of Southern respect, hospitality, tradition and protocol.


Military Customs And Courtesies


Then, of course, Uncle Sam put me in numerous situation to work with and alongside protocol officers and sergeants and the diplomatic formal significance of events finally modified my DNA. “An event is always intended to be an Event. It is a moment of time that is intended to be remembered for years and, one would hope generations.”


Diplomatic Protocol


You do not have to be “The Ambassador Of The United States Of America” to a foreign country to host a memorable event. A birthday party should always be a memorable event because all of us only get so many. . .actually, so few, birthdays in our lifetime. Each birthday should be memorable.


If you really want to get formal with an event, then, you come up with a guest list and make sure the invitations go out in plenty of time for people to put the event on their personal business or social calendar. Naturally, you would either rely on your “Official” protocol people or hire a professional party planner.


In difficult economic times, you learn to do your homework and develop a to do list of tasks to be accomplished. Fortunately, for me, I married my “professional party planner”, who got exposed to military and diplomatic functions in the United States and overseas. Then, of course, my mother, Opal M. DeLong Warren took great pride in briefing Christy on Warren and DeLong Family Traditions.


Know Your Surroundings


Christy understand the salad fork, lobster fork, soup spoon place settings and napkin ring holders for table settings. While she didn’t have an elegant American dining room to set the party up in, she knew the surroundings for the party location and knew hat had to be done.


Flexibility is a military reality and a common sense civilian virtue that always seems to get overlooked in planning.


In the United States, Christy had a gas stove, oven and air conditioning to be able to prepare a variety of dishes. She had the silver chaffing dishes with the sterno cans underneath to keep the food warm and she set the table to allow for buffet style birthday parties.


In the Republic of the Philippines, she had a two burner hot plate hooked to an RV sized hot plate, a wooden table serves as the kitchen island. She has some large pots and pans to cook in. A curved rebar rod on two small concrete blocks set beside the house will provide the makeshift camping stove that Leneil Saldana usually uses with coconut shell briquets to provide an extra cooking stove for an additional dish like pork sticks.

LENEIL SALDANA_0140_resized

Leneil Saldana

Coconut Shell Briquets


In the United States, portable barbeque grills using charcoal briquets and lighter fluid provide the fire for outdoor cooking. In the Philippines, the plentiful coconut shell gets busted up and set on fire. Like charcoal briquets, the coconut shells seem to burn evenly and slowly for a consistent fire and heat for cooking.


Temperature is a persistent and, sometimes uncomfortable, reality in the Philippines. The kitchen area is currently “too” open to allow an air conditioner to work in the kitchen area. October’s frequent monsoon rains provides a change in the humidity that makes it easier to cook that in August when the sun reigns supreme over the landscape.


Christy Warren always exceeds expectations, regardless of the conditions; which is the mark of a true “party planner.”


Fate’s Flexibility Factors


Fate loves to dabble in event plans, which is why, it is always crucial to remember – Keep The Plans Flexible. Fate is that mysterious entity always luring in the shadows waiting for the right moment to throw a wrench into your plans.


The Battle Of Leyte Gulf Anniversary Week and Tropical Storm Ofel were events that made the event a touch and go operation going down to the wire.


I had spent the week researching and writing articles on the 68th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Leyte Gulf because the dates of battles for “Freedom” rank right up there with birthdays in my world view.


Then, Tropical Storm Ofel decided to complicate matters by using high winds to knock out the power for six days. When the lights did come back on briefly for about 20 minutes on October 28; a transformer blew and darkness returned. When the power did finally come back on on October 29, I dashed to the laptop and began editing photos and polishing the copy for an article for my blog.


The sun rose on October 30, 2012 and once I saw that my Sam I Am Blog article was published. I could finally get a good night’s sleep. At around 8 a.m., I decided to get some sleep. “Happy Birthday to me.”

CHRISTY IN WHITE 017_resized

Christy Warren – Party Planner

Christy The Birthday Party Planner


Meanwhile, Christy already had her own plans underway, My wife is a Leo, a Fixed Sign. Fixed Sign Zodiac people have their own way of doing things.


