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Political and Economic Opinion Editorial :

The Warren Economic Recovery Plan

A Million Dollars

for Americans

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

The Bush Administration Depression of October 3, 2007 explodes. The Global Economy experiences the Hiroshima and Nagasaki detonation at ground zero.

World news services freak as they rush to cover international financial hysteria around the world. World governments drop the American dollar like rotten vegetables and scramble to keep their economies afloat.

The BAD rocks on and tumbles Big American banks. Legendary brokerage houses collapse like a house of cards. The American people give candidate Obama a national mandate:

Fix it !

Within 72 hours of moving into the Oval Office, President Obama has not been able to bring the U.S. Economy back to the 1950 Levels of Economic Stability and Rainbow Optimism.

The new president has no magic wand. He has to deal with the U.S. Congress. The party of the Old Administration doesn’t want the blame for the Global Financial Holocaust, so they rally to distance themselves from the rising flood waters of financial criticism.

Hometown Americans and Global Citizens are worried and resort to finger pointing at the poor man, who was foolish enough to want to work in the Oval Office.

By 2010, The Economists’Mantra echoes from sea to shining sea, over the purple waves of grain : “Mission Accomplished ! Mission Accomplished ! Mission Accomplished !” The rebounding economy tune doesn’t seem to be catching on. It has not caught on in the Heartland Of America. I haven’t seen it on Billboard Top 100 or found it on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Still, Americans complain of rising gas prices and trying to pay bills. Rolling coins can be a time consuming task.

Global Economic Recovery still sounds more like a dream that world leaders signed off on, rather, than trying to find a working solution to halt the recurring “Feast and Famine” cycle of the economy.

Email Congress The Plan

I have a plan that I believe will restore not only the U.S. Economy, but the Global Economy. If you agree, then, email this article to your U.S. Senator or your U.S. Congressman.


Warren Economic

Recovery Plan

The 2010 Census will reveal the number of Americans, which will provide the data that the U.S. Government needs.

Based on the 2010 U.S. Census, every American from age 21 to 100 should receive a U.S. Government check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Based on the U.S. Census and the Internal Revenue Service records, the U.S. Treasury will have the addresses of Americans who are between ages 21 and 100.

Three Strings And A Thread Attached

1  Americans who die, while the checks are being processed, will have their checks canceled The funds will not become part of the deceased estate.

2 No one currently imprisoned in a Federal or State prison will get a check.

3  American men and women in uniform on active duty, will get a check, but will not be allowed to apply for early retirement or be able to leave the U.S. Armed Forces before their normal term of enlistment is scheduled to end, likewise, officers won’t be allowed to resign their commissions to seek private business opportunities simply because they got their check.

The thread – A Nationwide Prize Freeze becomes effective on essentials. For 24 months, by Federal Law: NO INCREASE in the price of groceries, rent or health care.

Reason for A Federal Prize Freeze

Throughout my military career, it never failed. Uncle Sam would give us a Cost Of Living Increase to our basic pay and before the ink was dry – local land lords and grocery stores had already raised the prices on everything from rent to bread to milk and eggs.

The Complete Plan

The three reasons and the two-year price freeze on rent and groceries is the complete Warren Economic Plan in entirety. I, Samuel E. Warren Jr., came up with and believe in the plan.

Why The Plan Will Work ?

Human Nature.

The funds will find their way quickly back into the U.S. Economy at large because of :

Human Nature.


Young Americans are traditionally optimistic. They will finally have “money to burn.” Being youth they will go for the “toys that they can’t live without.” They will be “spending” the money on cars, stereos, theater systems and other items to their hearts’ content.

Granted, there may be those who decide to invest or keep the money in the bank, but, youth is optimistic as a whole, so the people who “save” their money will probably be in the minority.

Middle-age Americans

Middle-age Americans know how volatile the economy is.

Some, no doubt, would go into the office the day after they get their check and walk up to their boss and sing a few of the lyrics from the Johnny Paycheck song about, “take this job and shove it,” before they smile and walk out the door.

Some will hop a plane for Las Vegas and Atlantic City to gamble.

