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My Classic U S Air Force Photographers Camera and Flash Gun of the 1980s_3825 (1)_resized


Ready, Aim, Flash !

My Nikon F3 with motor wind, flash bracket and the Nikon flash gun is the basic photography setup that U.S. Air Force photographers assigned to base photo labs and as “Combat Camera” photographers carried to “shoot” photo assignments in the 1970s and 1980s.  Some of the photographers actually used a Sunpak flash gun.  I used a Canon AE-1 Program camera to shoot the majority of my military photography for base newspaper articles. 

Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


I love to write.


My Quill Pen ThumbnailI enjoy reading feedback from readers.


I know there are those Spam robots out in cyberspace that lock on and generate all kinds of junk.

Human Readers Welcome


Humans, real readers are always welcome to send me comments and I do reply.


My blog platform is Word Press. My theme is the FREE Word Press Journalist theme.


I let Word Press catch the majority of the spam and then check the folder to make sure, real comments aren’t being vaporized into oblivion.


If I have answered a particular question numerous times, then, I don’t respond because the answer or one exceedingly similar is already in the reader’s comment section of my blog.


I like to get feedback from readers. I like to know I inspired a reader or gave them an idea that they can use in their life.





Alien Readers Welcome


However, every few days I sit down and read my blog comments from readers.

I glance at the comments and the first ones that get deleted are the ones that look like a warehouse full of adding machines exploded because there are strings of numbers thrown into the message.


If an extraterrestrial intelligence is trying to communicate with me: “Dear Alien Life Form of Unknown Origin. My name is Sam. I ain’t a mathematician. Disengage your communications keypad and use the alphabetic one. Thank you.”


To all my friends at the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, i.e., SETI, if the Andorians, Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans or little green men email me, then, I’ll forward a copy of the email to you guys and NASA.


Relax, Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, I’ll forward a copy of the same email to you and The Center For UFO Studies In Rockville, Maryland.


Back in the world of human readers, I do glance over every email comment that I get on my blog. Some are obvious “Locked On And Trying To Use Your Blog To Be A Spam Spreader,” which means when it is obviously a ploy to use the blog, then, I delete the spam.


Advertisers Buy An Ad


I watch for the advertisers that try to promote everything from ambulance chasing legal services to spiffy new SEO software to up your statistics to search engines. Those emails get vaporized by the delete key.


I’m An English Bad Boy


Bad boy that I am; I break English rules. I write English to communicate.


I do not write English to teach it.


As a child, English teachers engineered “All The Rules Into My DNA”


The English teachers hardwired the information by requiring me to “Diagram Sentences.”


Then, as a reporter, I had to memorize the “Strunk and White” gospel on grammar and nit-noy English to the extreme.


Uncle Sam demanded that I “memorize”, live and breathe, “The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual.”


I see correct and proper English in my sleep.


English To Communicate


I am not on Her Majesty’s official staff and I am not writing a book for publication, so I write to communicate.


I write for fun.


Two – Ton Type


One of the major rules of English that I break often is the “Old All The Same Thoughts In One Paragraph Rule.” Back in the days of Shakespeare that silly rule might of made sense.


Then again, Will Shakespeare didn’t have a cell phone.


Poor Shakespeare, he never got a facebook account or got to type: LOL.


Legions of lawyers, doctors, academics and others who love those bureaucratic English paragraphs with their 40 sentences and the jargon bloated sentences don’t realize that all the professional vernacular words are weighing down their eyes.


The two tons of type that scholarly documents and legal paperwork rely on to make a point are a format technique that scares off readers. When your eyes scans a page and there are thick blocks of type, your eyes want to jump somewhere else.


Two tons of small artistic squiggles on a page tells your brain this is going to take some digging to get through all this type and make sense of it.


English Always Fashionable


I use the journalism layout technique.


Reporters know the eyes dance over words.


Important words get uniforms and ball gowns, which translates to big point size type and fancy fonts.


Too many sentences in one paragraph is a badly tailored suit. It doesn’t appeal to the eye and suit the mind.


English has to be “fashion conscious” to be read and understood. Words have to tempt the eye to get the reader.