Leo is the one sign of the Zodiac that is “Born To The Spotlight.” More actors, kings, queens,princes, and princesses are born under the sign of Leo than any other Zodiac sign. In my experience, if a Leo is your party planner, you may as well take a “nap” because they have the situation handled from the git go.


While I slept, Christy went to the local market and bought the fresh vegetables for the dishes to be cooked. She directed the kids on where to move furniture and prepared the meal. When I awoke in the afternoon, after my Rip Van Winkle nap, the only task that remained for the party planner and our nephews was to set the table.


Ranilo and Rayniel Saldana, my nephews, took their own initiative, and allowances, to select the chocolate cake, icing and the decorations to go on the birthday cake.


I heard Christy tell the kids the birthday party was “semi-formal”, which meant T-shirts, walking shorts and sandals were the attire for the Philippines’ afternoon heat and the dining area on the porch.


The tablecloth hid the rustic dining table’s humble rural coconut lumber origin. The plastic light green chairs replaced the usual wooden bench seating that goes with the table. The plates and the silverware setting were what you would expect for a traditional birthday party table.


Birthday Party Cuisine


The menu consisted of barbeque pork sticks, pork fried rice and, of course, pancit canton. In the Philippines, pancit canton is long, skinny noodles cooked with slices of carrots and other vegetables.


Pancit Canton is the food served to symbolize “long life,” so the noodles aren’t cut and you have a food that has those lengthy spaghetti style noodles that you either wrap around a fork or lift high up to get in your plate.


A couple of plastic pitchers filled with Pepsi Cola for the kids and, of course, coffee for Sam. While everyone ate and talked, I looked around the table at the faces and smiled because I thought of family and friends back in the United States.

Family And Friends Faraway_resized

Family And Friends Faraway On a family outing to the beach, earlier this year, I shot the photo of these local fishing boats on the shore. The number of fishing boats on the beach are symbolic of a family. The Pacific Ocean in the photograph is a reminder of family and friends faraway.

Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Family and Friends Faraway


I thought of Cousin Donna and wondered if she would be going to play the slot machines in the casinos anytime soon and wished that we could check out the casino that I spotted on Clark Air Base.


I wondered if Ken Sexton is still working with the local Vietnam Veterans’ group and performing color guard functions for military funerals and at public events.


I imagined Wade Martin is still driving a Galena school bus and would be amazed to see that farming in the Philippines is a lot like farming in the United States. I was surprised earlier in the week, to stroll along and notice a Jersey heifer munching on the tall grass in a nearby barangay.


Nancy Campbell, a close friend of mine and my wife, Christy, had left Missouri and moved back to a small town in Texas. Every time I see a motorcycle in the Philippines, I am reminded of Nancy – there are a lot of motorcycles in the Philippines.


Nancy is one of those people you meet in life and would never imagine her “headin’ out on the highway . . . on a Harley.” But, Nancy said that in her 20s, she enjoyed the wind through her hair and the feel of the open road stretching out across the horizon.


It is nice to image, Nancy,in her Harley leathers riding along the open highway flashing past those square black signs with the proud white Lone Star State crest brandishing the highway numbers.


I wondered if T. Michael Ottens still lived in Elkins, West Virginia. We were classmates back at School Of The Ozarks, back in the days before computers, the Internet, facebook, twitter and cell phones. We didn’t have to use stone hammers and chisels to do our homework, but, typewriters, like their children the computer – weren’t always cooperative.


United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Jake Slusher, my “runnin’ buddy” back at Kadena Air Base Okinawa probably is a grandfather by now living somewhere in the United States. . .or possibly, in the Philippines.


United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Bobby Thomas, a “runnin’ buddy” and fellow Air Force newspaperman was putting down roots somewhere in Japan, years ago, when I caught the “Freedom Bird” out of Okinawa.


J.R. Baker, was my roommate, back in my Bossier City, Louisiana, days. I saw J.R.. years ago. and he had went into the United States Army and went up in rank. I would be surprised if J.R., did not retire as a United States Army command sergeant major because he always understood, “The System.”


