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What Ever Happened To . . . ? by Samuel E.Warren Jr,

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What Ever Happened To

. . . ?



by Samuel E. Warren Jr.




HOUR GLASS THUMBNAILThe huge crystal ball in “The Big Apple” drops. Yells, screams and noisemakers echo in the air, Happy and joyous people jump up and down and act like kids at “The World’s Largest Birthday Party.”


Through the strands of erupting raw human emotion and loud music, you hear or imagine the melody of “Auld Lang Syne.” The new year is underway and you smile and remember your old friends.


Where are they now ?


My most recent memory event happened January 4, 2013, when I decided it was time to visit my long neglected facebook page and see if I had any messages.


I concentrate on my world famous, claim to fame, my “Sam I Am Blog” and in the daily writing, editing, photography and publishing tasks. . .my facebook page usually ends up a grain of sand in the bottom of the hour glass.


Sometimes I actually stumble upon a way to wade through the electronic archives and check on electronic stickies that have slipped to a corner of my virtual scholastic desk.


Bingo !


Stuck to the edge of the large virtual desk were two months old electronic stickies from old friends.


My friend, Daniel Albert, from my Glory Days at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, had left me a facebook message. I promptly replied. Of course, in my anxious haste I believe I must of archived the original message somewhere in the deepest recesses of cyberspace.


I let the electronic sticky slip. Daniel Albert if you are out surfing cyberspace and slide over this swell, please, take the time to send me a facebook friend request.


The other electronic sticky that caught my eye was from Myrna Katzaman. Myrna is the wife of one of my former bosses at Clark Air Base, Master Sergeant James Katzaman. “No man or woman on planet Earth can “Hunt and Peck Type” on a typewriter, desktop, laptop or notebook computer faster than Jim Katzaman. Go ahead call The Guinness Book of World Records.”


I quickly read the facebook message and replied. Friends are the One Treasure That The Universe Gives You In Life That You Should Always Prize. The friends of your life will always remind you of those “great moments” and the challenges that you struggled against to successfully overcome.


Myrna became a friend of my fiancé, Christy, who became my wife. Thanks to Myrna, my fiancé Christy got to see being a military wife is “no day job.” And,we got to take Christy’s nephew, R.J. Saldana to his first on base birthday party to celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Annalisa.


My eyes scanned the text on the screen before me. My mind translated the words an the “Officer Of The Day” on duty in my mental command post hit the big red Klaxon button to rally the troops. Suddenly, in seconds, my mental command post is a flurry of activity. The troops are pulling the folders and files in my mental file cabinets.


Dossiers of years ago are quickly presented to the NCO Of The Day, who arranges the discombobulated data from all the corners of my mind. Other troops rush forward to present her with photos that I and others had taken that are scanned into the memories of my mind.


Still other troops of “The Warren Pentagon” unlock the cyber safes and sign out the historical videotapes, CDs, and DVDs.


On, yet, another level of my mind, troops in the white document gloves gingerly examine the back issues of the archaic “Philippine Flyer”newspapers from the climate controlled shelves of the secure documents area of my mind.


In a matter of mere moments, the mental warriors of The Warren Pentagon have categorized, arranged, collated and presented the information to the Officer Of The Day and The NCO Of The Day. The buxom Asian NCO Of The Day transmits the data and I begin to remember and cross reference other memories.


Myrna’s message had reminded me that one of the beauties of Life is the ability to reflect on “The Good Ole’ Days.”


Now, the challenge is to see if I can find other friends from my past:


T. Michael Ottens of Elkins, West Virginia and School of the Ozarks

John Farris of School of the Ozarks


Rita Jurgensmeyer of School of the Ozarks.


Dave Thomas, a classical guitarist, at School of the Ozarks


SSgt. Jake Slusher of Kadena AB, Okinawa

SSgt. Bobby Thomas of Kadena AB, Okinawa

SMSgt. Fred Coleman of Kadena AB, Okinawa

Daniel Albert of Barksdale AFB, Louisiana

SrA.Wayne Agee of Blytheville, AFB Arkansas


SrA Stephen Blankenship of Blytheville AFB, Arkansas

TSgt. Ed Foster of Clark AB Photo Lab

Brigadier General Ron Rand of Clark AB


Colonel Bud Ross of Clark AB


Bing Mercado of Clark AB


SMSgt. Sam Hill of Clark AB


SrA Dean Miller of Clark AB


Sgt. Bill Law, KC-135 Stratotanker and KC-10 Crew Chief, Barksdale AFB,Louisiana

Sgt. Robert Matlock of Barksdale AFB, Louisiana Photo Lab


Petty Officer 1st Class Pamela Stone of the Defense Information School at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana


Tew Nenkong, a translator friend in Bangkok,

Kingdom of Thailand.


Sometimes in Life, you step into a deep pit. It proves to be a continuing nightmare in the daylight that seems to last for an eternity. In The Real World there is suppose to be logical, rationale ways out of such “a deep pit.”


The reality is Time.


Sometimes you have to live through the “deep pit.” When you come out on the other side you will be wiser, stronger and will have been “forged in the furnaces of your own personal hell” to know what is important in Life.


The “Friend” or “Friends”, who help you survive “The Pit” should always be honored in your memory.


Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan is the name I call Misawa Air Base,Japan.


I “wasted” five years of my life at that “God-awful assignment. I have, no doubt, there are people with fond memories of Misawa; I am not one of them.


Nonetheless, God will always provide a “Friend” to help you weather Milton’s “First Ring Of Hell.” And, Satan doesn’t want you messing up “The Ultimate Torture Chamber” that took centuries to perfect, so He will let a “Friend” or “Friends” get you out of Misawa and back into The Real World.

Sgt. Kim Dvorak, Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan


TSgt. Dan McCarthy, Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan


Lt. McCormick, Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan


Captain Murray, Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan


Sgt. James Champion, Mephistopheles Air Base, Japan


Treasure Your Friends


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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