English In A Bikini


I try to put my English in a bikini.


I go for short sentences. If the idea is too long and too many sentences start to fill out the paragraph, then, it is breast augmentation time for the paragraph.


English In A Bustier


If the paragraph starts to look to busty to my eye, then, I step into the literary closet of my mind and look at the wardrobe. I space between the sentences. If the paragraph still seems busty, then, I will add line art or a photo.


If I can’t find the appropriate art or photo I step back into the literary closet. I look at the sentences and chose a nice bustier.


After all, the right subhead pushes the copy up and out at the reader.


The point of any article is to get the words in your face and before your eyes so they will be noticed.


Comma Conversion


I like commas. They are cute and cuddly in their own way. English teachers do not like comma splices.


The cuddly comma outlines a series of words and sets off phrases for the eyes.


I worked in a radio station and sometimes we had to splice tape to splice out “Ah,” “Umm,” “Dah,” “Ur,” “Er”, and other unintelligent sounds. I like commas. I like splices.


Samuel E. Warren Junior English


The English speaking countries of the world have their own take on how to use, communicate, spell and arrange English to make sense in their countries and cultures.


Americans spell theater with the er. British spell theatre with the re.


Americans spell Manila one way. Filipinos spell there capitol city, Maynila.


English is a global language because it is flexible and adapts. English never lets silly rules drown out the language’s natural communications ability.


English’s flexibility is the reason why English thrives.


English as a language adapts.


Even a writer can tweak the Commandments Of English and “Yea, though, thou, might offend scores of English professors; who cares ?


If the message gets through to readers and your communication is understood, then, English as a language did what it is designed to do – it communicated !


In the 1970s, IMHO scribbled on paper would not mean anything to anyone.


Thus, like the BFF teenagers with their text messaging cell phones, I tweak English to suit my communication needs.


Warren Wonder Words


I like words.


Some words like War, Death, Land, Life, Love, and some others are not suppose to be capitalized because they are not “Nouns”, which, a noun is “a proper name of a person, place or thing.”


I capitalize War because War kills people, destroys property and lays Land to waste for decades to centuries.


I capitalize Death because it comes to us all.


I capitalize Land because the bloodiest Wars in history are always fought over Land, whether the War is a domestic Civil War or a foreign War, the bloodshed and Death toll demand that Land not be trivialized as lower case.


I capitalize Life because we all live it.


I capitalize Love because it is a significant human emotion.


From time to time, I will capitalize those English words known as articles and prepositions like The and Of. In a phrase, I want the words to stand out. When I put the word The with a word like car, I want the reader to know I am writing about The Car and not simply a car someone on the planet.

cabins in the Ozarks_resized

These two cabins are in Galena, Missouri on the banks of the James River in the Missouri Ozarks.  Galena, Missouri in The Ozarks is the sight of The Last Official Public Hanging In The United States Of America and The Show Me State Of Missouri.  Famous United States 7th District Congressman Dewey Short is a native son of Galena, Missouri.  Galena gained notoriety in the 1930s as The Hometown of George Leonard “Shock” Short one of the most successful bank robbers of The Depression Era because his O’Malley Gang robbed banks throughout the Midwest and is one of the only gangs to successfully pull off two bank robberies at the same time. 

Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Ozarks English



I grew up in the Ozarks. Thus, if I am in my country boy mode: “Reckon I is gona’ go and write them thar little ole’ words any way I darn well please. If’n ya don’t like it. Well, yous don’t have ta’ read my article. I hain’t gona loose none of my shut eye time over it.”


cabins in the Ozarks thumbnailAl Capp made a living poking fun at The Ozarks and “The Beverly Hillbillies” made the TV studios money poking fun at The Ozark hillbillies.


I grew up in The Ozarks, so if I want to use, talk or write “Ozarks’ English”, I reckon I have a better right than the people who never set foot in The Ozarks.




Spelling, I believe is important. However, I will misspell an English word to make a point.


Magick – I always spell the word magick with a k.


