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October 29, 2012–Taurus Full Moon

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The Full Moon


October 29, 2012

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

The Full Moon for October 2012 is October 29. Hallelujah !

New Moons and Full Moons are energy moons. New Moons in astrology symbolize “New Beginnings.” Thus, if you want to start a “new project” find an almanac and look up the next “new” moon.

Full Moons obviously are energy moons because on the night of a full moon, if you are standing outside, there is usually more than enough light to see by and to be able to do things by. If you live in a city, then, city lights and buildings may complicate the Full Moon’s light.

Nature’s Night Light

In the country on the night of a Full Moon, you can stand out in the yard without a flashlight and see things easily.

Of course, humankind has had centuries and generations to come up with a wealth of folklore about the Moon. Luna is a name for the Moon. The word, “lunatic,” ssentially means “someone who has been out in the moon too long.”

Whether you believe in astrology or not, police departments around the world know that on the night of a “Full Moon” it seems all the “crazies” come out to play.

Hospitals know on the night of a “Full Moon” to batten down the hatches and have “the troops on standby” because the maternity ward is about to get busy as babies start to arrive.

Global military history shows time and again, The Night Of The Full Moon is not the night to carry out any type of military action. Quite simply, “it is too easy for the bad guys to see you moving in to take them out.” There is too much light in the night.

Pump Up The Power Of The Universe

Since October 2012’s Full Moon is roughly around 48 hours before Halloween, the Universe has the “battery cables connected to charge up this Halloween.”

Party time !

Halloween Party Organizers the Universe is ready to “fire up the energy of the Universe”, so, now, you have the Universe on your side.

Get ready to host one of those parties than can become “legendary.” The kind of legendary party that when you become a grandpa or grandma, you can smile and tell your grandkids,

The Halloween Party Of 2012. Now, that was a party!”

Happy Birthday, Sue Gideon !”

Incidentally, Sue Gideon, Happy Birthday !

In elementary school in Abesville, Missouri, Sue Gideon was one of my classmates. Sue always had her birthday, the day before I had mine. Whereever you are on the planet, Sue, when October 29 arrives, I wish you a “Happy Birthday !”

My Astrologers

My Grandmother, Martha Lou Marcum DeLong and Sydney Omarr ar my favorite astrologers.

Grandma had her “Ladies Birthday Almanac” and “read the signs” to know when to plant crops and deal with livestock.

I began reading Sydney Omarr books I checked out of the Stone County, Missouri Library as a boy. Throughout my life, I would always buy the Sydney Omarr “Scorpio” books for the year to see what was in store for Scorpio.

Both Grandma DeLong and Sydney Omarr have left The Real World. But, the information that I learned from them about astrology is still practical to me and my everyday affairs, regardless where I am in the world.

I Miss My “Dell Horoscope”

Postal delivery systems aren’t as reliable as email, so I know longer get my “Dell Horoscope” monthly magazine. I really miss that magazine. It had an almanac that you could use for business, farming or “on duty” in the military. Whether it was the “best day to set a fence post” or the “best day to sign the re-enlistment papers”, I could flip to the almanac pages and decide when to do important things.

Plus, “Dell Horoscope” always had some amazing articles about how some events in history were overloaded with astrological warning signs that people ignored.

Some articles even suggested that astrology could really be a help in detective work when the usual Real World leads go cold. I was one ot those people, who loved to go to the mailbox and find my latest issue of “Dell Horoscope” waiting for me.

Magazine Moments

In the Philippines, I can go online and visit the “Dell Horoscope” website and I do. I’m, kind of old school, Ilike to be able to curl up on the divan with a book and read it or study it. I like to be able to flip back and forth through the pages. I take a pencil or pen and underline sentences and make notations in the margins of the page.

Computers and printers are wonderful, but, sometimes you just want to be able to jot a note on a page or underline a word or phrase, without wondering if the power to your screen is going to go off or if some nit noy pop up ad is going to interfere with your reading.

In the Philippines, I have yet to load any of my fancy-smancy “astrology programs” on my computer because I simply have not taken the time. Usually, when I have an astrology issue in mind I visit the Starcats website.

Taurus Full Moon October 29

The Old Farmer’s Almanac website told me October’s Full Moon would be on the 29th. But, in order to find what “Sign The Full Moon” would be in I had to go to the Darkstar Astrology website.

The October 29 Full Moon will be in Taurus. To get technical, it will be six degrees into Taurus. I’m not a mathematician or a navigator, so I don’t really compute the overall significance of the degrees. Plus, the Universe is a big front yard, so movement of planetary bodies really are not fast.

Starlight Hobby

Astrology has always been an interesting hobby for me. In my understanding and research of astrology through 50 plus years, this means the Full Moon of October 29 is going to be a lot of “determined” energy.

Tenacious Taurus

Taurus is a “stubborn” sign. I’ve dealt with many Taurus people, in my life, and a Taurus person – “is stubborn.”

Everyone, regardless of their sign, likes to be “right.”

People born under the Sign of Taurus, seem to have an obsession, where “they have to be right all the time about everything.” In my experience, when a Taurus is “wrong,” they will never admit it.

The way I “win” an argument with a Taurus person – I walk away.

I realize I am not “immortal.” I don’t see the logic of spending minutes and hours debating over a minor issue.

I had a close Taurus colleague in the U.S. Air Force. He was a great guy, but, he is a Taurus. Thus, if you ever disagreed with him, then, he would debate and argue a point of view for minutes on end.

It never mattered, who was “right or wrong.” The issue always seemed to be “The Taurus Factor,” which is a “Taurus has to be right all the time, regardless, or the circumstances.”

All the Zodiac signs have their positive and negative attributes. In my experience, Taurus people are convinced, “Taurus Is Always Right.”