Greg Pyron, my friend and classmate at School Of The Ozarks, I learned had become a grandfather. Greg always had the award-winning smile and his code of personal appearance each day, looked as though he litterally stepped out of the pages of “GQ” magazine. He became the living embodiment of “The Classic American FM Voice.”


Greg had the soft, distinct voice that merged with the air in a room full of girls and women. Greg would speak and you would see a change come over the women in the room. A twinkle would appear in their eyes and the emerging smile on their lips confirmed a flight of fantasy had begun in their minds along the lines of Harlequin Romance novels.


In college, at radio station KSOZ-FM, Greg helped me overcome my fear of “The Open Mike” and taught me ways to relax behind the microphone.


Michael Roy Truly Rogers, my contemporary hero and classmate at School Of The Ozarks, had a dream to work at radio station WLS-AM Chicago. I heard that Mike’s dream came true. Mike, a handsome man, took the 1970’s James Dean Rebel Approach to life.

James Dean, the young Hollywood actor, became “The Immortal American Teenage Rebel Symbol Of The 1950s. Mike Rogers’ approach to life took the basic “rebel” idea and slipped on the contemporary 1970s wardrobe. He usually wore T-shirts and denim jeans cut-offs. He had a distinct deep voice that had almost a James Earl Jones quality, with the Wolfman Jack energy.


In a room full of girls and women, Mike would smile,speak and the women be “mesmerized” into a Count Dracula state of hypnosis.


Little girls would bounce up and down like they were on pogo sticks, teenage girls would swoon, middle age women would have a motel smirk curl the smile of their lips and senior citizen “granny” women would smile.


The transition of “granny” age women happened in the eyes. You could watch them blink away the years, and the innuendo smile on their faces would suggest their minds were “rewriting” a fantasy that had Mike as one of their beaus, center stage, in their past.


The Ladies Men” – Mike and Greg


I always admired Mike and Greg because their “Radio Disc Jockey Voices” seem to give them an almost uncanny power “over” women or the audio quality to get through to women at any level, virtually any time they seemed to wish it. They had made “Star Trek’s Mr. Spock Mind Meld Technique”as easy and natural as breathing and it seemed “every woman on planet Earth was powerless against the suave, debonair voices of Mike and Greg each with their distinct traits.”


Mike always seemed more aloof and not as easy to become friends with as Greg. Mike was only about a year older than me, but, I looked up to him like he was a respected, revered, wise, sage elder. And, Mike also helped me to become relaxed behind the microphone and proficient, even skilled, at operating the controls of a radio station in the control room. At KSOZ-FM, we classified Mike as the living, breathing, embodiment of “The Classic AM American Rock Disc Jockey Voice.”


I like to imagine that Mike is still working as “an AM Rock Jock” and teaching legions of future broadcaster how to pull off a contemporary Wolfman Jack voice with such class and style that listeners tune in every morning to get the Walter Cronkite credibility and the adrenaline voltage to take them from their morning coffee and newspaper straight to the boardroom to close million dollar deals without batting an eye or breaking a sweat.


The Birthday Party Guests


My family and friends in the United States, weren’t seated around the table for the “birthday party”, but, the fact that they were in my mind ,reminded me, that I was grateful of the roles each of these people had played in my life and to me – it meant they were at the birthday party.


I looked around the table at Edwin Mora, Christy’s cousin and a local hog farmer, who smiled at his wife Babysel, who leans back in the chair to accommodate her prominent pregnant stomach. “The Babysel Watch” began October 26 and the “bouncing bundle of joy” is apparently taking his or her time to get their itinerary in order.

5_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 021


Rachel Mora, smiles at me and drops down out of the chair to check on her little brother, Randolf Mora, Leneil Saldana passes her husband, Ramon, Christy’s brother, the platter of pork sticks. Ranilo Saldana concentrates on the pork fried rice on the plate, in front of him.

6_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 027

Rafael Saldana,Christy’s brother and a coconut farmer, adds some more pancit canton to his plate. Nieces Vanissa Saldana and Junea Tanahale had errands to run with Virgie and Esmeralda, their mothers, so they were not at the party.