Aleister Crowley’s spelling idea works. With the k on the end of the word, then, the reader knows that you are writing about supernatural, paranormal, or universal unseen forces in Life, which I call, “magick.”


When I write the word, “magic” it means I am writing about entertainment or stage magic.


I usually am a good boy when it comes to spelling. I might do the old Photo or Foto word switch every now and then,but usually I do not “purposely” misspell a word.


Spiritual English


I, God and Satan are “old drinking buddies.”


From time to time, I write about my immortal friends.


I will capitalize He when I write about Satan. After 21 Centuries, He has earned a captial H and daily headlines, show He isn’t retiring anytime soon.


God understands that I am one of those people that believes every object in Life has to have at least two parts. Everything in Life, at some level, is at least, one half of a whole.


Genetics reveals, all little boys genetically are first little girls. If the genetic material moves in a certain direction then the little girl is born a little boy – so, much for “The Macho World Concept.”


God grins when I capitalize the S and put it in front of he to create She. I sometimes write about Him, The Creator Of The Universe, in a Her sense.


Incidentally, when you are a Supreme Being; you don’t have “gender” and “orientation” issues. God asked me to pass that along the next time I did some religious English writing.


Now, that I have told readers to feel free to email me there comments, your writng is up to you.


English Professors Chill Out


I have outlined my use of English, so that the English Professors Of The World canMy Quill Pen Thumbnail relax with a glass of sherry or port and curl up with their favorite leather bound Shakespeare play or Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland” tale.


English Professors relax and chill out. English is a language that changes. The beauty is English can change and still communicate ideas that are understood.


I have outlined my approach to spelling English words, which means I know how to use my “Spell Checker” software and usually I do.


However, alas, I am still a mere mortal, so I make mistakes. Sometimes a word sneaks by me.


Oops, I’m human.


I have outlined my religious and spiritual approach to English, so “The Holy People In The World” can go ahead and bad mouth me.

My On Duty Camera Bag Thumbnail





I am Sam The Writer. I am Sam The Photographer.


If you want to send me comments about the articles and photos in my blog, I am sure I will enjoy reading them. I do reply. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate the readers, who take time to comment.


My Nikon F3 setup thumbnail


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Halloween II

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Eyewitness Account “All Saints’ Day” in Leyte

Halloween II

“The Day Of The Dead”

Every culture has rituals for the passing of loved ones.  Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Today is November 1, 2012, “All Saints’ Day” in the Republic of the Philippines. In the Spanish and Latin American culture, the day is known as, “The Day Of The Dead.” When I lived in the United States, I always heard about the annual “Day Of The Dead” celebrations in Mexico, but, I never had the opportunity to go to Mexico.

Essentially, “The Day Of The Dead” in the Philippines is “Memorial Day” in the United States. The names, “All Saints’ Day” and “The Day Of The Dead” seem to both be used for the annual observance in Leyte. The major difference, of course, is the way that the two holidays differ in terms of observance between the Philippines and the United States.

In the United States, wreaths and flowers are placed around the headstones. If you recognize friends and neighbors, then, you stand and “visit”, while usually another family member “decorates” the graves with flowers.

This evening, in Leyte, my wife, Christy, I, and members of her family went to Tanauan to the cemetery for the “All Saints’ Day” and “The Day Of The Dead” observances.

I took my trusty Nikon D 100 camera, but the low-light levels did not allow me to get any photos. The obvious difference began the moment, we stepped out of the trike. A woman offered to sell my wife slender white candles.

The lit candle is an important symbol to remember loved ones who have left The Real World.”

We walked toward a canopy structure. The canopy is a wise investment in the Philippines because it provides shade in the intense sunlight and heat. October is “Monsoon Season”, so a canopy helps you get in out of the rain. Four uniformed Philippine National Police officers were on duty, under the canopy, which had the black magic marker hand lettered signs that proclaimed: Entrance” and “Exit.”

When was the last time you went to a cemetery that had “traffic control” as a concern ?

In watching some television coverage of “All Saints Days” and “The Day Of The Dead” observances around the Philippines today, the crowds going into and coming out of cemeteries were enormous, especially in the television coverage of some of the more well-known cemeteries in Manila.