Fixed Signs

In Astrology, Taurus, an Earth sign, Leo, a Fire sign, Scorpio, a Water sign, and Aquarius, an Air sign is all the Fixed Signs. People born under a “Fixed Sign” tend to be stubborn. We are slow to change out point of view. It is in our nature.

People born under the other Zodiac signs, which identify them as Cardinal or Mutable, tend to be more able to “roll with the punches” and be ready “to try something to see if it works.” Fixed signs are a lot less “fluid” in their views and approach to Life. I believe Taurus, an Earth sign,probably deserves their own special pyramid because it seems only the sand of the ages can change a Taurus’ mind, once they have decided this is the way it is.

A Taurus Earth Day

Taurus is an Earth sign, which indicates that October 29 should be a good day for gardeners and people who make their living working with the earth.

Real estate agents might want to take a second look at the day’s agenda. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, which rules agriculture and real estate.

One aspect of the day puts the Moon in opposition to Saturn, which translates to closing a real estate deal on October 29 will probably not be an easy matter.

Farmers be careful in doing your chores because that stubborn “bull” energy of the Universe is not going to be in the mood to work with the “sure-footed goat energy” of Capricorn, since the Moon will be at odds with Saturn.

It might be a really good idea to make sure “hard work” and “manual labor” chores that have to get done should probably be done earlier in the week.

Farmers might just want to do “pittle”chores today that does not involve heavy lifting or heavy equipment around the farm.

Saturn The Taskmaster

The Full Moon in Taurus, you should find October 29 to be a day with the energy of the Universe is pushing you ahead to get things done. It should be a day of positive, determined energy moving you forward.

One of the aspects of the day states that the Moon will be opposite Saturn. Saturn in astrology is “The Ultimate Father” and the “Play By The Rules Administrator.

Saturn allows people to have and enjoy “success,” but only if they are willing to “really” work for it. Saturn is the Universal task master, Saturn cuts “no one any slack” and “grants no breaks.” Saturn makes sure you “keep your nose to the grind stone.”

Full Moon Halloween Party – October 29 ?

Thus, if you have a Halloween party planned for October 29, the Taurus energy will push you to get things down,

Saturn will warn you that you have to get things done in plenty of time. No short cuts. Don’t expect last minute changes to work out.

Saturn likes to remind people “Life is about planning and doing the job; and not ‘winging it” or trying to “do something off the cuff “or “on the fly.”

Since the Moon is opposite Saturn, make sure if you are planning a Halloween party for the Full Moon of October 29, to have everything planned in plenty of time to have the party because since Saturn is in opposition to the Moon, Saturn is going to be a real “by-the-book bureaucrat” that will make sure you do things the right way and in plenty of time.

Since Saturn is looking over your shoulder, remember, three words: “Plan. Plan, Plan.” Once you have your plan, then, follow it. Life, of course, deals unexpected changes. It always helps to keep in mind, a degree of flexibility, is almost always essential in making any event a success.

Moon Trine Pluto

On the plus side, the other big astrological aspect of the day is the Moon is trine Pluto. A trine is favorable, thus, the Moon and Pluto, will essentially be on the same page for the activities of the day.

Mars and Pluto rule the October November Sign Of Scorpio, thus, you will have one of “The Universal Power Brokers,” a planet, in your corner for the day’s activities. Since Pluto is one of Scorpio’s rulers, it would “behoove” Pluto to allow his planetary children to “party on down.”

The Moon in astrology always represents “The Woman.” Therefore, with Lady Moon and Power Broker Pluto ready to party – Serious Saturn should take a “chill pill” and relax. . . at least, a little.

Taurus, of course, being Taurus – and an astrological financial sign – will keep a firm grip on the budget and make sure that the family fortune is not wasted on the expenses of hosting a single Halloween Party.

Daily October Forecast

This October is only a few days old. You might ask, “What about the days up until the Full Moon of October 29 ?”

There are many websites where you can enter in the data and get your daily astrological forecast. Naturally, if you want a serious break down of your birthday and your place in the Universe, then, you need to contact a professional astrologer and have your Birth Chart or Natal Chart done.

Family, friends and colleagues maybe able to recommend a professional astrologer to you. Do your research and homework on line to seek out information on astrology and astrologers, before you contact anyone.

Sam’s Scenario

I am no professional astrologer. I make my analysis based on my knowledge and experience through the years. This is my opinion of how I believe The Full Moon Of October 29 will play out. Life always keeps some “unexpected” challenges ready for any event. Plans always look good on paper. When you try to apply plans on paper into real situations in the Real World – be ready to be flexible.

Power Day

All in all, October 29, the Day of the Full Moon is a Power Day. Whatever you do, you should be able to achieve your goals. Saturn, The Taskmaster, standing in the corner, may slow down your efforts to make sure you play by the book and don’t take short cuts. Then, again that is just Saturn being Saturn.

The Moon’s positive female energy and Pluto’s mysterious Scorpio energy should be the equivalent of a diesel engine leading the cars of a freight train to the destination. It shouldn’t be “runaway” energy, but, it should be “determined, driven” and headed for a goal energy.

A Glow To Go

And, beyond the obvious beauty of a Full Moon is the astrological belief that events in the heavens that give off energy do so in a manner that allows the energy to wear out over time.

An eclipse, for example, is believed to effect events for anywhere from a couple of weeks to at least six months. Think of the positive energy of the Universe as “A Glow To Go.” And, that Universal glow of energy can last for days, even months.

Since the celestial energy of the Universe last longer than Double A Batteries, the positive energy of the Full Moon of October 29, should still be up and running come Halloween, October 31.


Dell Horoscope


The Mountain Astrologer

Darkstar Astrology

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