7_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 029


Christy waves to her Aunt Pising walking by and she turns around and walks into the birthday party. Mano Bito, a local rice farmer, strolls into the party. Everyone is talking in Tagalog and Waray and I am truly enjoying Christy’s pork fried rice and “finger lickin’ good barbeque pork sticks”. Young Rayniel Saldana looks at the birthday cake and at me – I get the message.


Five-Star Birthday Party


Rayniel’s big eyes looking at me brought me out of my mind and back into The Real World.


English ?


Tagalog ?


Waray ?


Language is not necessary, when the cake remains to be cut and the containers of cold ice cream are placed on the table.


One nice thing about being a cigarette smoker, your lighter to light the candles is always in your pocket and ready to use. I lit the candle and made my wish. I blew out the candles on the first try. The cake and ice cream went around the table to the smiling hungry faces of the children.


Once again, Christy had planned, prepared,and hosted a five-star birthday party that became a successful reality. She created delicious dishes and provided the relaxed atmosphere for conversation and reflection that is needed for any event or party to be memorable.

Philippines’ Ponder Points


It has been less than a year,since we returned to the Philippines. Life has proven that you are never too old to learn. Your expectations overall don’t always work out the way you think they will – that is a “life lesson” that I seem to get reminded of each year.


My After Action Report for 2012


One of Uncle Sam’s requirements I have held on to. After important events, the United States Government always takes the time to reflect and collect data on an event to see if it achieved the goals.


If the event is an annual event, then, what needs to be done next year to make sure the event Is a success. Watch your Hollywood movies and the actors playing government officials, diplomats, generals and admirals are always talking about their “Sitreps” – situation reports – and their “After Action Report.”


I sat at the table, lit a cigarette, sipped my coffee and thought about “My After Action Report” for the current year.


Overall, though, when I stop to remember the day we arrived at the airport in Manila and looked at where we stood on October 30, 2012, like they say, in the old commercials, “You’ve Come Along Way, Baby.”


  Christy Warren, and our niece, Vanissa Saldana stroll, in front of< Robinson’s Place in Tacloban City to go “shopping.” Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

  NIKON D 100 Photo 0010_by Samuel E Warren Jr  Junea Tanahale, our niece, makes a flower arrangement. “Aunt” Christy Warren, one summer morning, instructed Junea and Vanissa Saldana on the way to do the formal place settings on a table and instructed them on making flower arrangements. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Christy and I have learned a lot in less than a year. There are obvious similarities between the Republic of the Philippines and the United States and there are some significant differences between both countries, even if you lived in a rural area of the USA.


I could look around the table at the faces and remember moments from earlier in the year when we bought the refrigerator, but it was only delivered to the side of the road because the yard was too soft for the truck to take it all the way, so family members carried it to the house.


Life’s On The Job Training


Ramon, my brother-in-law has always been more like a son to me. When I was a young G.I., Ramon lived with Christy and I,in Angeles City, near Clark Air Base, and went to school.


Now, Ramon is a man with a family of his own. A mechanic, Ramon has become a self-taught carpenter. He built a wall-mounted shrine for the living room. Then, he used bamboo and concrete and built an impressive hog house..

HOG HOUSE_resized


in this photograph the second pen of the house house is still under construction. The first pen already had two hogs rooting around the pen. Ramon Q. Saldana Jr., built this hog house. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


SARI SARI STORE built by Ramon Q. Saldana Jr.

Ramon is a self-taught carpenter. He built a hog house and, then, built a Sari-Sari Store in Barangay Baras. In this photo, Ramon and a visitor sit in front of the small store. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

We had been fortunate to go to the beach and go swimming a couple of times this year. We had all survived. My Canon EOS 40 D camera didn’t. An accidental dip of about 30 seconds in a big wave must have been too much for the onboard sensors. Fortunately, I had a Nikon on standby.


Division Downsizing


A US Army-sized division of distant relatives had greeted us at the airport in Manila and a battalion of distant relatives had escorted us to Leyte. As the fiscal budget year wore on , Christy and I didn’t always sign off on proposals like the Manila based 10-wheeler cargo trucking line to Leyte.