Imagine a stadium full of Super Bowl attendees strolling across the street into a local cemetery, then, you have a visual picture of the crowd that was entering one cemetery in Manila on the television.

The police officers at the San Miguel Cemetery in Tanauan were there to provide traffic control as well as security. The Entrance point under the canopy was a local narrow city street that passed between two concrete walls.

Cemetery Capitalism

The concept of “American Capitalism” was not lost on the holiday. On both sides of the narrow street, there were small stands of vendors “selling” everything from candles, matches, butane cigarette lighters, to cotton candy, Filipino snack food and even some trinket type jewelry.

While some people in the United States would be uneasy about “buying and selling” activities going on so close to a cemetery; the culture in the Philippines is a “life-oriented” culture. The people do their best to “enjoy” their lives, so they usually have an almost carnival environment around everything they do. The crowd of people flowed in both directions with people “shopping” their way to the cemetery.

City Of The Dead

As you approach the actual entrance to the cemetery, it reminded me of the Louisiana cemeteries, which are sometimes called, “The City Of The Dead.” Louisiana like the Philippines has the soil and flooding issues with water, thus, people are laid to rest inside a concrete casket on the ground and there are paths between the graves. There is a variety of grave sites, which have the basic concrete casket to rebar framework that creates tall, compact mausoleum.

One grave, I noticed, had a statue of a man in his formal white barong and black dress slacks forever standing at the head of his grave and looking into eternity. Some of the grave sites even had canopies in place to allow people to sit by the graves and “visit” with their friends and neighbors. The sun was setting as we took the trike ride to Tanauan, so the candle flames were welcome sights in the darkness.

I noticed three members of a family who had the slender white candles sitting on the concrete casket. The tiny candle flames in the distance gave the young children a warm comfortable glow.

Lapida Markers

Each of the concrete caskets had a placard on it that contained the information found on headstones in cemeteries in the United States. Some of the “Lapidas”, the placards, had the information hand painted.

Other lapidas, showed the skill of local “Lapida Makers”, who carve in the information and sometimes add artwork like a cross or embed photographs into the lapida. We strolled past the graves toward the church. People, who have the graves of loved ones to visit settle in by the graves.
People, whose loved ones grave site has disappeared through the years visit the church. The sturdy stone church looked like it belonged to the era of “The Crusades”, except for the tin roof overhead. The well-worn wooden church pews suggested this church had had Spanish soldiers in the congregation in the early days of the Philippines.

The Saint Michael The Archangel Statue rested on a concrete out-cropping on the back wall. The priest used the microphone to preach his sermon in Waray. The congregation in the pews listened to his sermon, while people quietly filtered into the back of the church to listen and position candles on the floor by the wall. The white candles were put on the floor by the churches’ stone walls.

The candles are then lit, in honor of a loved one and allowed to burn down into a puddle of wax. Sometimes the burning candles would fall over and burn away at the church’s stone wall until the candle had become a puddle of drying wax.

Once your candle is a puddle of wax, then, you leave the church with the knowledge that you have sent your prayer and blessings into the Afterlife to your loved ones.

Halloween’s Hallowed History

Halloween is the holiday, which is the ancient “holy day,” when the ancient Celtic farmers thanked their pagan gods for the year’s crop harvest, they asked for the blessings for the coming year and there was the belief you could “talk” to or ask for the blessings from your ancestors.

Halloween was “The Point Of No Return.” Spring and summer were gone. Winter was on the horizon. Halloween was when the “Living” ask the “Dead” for advice and counsel to make it through the fall and winter months. Since the “Living” farmers were actively seeking the advice and counsel of “Dead” ancestors – in effect, the “Living” were inviting souls or spirits in the Afterlife to return for a short period of time.

Thus, the idea of “The Veil Between The Worlds Being Thin” has merit because the “Living” were trying to make it easy for their “Loved Ones” to “visit.” The ancient Celt farmers in their practice were known to use huge bonfires, during their “Samhain”(pronounced “Sow – win”) celebrations. The smart farmers would clear their fields of stubble, dead cornstalks and brush by burning their large brush piles, while sending a very visible signal to their “ancestors” in the Afterlife.

