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“Hi Yo Silver, Manila !” Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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HI YO SILVER MANILA_Canon EOS 40 D Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. 4620_resized

Hi Yo Silver, Manila !


I am one of those American kids, who would dash to the TV, whenever he heard the announcer say, “Hi Yo Silver, Away !” It meant Clayton Moore, “The Lone Ranger,” and Jay Silverheels, “Tonto” were about to bring justice to the old American West.


The masked Texas Ranger, who crafted his own silver bullets, rode a beautiful white horse called, “Silver.” Every week Tonto and the Lone Ranger made sure the bad guys got justice. And, in a cloud of dust, the Lone Ranger and Silver would ride off into the silver screen sunset until next week.


Every time I see a white horse, I remember being a kid and the weekly adventures of the mythic Texas lawman to uphold justice. In Manila in December 2011, I glanced down the street and at the end of the street there stood a white horse.


In the culture of various countries, “white animals” are considered omens or signs of things to come. A common story says that Buddha’s mother had a dream the night before his birth of a “white elephant” and the next day, the Buddha was born. In some Native American religions the “white buffalo” is considered a sacred animal. The “white horse” in rural Texas and the Ozarks is usually considered a “good omen” when you see it in a dream or in real life.


Since you probably wouldn’t expect to see a “white horse” in a nation’s capitol. I raised my camera and took the photo. The horse simply grazed down at the end of a street I passed. It was an unexpected sight.


Christy and I had only been in the Philippines, a few days when I photographed the white horse. I would say the white horse was a good omen because for about a month the normal tasks of life seemed to go my way. Then, again, “I’m a Lone Ranger kid.” Canon EOS 40 D Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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