The companies of disgruntled, distant relative began their own “downsizing” and “redeployment” back to the island of Luzon and the municipalities of Angeles City and Manila.




While the United States Government, Iraq and Afghanistan continue their “Nation-building” of governments, infrastructure nad cultures, Christy and I have been involved in Warren-building on the island of Leyte. I have concentrated on my photography and writing articles for my blog. Christy has concentrated on the renovations to turn One Warren Way from an unused rice mill building into a home.


Christy got her dream of the CSW Cafe in Tacloban City. Eight kids began the school year at One Warren Way, Four kids went “Republican” and exercised an “Exit strategy” to “retired” to somewhere else on the island of Leyte.


All in all, it has been an exciting year of challenges, successes and a couple of disappointments. Christmas is beyond Halloween, so that future operation is under Christy’s chain of command.


My significant shortfall, this year, is that I didn’t plan far enough ahead for the kids to have a “Halloween Party.” I had hoped they and their friends would be able to have the Halloween costume party at the house. The Halloween custom seems to be catching on in Manila, but, has, yet, to make it to rural Leyte.


My Holiday Is Halloween


Halloween is “my holiday” and is the other day of the year I look forward to each year. I have my mother to “Thank” for the Halloween Party memories.


As a small boy in rural southwest Missouri in the 1960s, “birthday parties” were an uncommon idea. There were no McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Taco Bell, or any other fast food restaurants to offer birthday party plans in nearby Branson, Missouri in 1960. Silver Dollar City had just recently opened their gates and the old white clapboard Abesville grade school stood across the gravel road from the brick school house.


The old Abesville Grade Schoolhouse was the classic small white schoolhouse with the steeple and red roof that you see in the Hollywood movies; it had retired as a schoolhouse and had become the meeting place for the Abesville 4-H Club.


Halloween And Birthday Party Tradition


Beginning in the first grade, my mother, Opal M. DeLong Warren set a precedent: my birthday party.


Kids in rural southwest Missouri really didn’t have birthday parties in the fall and winter months. Your classmates didn’t live blocks away; they usually lived miles away.


School District Logistics


The Galena RII School District would have kids who lived a few steps from the Reeds Spriing school district get on the yellow bus to made the arduous commute to Abesville Grade School or Galena High School each morning.


Meanwhile, kids in Wheelerville, Cross Roads, and Jenkins would watch the yellow school buses of the Crane School district pass by their farms, while they waited patiently for their Galena school bus.


Thus, Galena school students from, near Reeds Springs, and from near Wheelerville, Cross Roads and Jenkins, were like American G.I.s because each morning they had to “deploy” for the long bus ride to and from Abesville or Galena


The students might spend about two hours on the bus each morning before they ever arrived at school and then two hours each night before they ever reached home. The School District Logistics Of Travel each morning and evening worked against the childhood opportunities to attend a birthday party.


Weird Weather


The fall weather, in October, was always as uncertain as the promises of a politician; the weather changes quickly in southwest Missouri in autumn.


The weather for Halloween in southwest Missouri is usually like a Wes Craven or John Carpenter horror movie where the London fog meets the Seattle rain. Some years, the skeletal bone-chilling cold would sink through your coat and speed your steps The tips of your nose would tingle in the cold. You could feel the sting of the biting cold bite into your ears, The weird weather of Halloween seemed to exercise demonic persecution of children, who just wanted to get a few pieces of candy.


It seldom snowed on Halloween, in my childhood, but, the dismal, eerie, cold. Damp, depressing feel of the weather always kept children close to home. If you were lucky, your parents might drive you to Galena, so you could go “Trick Or Treat” at a few homes.


By the 1980s, officials at the Stone County Courthouse had arranged a Halloween Party to allow the kids to “Trick Or Treat” in a more fun and less “survival expert” way to celebrate Halloween.


Momma’s Miracle – My Birthday Party


In the 1960s, in southwest Missouri, the idea of autumn and winter birthday parties and Halloween Parties were as vague as the dream of the Internet.


My mother talked to Mrs. Russell, my first grade teacher, My birthday party and the class Halloween celebration became an annual event that continued each year for seven years; right up until my classmates and I entered the eighth grade at Galena High School.


