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” Extreme Fixer Upper ” — Photo for Katie — Photography Patrol

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” Extreme Fixer Upper ” — Photo for Katie — Take a camera and take a walk, sometimes you might be amazed at the sights you find near your front door. July 15, 2012 — I took the Nikon D 100 and strolled down the road. A few yards down the Barangay Baras Road from my front door at One Warren Way is this former Filipino bamboo home.
I saw this building and thought of my favorite American realtor, Katie. For three years, in the United States, my wife, Christy Warren and I used the Internet and I went to numerous websites trying to sell the more than 70 acres of Warren Land in rural southwest Missouri. We even listed the property with two other realtors and one realtor was a national American real estate firm.
Yet, it was a third generation Stone County, Missouri native, Katie Philipps of Tri-Lakes Realtors, who helped us to find a “buyer” and close the deal in less than three months Thanks to Katie, Our Favorite American Real Estate Agent, Christy and I are now living “Our American Dream” on the island of Leyte, in the Republic of The Philippines.  Nikon D 100 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


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Warren Land Venture Underway

The Internet Cruise For A Farmland Buyer

by Samuel Warren

Ahoy !

You can’t sell farmland over the Internet.

The Warren Land Real Estate Venture set sail more than a year ago. My Captain’s Log reveals despite the “shark attacks” of critics, I remain on course. Photo by Samuel Warren

The maritime board is still out on that statement. I grew up hearing,“The Business of America is business.” I’ve always heard that in the United States – you can sell anything. I remember the Pet Rock craze of the seventies.

About a year ago, my wife and I decided to try and sell more than 70 acres of land in southwest Missouri. We went the traditional route of listing the property with a realtor.

Then, Computer Geek that I am, I decided – if people can find a fiancee over the Internet; why can’t you find a buyer for farmland ?

The traditional view of southwest Missouri land is farmland.

Horsefeathers !

The Atlantis rising of Branson and Nixa from the seclusion of the Ozark Hills is why I ignore pessimistic real estate critics.

The voyage to find a buyer encourages me to be on the lookout for a light in the distance to guide me toward the right port. Photo by Samuel Warren



When I was a boy in the early 1960s, Branson, Missouri was known for the Baldknobbers new music theater and the new Silver Dollar City and Shepherd Of The Hills attractions.

There seemed to be more businesses in Branson than in the Taney County seat of Forsyth, but, Branson was still years away from being a household word and, not a Port Of Call for a family vacation.


Full Speed Ahead

In the early 1960s. Nixa, Missouri was a wide place in the road on the way to Springfield. There was a four

way stop that led to a trailer park on one side of the highway and a convenience store on the other side of the state highway that shot straight into Springfield.

Beyond Nixa, it was a few miles past a nursery and some farms into Springfield. Until the mid to late 1970s, a concrete silo advertising Coors sat at the edge of Springfield to acknowledge

that at least a farm or two remained inside the city limits.

If the. City Fathers and Mothers, who put Branson and Nixa on the map and made both cities household words had listened to skeptics, then, both cities would probably still be towns only known to Missourians and local citizens. I watched Branson and Nixa start to change before I sailed off to college in 1973.

Anchor’s Aweigh !

L Day – Land Day kicked off, my wife and I took our trusty cameras and began to shoot photographs of the land. I burned the midnight oil and selected photos that could be burned to a DVD. Then, I searched the Internet for companies and people who might be interested. I put the discs in padded envelopes and began to ship the DVDs to addressees around the United States.

Memories of youth soon returned; rejection after rejection. A couple of companies were actually nice enough to send polite rejection letters. Most companies and individuals just preferred to let me believe my envelopes had gone adrift at the U.S. Postal Service Dead Letter Office

The Warren Land DVD ships out to several U.S. locations   Photo by Samuel Warren

Surf Cyberspace

My initial idea got slammed against the rocks. While the Driftwood Of Rejection washed out to sea, I peered at the Isle of Dreams on the horizon

Time to chart a new course.

Typhoon winds of an unstable global economy, tsunami international political events, and the choppy seas of life’s daily unexpected changing winds requires flexibility in charting course changes. Photo by Samuel Warren

I hopped on my virtual surfboard to ride the waves of cyberspace. I would stroll the electronic beaches and discover that the real estate approach to apartments, homes and condominiums would not work for someone trying to sell vacant farmland.

I suited up and decided the time had come to sail for a different Port Of Call. I dove into the oceans of information on websites, social media and blogs.

My Ports

Of Call

I realized I needed to establish my own Ports of Call to attract Internet tourists, thus, Welcome to Warren Land, the virtual Port Of Call for the Real World location :

and the Warren Board Room at and, of course, my wife, has her own Internet resort – The First Lady of Warren Land at

While these Internet Ports Of Call provide information, I have a virtual fleet of literary liners that cruise the shipping lanes of the Internet to off load my commodities of commentary and crates of opinions.

My Flotilla – The Warren Land Lines

Watch for the flags of my flotilla underway at The Knight Writer Blog The Sam I Am Blog
The Stop The Press blog and the Wham,Bam, Sam blog or meet me at the virtual Captain’s Table and let’s discuss writing at Word Warrior Warren

Feel free to stroll the virtual literary decks and check out my Photo Shop at

I welcome comments and ideas from readers, so if you don’t find me on the bridge, busing tables or swabbing the decks of any of my literary liners; the quickest way to radio me – send up a flare – email-style: or

Thank you for cybercruising aboard my virtual literary liner The Lady of Leyte of The Warren Land Lines.– Best Wishes for Smooth Sailing !


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