Since some of those spirits may have accepted the invitations; it is little wonder that Halloween became the evening when “Ghosts” were suppose to be “out and about.”

Cemetery Caretaker Concerns

During this week, people have been going by with the tools needed to fix up around the grave sites, in anticipation, for today’s “All Saints’ Day” and “Day Of The Dead” observance. Local people explain how some family members have spent the past few evenings sleeping in the cemetery getting ready for today’s “celebration,” which allows the “Living” to share some of their life with their deceased loved ones.

Where in the United States are you going to find families spending a few days and nights “camped out” in the cemetery and celebrating life with deceased loved ones ?

The rituals of Halloween is about “Inviting ghosts to briefly walk among us.” Halloween is also about wearing “costumes”, in the hopes that the disguise, will keep us “masked” against those spirits that we do not wish to deal with.

Halloween II – The Day After Halloween – “All Saints’ Day”,“The Day Of The Dead”, November 1 – then, is the polite reminder from the “Living” to the deceased loved ones that they are probably ready to return to their Afterlife and leave The Real World until next year.

When the sun rises, November 2, the “All Saints’ Day” and “The Day Of The Dead” celebration for the island of Leyte, in the Republic of the Philippines will be over for this year based on what I have learned in talking with Filipino family members.

"Ancestor Worship"

I have learned over the years that the World’s Major Religions do not like the term “ancestor worship.” And, the World’s Major Religions discourage the “Living” from trying to “talk” to the dead.

Nonetheless, in the History Of Human Civilization, the various rituals are a form of “ancestor worship” and people throughout history have tried to “talk” to a loved one in the Afterlife, in spite of, different religion’s strict dogma.

The message is simple: “We humans have the “gut instinct” that we are all “connected” to a Universal Force that lived before us and will continue after us and we need to know we are always a part of that Universal Force.”

Halloween’s Humanity Heritage

Halloween is the holiday that has always survived religious persecution because it offers hope of an Afterlife and the belief that reincarnation is a reality.

The other significant benefit of Halloween is that it reminds people of the “Darkness” in each person and other people and to be ready to deal with the negative, rather than to try to “ignore” it.

Even more important, Halloween is one of those “holy days” that has evolved beyond the different segregated religions into a “Secular Holiday” to become a day with it’s own agenda that involves everything from kids going “Trick Or Treat” to people seeking out paranormal sites and searching for supernatural answers.

Halloween is “Humanity’s Holiday”. Halloween is the one time, each year, when people around the world, take the time, to venture into the less than “logical” and “rationale” areas of life and can usually kick their shoes off inside their heads and finally make the time to look around their mind for answers.

Halloween II – The Spirits’ Roundup

Halloween II, is one of those holidays that probably still needs work. Saints and martyrs, of course, are suppose to be able to convince any procrastinating spirits to leave The Real World and return to The Afterlife. The big flaw in getting saints and martyrs to “ride roundup” on the “Absent Without Leave” spirits is: Saints and Martyrs are All Dead. Sending a “Dead” spirit or soul to roundup the spirits who linger; is probably, not an award-winning idea.

If you don’t have your “Exorcism Ritual” on the nightstand by the bed, you might want to make sure the phone number of a local exorcist is loaded into your cell phone.


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Saint Michael On Duty In The P. I.

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Saint Michael On Duty In The P. I.



by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Saint  Michael, On The Ground, In Country and On Duty In The P.I. – Photo by Retired United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Samuel E. Warren Jr. – My wife, Christy Warren purchased this statue of Saint Michael The Archangel as a gift for me from the Holy Rosary Religious Store in Tacloban, City, Republic of the Philippines, March 13,2012.  Saint Michael The Archangel is known as The Patron Saint of all soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of all nation’s armed forces in peace and war.This Saint Michael is on the ground, in country, and on duty at my home in the Philippine Island of Leyte.  The coconut trees stand at attention against the blue skies of Barangay Baras.  Photo by Retired United States Air Force Public Affairs Staff Sergeant Samuel E. Warren Jr.