Others will think about the kid’s college educations, the house mortgage and their own retirements. Still, even the most conservative will be tempted to spend a few dollars on something they want.

Senior Citizen Americans

Forget the kid’s and grandkid’s inheritance. The little darlings have their own 30 to 40 -year work life ahead of them. You are headed for the horizon of the After Life. Time to do what you always wanted, but never had the money to do.

Senior Citizens tend to be ultra conservative in financial matters. Thus, the majority will, no doubt, put some of the money in areas they believe to be secure. If they need the money for hospice or HMO care, then, they will have the money they need to help pay expenses.

Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is

Americans who do the charity routine will no be able to sign their check over to their favorite charity from “Save The Whales” to “Help Refugees” to “Help The Homeless.” The Americans, who truly believe in their causes and who aren’t just paying “lip service” will have a way to make the world a better place.

Expected Fallout

The sudden influx of U.S. Currency into the economy will bring change, but, not chaos.

First, even if the president signs the plan into law with the U.S. Congress lap dogs standing over his shoulder smiling for the “photo op;” the impact will take a few days.

The U.S. Treasury fires up the printing presses and sends out the checks. The IRS has already provided the addresses. Tradition means that the checks will probably be sent out alphabetically, which means Americans with A last names will get their checks first. Naturally, Americans with W and Z last names will have to wait for their checks.

Meanwhile, the boys and girls of the U.S. Treasury will also be working to print off the bills to meet the needs of banks. Obviously, some Americans will want to look at the bills going into their wallets.

Win Win For Uncle Sam

At the outset, the Currency Exchange Game will take a hit. World Governments will freak out. The U.S. Dollar will ping pong like a tennis ball in a high wind.

In the long run, Uncle Sam and State Governments will benefit because Uncle Sam’s gift ISN’T tax free, which means come April, Uncle and the States will get their traditional “sheckles of silver” through the usual tax channels.

In the short run, the money going to average Americans will find a way into the economy through a variety of means at every level imaginable.

By the time Americans in the middle of the alphabet, begin to receive their checks, the economy will have become flexible enough to “roll with the punches.” The economists and government leaders will know what to expect.

Here Come The Critics

I can see economists, bankers and brokers, across the nation dropping their coffee cups and spilling their bottled water.

Granted, if the U.S. Government starts mailing out Million Dollar Checks to Americans, then, the news alone will impact the global economy.

Without a doubt, people will come scrambling with their spreadsheet and projections. The critics will be speed dialing their local TV stations to go “On The Record” why the plan won’t work.

Terms like Inflation, Recession, Depression will be “warming up in the bullpen” ready to “take a swing” at the plan.

But, before the critics don their prophet robes and take to the streets to yell “doom and gloom,” wouldn’t they like to get a “check from the U.S. Government for one million dollars.” Put down your “End Of The World” sign for a moment and think about the dollar signs.

Woes For The Wealthy ?

Traditionally, one percent of the American population is considered wealthy. Obviously, American millionaires and billionaires aren’t going to like the idea of their doormen, gardeners, handy men, butlers, chauffeurs, club golf pros and tennis pros, becoming millionaires.

Take A Deep Breath, Money Bags ! Not all Americans will walk off the job with the check in hand. Some Americans do “live to work.”

Big corporations will hate the idea, because the money goes to a person, and not a company.

One word – Enron.

American companies have a long tradition of being “leeches” on the U.S. Government and indirectly “sucking the life out of the American taxpayer.” When big companies go under, Americans feel the effects and the U.S. Government cleans up the mess.

Does anyone remember the Penn Central railroad or the Savings and Loan Crisis ?

The critics won’t like this plan because it puts money in the hands of “blue collar,” junior and middle level management Americans – the people at the bottom of the American Work Force, who roll coins to pay their bills and make ends meet each month.

Before the Money Bags, light their torches and march on Washington D.C.: Consider this: People at the bottom will have money to “pay cash” for expensive toys from Humvees to bass boats.

Americans will have money to offer collateral for large purchases, thus, banks and lending institutions will “profit.” Americans like to “spend” as a culture, which means, that overall, in the long run, the number of American millionaires will not be a drastic increase.