Momma would bring the big vanilla sheet cake that always had my “Happy Birthday” greeting and “Happy Halloween” lettered in icing on the cake. The Kool-Aid with the cake gave me the reason to look forward to my birthday and the other kids commented that when they saw the cake they knew it was time for Halloween.


At 57, I can look back on a successful birthday party, remember the fun parties of childhood, and make a note to plan for the nephews a Halloween Party for next year. Then, again, I think I know a party planner up to the challenge of hosting a Halloween party: “Christy, honey, what do you say, for next year, we plan,for the kids, a Halloween Party?”


Christy ?”

THE CAKE_Happy 57th Birthday Samuel E Warren Jr Nikon D 100 Photo by Sanuel E Warren Jr 029 - Copy

The Birthday Cake


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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November 4, 2012 at 5:41 AM

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October 29, 2012–Taurus Full Moon

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The Full Moon


October 29, 2012

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

The Full Moon for October 2012 is October 29. Hallelujah !

New Moons and Full Moons are energy moons. New Moons in astrology symbolize “New Beginnings.” Thus, if you want to start a “new project” find an almanac and look up the next “new” moon.

Full Moons obviously are energy moons because on the night of a full moon, if you are standing outside, there is usually more than enough light to see by and to be able to do things by. If you live in a city, then, city lights and buildings may complicate the Full Moon’s light.

Nature’s Night Light

In the country on the night of a Full Moon, you can stand out in the yard without a flashlight and see things easily.

Of course, humankind has had centuries and generations to come up with a wealth of folklore about the Moon. Luna is a name for the Moon. The word, “lunatic,” ssentially means “someone who has been out in the moon too long.”

Whether you believe in astrology or not, police departments around the world know that on the night of a “Full Moon” it seems all the “crazies” come out to play.

Hospitals know on the night of a “Full Moon” to batten down the hatches and have “the troops on standby” because the maternity ward is about to get busy as babies start to arrive.

Global military history shows time and again, The Night Of The Full Moon is not the night to carry out any type of military action. Quite simply, “it is too easy for the bad guys to see you moving in to take them out.” There is too much light in the night.

Pump Up The Power Of The Universe

Since October 2012’s Full Moon is roughly around 48 hours before Halloween, the Universe has the “battery cables connected to charge up this Halloween.”

Party time !

Halloween Party Organizers the Universe is ready to “fire up the energy of the Universe”, so, now, you have the Universe on your side.

Get ready to host one of those parties than can become “legendary.” The kind of legendary party that when you become a grandpa or grandma, you can smile and tell your grandkids,

The Halloween Party Of 2012. Now, that was a party!”

Happy Birthday, Sue Gideon !”

Incidentally, Sue Gideon, Happy Birthday !

In elementary school in Abesville, Missouri, Sue Gideon was one of my classmates. Sue always had her birthday, the day before I had mine. Whereever you are on the planet, Sue, when October 29 arrives, I wish you a “Happy Birthday !”

My Astrologers

My Grandmother, Martha Lou Marcum DeLong and Sydney Omarr ar my favorite astrologers.

Grandma had her “Ladies Birthday Almanac” and “read the signs” to know when to plant crops and deal with livestock.

I began reading Sydney Omarr books I checked out of the Stone County, Missouri Library as a boy. Throughout my life, I would always buy the Sydney Omarr “Scorpio” books for the year to see what was in store for Scorpio.

Both Grandma DeLong and Sydney Omarr have left The Real World. But, the information that I learned from them about astrology is still practical to me and my everyday affairs, regardless where I am in the world.

I Miss My “Dell Horoscope”

Postal delivery systems aren’t as reliable as email, so I know longer get my “Dell Horoscope” monthly magazine. I really miss that magazine. It had an almanac that you could use for business, farming or “on duty” in the military. Whether it was the “best day to set a fence post” or the “best day to sign the re-enlistment papers”, I could flip to the almanac pages and decide when to do important things.

Plus, “Dell Horoscope” always had some amazing articles about how some events in history were overloaded with astrological warning signs that people ignored.

