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Reader Responses’Request October Observations

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Reader Responses’ Request

October Observations

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I love hearing from readers. I enjoy reading the comments section of my “Sam I Am Blog” where a reader or surfer has taken the time to leave me a comment.

Spam Slam

In the World of the 21st Century, you look at a comment and trust your common sense and your spam filter to decide if the message is from a real living, breathing human or a geared up, souped up, super charged, robotic mailing program sucking electronic steroids off of Internet servers. Many websites use those annoying Captcha traps to try and separate the humans from artificially intelligent robotic mailing list and spam spreader programs.

I usually just bypass Captcha website because they are probably better at brushing off humans than stopping spam. I have been to sites, where I have spent several minutes trying to type correctly the capital and lowercase letter only to “Submit” and have to start all over again.

Screen Scene

I am on the other side of the laptop screen. At some point, there was another person, on the other side, of the computer screen at their laptop or desktop.

I do the old hard-nose detective and curious reporter routine and rely on my common sense and my gut. I gamble that I am responding to a person and not an artificially intelligent computer that has nothing better to do than try to email or message me.

Text Talk

Since I love to hear from readers. Let’s talk, October.

Please, use the Comment form on my blog to let me know what October and Halloween means to you ?

Email doesn’t work well for me because all I ever seem to get is spam, advertisements and junk mail and since moving to the Philippines, my email system is somewhere in “The Twilight Zone.”

If you are interested in getting people to “sound off” about October and Halloween – let’s try the Comment form and see if people out there are ready to converse on “The Unknown.”

What does Halloween mean to you ? I am a Halloween baby. I was born the day before, so Halloween has always literally been my shadow.

Halloween Holiday

There are important days throughout the year that represent different things to different people.

Halloween to me is the one time of the year, when The Universe encourages people to try “to relate, attempt to understand or simply question and research the Unknown.”

Mystery Month

The calendar is full of religious, secular, humanitarian and organizational months, half-months, week observances and special days, but, Halloween is a global, human holiday that asks, “What do you belief ?”

Halloween is the mystical holiday that beckons people to step into the mists and see if they have anything to fear or are they just letting their mirrored reflection stare back into their soul.

Ghosts, goblins, gremlins, golems, grimores, ghouls ?

Ghosts, goblins, gremlins, golems, grimores, and ghouls; what ever your Halloween topic, this is the month that we can talk and write about it. I don’t have a Message Board or a Discussion Forum, thus, if you send me a Comment on my “Sam I Am Blog” I will get back to you as soon as I can.

What does October mean to you ?”

What does Halloween mean to you ?”

Happy October !

Happy Halloween !



Written by samwarren55

October 9, 2012 at 11:28 PM

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