U.S. Congress In The Spotlight

Flip on the kitchen light and watch the roaches run.

Obviously, not all members of the U.S. Congress want to serve a “nation of millionaires,” even temporarily.

But, before they start to “cackle and squawk like frightened hens in the chicken coup,” they should kick back have a bottled water and consider than the funds will be going to their voters at the grass roots. Some voters might even still have some of the money available to spend for the next congressional race.

If the president considers the plan a viable option, then, it might be in the interest of the individual Congressman or U.S. Senator to get on board early.

Do you really want to be the U.S. Senator or Congressman, who has to go back to his voters and say:

I voted against giving

each American, One Million Dollars.”

At the back of your mind, is there really a single American in 21st Century America, (other than grade school and high school students), who doesn’t believe that their U.S. Congressman or U.S. Senator hasn’t been bought and paid for by some lobbyist or special interest group ?

If Americans at the bottom of the social and economic scale suddenly have finances to help make a difference, then, the lobbyists and special interest groups will be forced to change their focus. Perhaps, the concept of “One Vote, One Voice” will again mean something in America.

Silence The Economists

I’m sure Economists will reject the “Warren Economic Recovery Plan”. My plan is bold, unorthodox and I believe it will work because it means “Money For Americans”

Obviously, I’m not a Mathematician or an Economist.

My plan goes against all those “Conservative Financial Ethics” that brought us numerous inflation, recession and depression cycles from the founding of America right up to today.

My plan ignores the favorite “Supply And Demand” story. My plan ignores our favorite fairy tale of the “Pilgrim America Work Ethic.”

Uncle Sam’s Pipe Patch

Uncle Sam’s Band Aid to Stop The Global Economic Coma was to dump tons – “billions” – of dollars into the hands of financial entities at the top to save the economy.

Billions of dollars went to a few American companies, while millions of Americans watched the U.S. Government respond.

Why would the U.S. Government give “Billions” to a few companies for “Millions” of Americans ?

Wouldn’t it of made more sense to give “a million” to “millions of Americans.”

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper for the U.S. Government to give money to the American taxpayer ?

If there are between 212 and 220 million Americans wouldn’t it of been cheaper to give each American a million dollars than to give about “800 billion” to the companies suspected of losing all their money and plunging the global economy into Economic Armageddon

U.S. Government officials made the news to rescue the global economy by performing an economic plumbing job. The pipe patch was to give the companies money and to allow the money to “ trickle down to Americans.”

I’m still waiting for my trickle, like, no doubt, many Americans. According to friends, American banks still aren’t anxious to “open their purse strings.”

If Uncle Sam rushing in to “save” the U.S. Economy isn’t restoring confidence overall, then, perhaps, it is time to try an approach that helps everyone, from the bottom up.

Other Governments

If the U.S. Government doesn’t want to try the plan, then, there should be nothing to keep other governments from trying the plan of giving money to their citizens. Naturally, each government would have to look at the policy in light of their culture.

But, why wouldn’t giving a million dollars to citizens from 21 to 100 work ?

Worthless Currency

Ultimately, all currency is worthless because you can’t take it with you. Economic systems seem to work because people believe at some level they are backed up by something like gold and silver.

It is the belief that seems to keep the world economy working. FDR took the U.S., off the Gold Standard in the 1930s, so you can’t take a dollar into a U.S., bank and request a “dollar’s worth of gold.”

Still, it is our overall belief in an economic system that keep money flowing. The value of world currency fluctuates like a teenager’s wardrobe, but, even the poorest economies survive because of our overall belief in colored strips of paper and electronic digits flowing through the mystical financial system.

Yes, any government that okays giving a million dollars to citizens will feel the effects of other governments freaking out for a time, but, the overall global system will survive because of the international belief of people in currency, while other countries try to figure out how to evaluate a particular government’s currency.

The Challenge

Is there any real reason why giving American citizens a million dollars would not improve the Global Economy ?


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Written by samwarren55

June 3, 2010 at 4:55 AM

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