Some articles even suggested that astrology could really be a help in detective work when the usual Real World leads go cold. I was one ot those people, who loved to go to the mailbox and find my latest issue of “Dell Horoscope” waiting for me.

Magazine Moments

In the Philippines, I can go online and visit the “Dell Horoscope” website and I do. I’m, kind of old school, Ilike to be able to curl up on the divan with a book and read it or study it. I like to be able to flip back and forth through the pages. I take a pencil or pen and underline sentences and make notations in the margins of the page.

Computers and printers are wonderful, but, sometimes you just want to be able to jot a note on a page or underline a word or phrase, without wondering if the power to your screen is going to go off or if some nit noy pop up ad is going to interfere with your reading.

In the Philippines, I have yet to load any of my fancy-smancy “astrology programs” on my computer because I simply have not taken the time. Usually, when I have an astrology issue in mind I visit the Starcats website.

Taurus Full Moon October 29

The Old Farmer’s Almanac website told me October’s Full Moon would be on the 29th. But, in order to find what “Sign The Full Moon” would be in I had to go to the Darkstar Astrology website.

The October 29 Full Moon will be in Taurus. To get technical, it will be six degrees into Taurus. I’m not a mathematician or a navigator, so I don’t really compute the overall significance of the degrees. Plus, the Universe is a big front yard, so movement of planetary bodies really are not fast.

Starlight Hobby

Astrology has always been an interesting hobby for me. In my understanding and research of astrology through 50 plus years, this means the Full Moon of October 29 is going to be a lot of “determined” energy.

Tenacious Taurus

Taurus is a “stubborn” sign. I’ve dealt with many Taurus people, in my life, and a Taurus person – “is stubborn.”

Everyone, regardless of their sign, likes to be “right.”

People born under the Sign of Taurus, seem to have an obsession, where “they have to be right all the time about everything.” In my experience, when a Taurus is “wrong,” they will never admit it.

The way I “win” an argument with a Taurus person – I walk away.

I realize I am not “immortal.” I don’t see the logic of spending minutes and hours debating over a minor issue.

I had a close Taurus colleague in the U.S. Air Force. He was a great guy, but, he is a Taurus. Thus, if you ever disagreed with him, then, he would debate and argue a point of view for minutes on end.

It never mattered, who was “right or wrong.” The issue always seemed to be “The Taurus Factor,” which is a “Taurus has to be right all the time, regardless, or the circumstances.”

All the Zodiac signs have their positive and negative attributes. In my experience, Taurus people are convinced, “Taurus Is Always Right.”

Fixed Signs

In Astrology, Taurus, an Earth sign, Leo, a Fire sign, Scorpio, a Water sign, and Aquarius, an Air sign is all the Fixed Signs. People born under a “Fixed Sign” tend to be stubborn. We are slow to change out point of view. It is in our nature.

People born under the other Zodiac signs, which identify them as Cardinal or Mutable, tend to be more able to “roll with the punches” and be ready “to try something to see if it works.” Fixed signs are a lot less “fluid” in their views and approach to Life. I believe Taurus, an Earth sign,probably deserves their own special pyramid because it seems only the sand of the ages can change a Taurus’ mind, once they have decided this is the way it is.

A Taurus Earth Day

Taurus is an Earth sign, which indicates that October 29 should be a good day for gardeners and people who make their living working with the earth.

Real estate agents might want to take a second look at the day’s agenda. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, which rules agriculture and real estate.

One aspect of the day puts the Moon in opposition to Saturn, which translates to closing a real estate deal on October 29 will probably not be an easy matter.

Farmers be careful in doing your chores because that stubborn “bull” energy of the Universe is not going to be in the mood to work with the “sure-footed goat energy” of Capricorn, since the Moon will be at odds with Saturn.

It might be a really good idea to make sure “hard work” and “manual labor” chores that have to get done should probably be done earlier in the week.

Farmers might just want to do “pittle”chores today that does not involve heavy lifting or heavy equipment around the farm.

Saturn The Taskmaster

The Full Moon in Taurus, you should find October 29 to be a day with the energy of the Universe is pushing you ahead to get things done. It should be a day of positive, determined energy moving you forward.

One of the aspects of the day states that the Moon will be opposite Saturn. Saturn in astrology is “The Ultimate Father” and the “Play By The Rules Administrator.

Saturn allows people to have and enjoy “success,” but only if they are willing to “really” work for it. Saturn is the Universal task master, Saturn cuts “no one any slack” and “grants no breaks.” Saturn makes sure you “keep your nose to the grind stone.”

Full Moon Halloween Party – October 29 ?

Thus, if you have a Halloween party planned for October 29, the Taurus energy will push you to get things down,

Saturn will warn you that you have to get things done in plenty of time. No short cuts. Don’t expect last minute changes to work out.

Saturn likes to remind people “Life is about planning and doing the job; and not ‘winging it” or trying to “do something off the cuff “or “on the fly.”

Since the Moon is opposite Saturn, make sure if you are planning a Halloween party for the Full Moon of October 29, to have everything planned in plenty of time to have the party because since Saturn is in opposition to the Moon, Saturn is going to be a real “by-the-book bureaucrat” that will make sure you do things the right way and in plenty of time.

Since Saturn is looking over your shoulder, remember, three words: “Plan. Plan, Plan.” Once you have your plan, then, follow it. Life, of course, deals unexpected changes. It always helps to keep in mind, a degree of flexibility, is almost always essential in making any event a success.

Moon Trine Pluto

On the plus side, the other big astrological aspect of the day is the Moon is trine Pluto. A trine is favorable, thus, the Moon and Pluto, will essentially be on the same page for the activities of the day.

Mars and Pluto rule the October November Sign Of Scorpio, thus, you will have one of “The Universal Power Brokers,” a planet, in your corner for the day’s activities. Since Pluto is one of Scorpio’s rulers, it would “behoove” Pluto to allow his planetary children to “party on down.”

The Moon in astrology always represents “The Woman.” Therefore, with Lady Moon and Power Broker Pluto ready to party – Serious Saturn should take a “chill pill” and relax. . . at least, a little.

Taurus, of course, being Taurus – and an astrological financial sign – will keep a firm grip on the budget and make sure that the family fortune is not wasted on the expenses of hosting a single Halloween Party.

Daily October Forecast

This October is only a few days old. You might ask, “What about the days up until the Full Moon of October 29 ?”

There are many websites where you can enter in the data and get your daily astrological forecast. Naturally, if you want a serious break down of your birthday and your place in the Universe, then, you need to contact a professional astrologer and have your Birth Chart or Natal Chart done.

Family, friends and colleagues maybe able to recommend a professional astrologer to you. Do your research and homework on line to seek out information on astrology and astrologers, before you contact anyone.

Sam’s Scenario

I am no professional astrologer. I make my analysis based on my knowledge and experience through the years. This is my opinion of how I believe The Full Moon Of October 29 will play out. Life always keeps some “unexpected” challenges ready for any event. Plans always look good on paper. When you try to apply plans on paper into real situations in the Real World – be ready to be flexible.

Power Day

All in all, October 29, the Day of the Full Moon is a Power Day. Whatever you do, you should be able to achieve your goals. Saturn, The Taskmaster, standing in the corner, may slow down your efforts to make sure you play by the book and don’t take short cuts. Then, again that is just Saturn being Saturn.

The Moon’s positive female energy and Pluto’s mysterious Scorpio energy should be the equivalent of a diesel engine leading the cars of a freight train to the destination. It shouldn’t be “runaway” energy, but, it should be “determined, driven” and headed for a goal energy.

A Glow To Go

And, beyond the obvious beauty of a Full Moon is the astrological belief that events in the heavens that give off energy do so in a manner that allows the energy to wear out over time.

An eclipse, for example, is believed to effect events for anywhere from a couple of weeks to at least six months. Think of the positive energy of the Universe as “A Glow To Go.” And, that Universal glow of energy can last for days, even months.

Since the celestial energy of the Universe last longer than Double A Batteries, the positive energy of the Full Moon of October 29, should still be up and running come Halloween, October 31.


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