I am not a religious man.

I am a spiritual man.

As a child, I always knew “There Is A God.”

There is a supernatural entity beyond humankind’s logical and scientific frame of references.

Everyone knows that “Angels Are The Messengers Of God.”

In paintings, books and movies I have always been attracted to The Military Angels Of God, even as a child.

I believe The Armed Forces Of God, like any professional military unit stands ready to carry out their objectives.

I believe that Saint Michael is the ranking “six-star” Commanding General Of Heaven, who oversees, directs and answers to his Supreme Commander-In-Chief.

As the Patron Saint Of Global Military Forces Saint Michael – I believe, there has never been a man or woman who joined the military or went into combat that Saint Michael did not know about.

The Seraphim, are “The Enlisted Angels” and they are “ on the ground” and “in the action” – they are responsible for being alongside their human counterparts. Seraphim as “Sergeant Angels,” know they are tasked to make sure the mission is completed.

I believe, in human combat, The Sergeant Angels are always alongside their human counterparts fighting “the good fight” to survive and obtain the objective. And, Saint Michael sword in hand is always on the field of battle, land, air and sea.

Since I believe that God Almighty has his standing Heavenly Armed Forces, I believe that Saint Michael and the other Archangels are the “Celestial Pentagon” that serves alongside humans in combat and on active duty in peacetime.

I believe that once a man or woman has donned a uniform of their nation to serve as a soldier, sailor, airmen or Marine, that the members of the Celestial Pentagon are always with them. Once that human veteran or military retiree goes off active duty, I believe, they remain on the Active Duty Roster Of The Celestial Pentagon until the human warrior retires his or her earthly life. “Once a G.I., Always a G.I., In Heaven, or On Earth “ – Samuel E. Warren Jr.

While everyone will not share my beliefs about God’s Armed Forces – that is alright. I have worn and served in my nation’s armed forces, so I have earned the right to my Military Angels Beliefs.



This Saint Michael The Archangel statue was created in Manila and shipped to the Holy Rosary Store in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines.  This statue is about four feet tall and the wing span of the sculpture is also about four feet.  Prices always fluctuate in all businesses, but on the day of purchase this sculpture cost 7,000 pesos.  Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

In the Philippine Islands, the sunshine, blue skies, coconut trees, and sapphire ocean waves are my Real World version of The Garden Of Eden. But, even in the P.I., you have to go about the daily matters of your life to earn a living and put food on the table. In the course of daily affairs in the barangay or in Tanauan or Tacloban City, my wife, Christy, often makes the time to stop by a church. The statues of Saint Michael always catches my eye.

A couple of weeks ago, when my wife, Christy,was shopping, near The Santo Nino Shrine in Tacloban City, we browsed the religious artifact vendors near the church and strolled along to the religious supply stores nearby. My eyes automatically scanned the religious merchandise and my eyes always “lock on” to the statues of Saint Michael from the smallest to the biggest statue. After all, a G.I. Always Recognizes Another G.I., In Uniform Or Out.





Christy had noticed me intently studying the colors, artistic composition,sculpture, and craftsmanship of all the Saint Michael statues and listened as I asked the saleswoman, “Do you have any Saint Michael SMALL SAINT MICHAEL STATUEmedals ?”

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 – Christy, Marife, Ninoy and I strolled into the Holy Rosary Store in Tacloban City. My eyes widened when the smiling salesman walked past me carrying the large Saint Michael statue and I watched Christy takes the pesos from her wallet to pay for the statue.

This small Saint Michael statue is about 10 inches tall and has an approximate wing span of about 7 inches.  The size of this statue would allow it to ride on an automobile dashboard or to be sat on a dresser.  Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

In the Real World, when a general or admiral walks into a room, the modern day warrior rises out of protocol and respect. At home, I rearranged things to give Saint Michael, his place of honor. A senior military commander, officer or NCO, should always be treated with honor and respect. Since the statue of Saint Michael represents a Heavenly Host Commander and the Ultimate Armed Forces, it was only appropriate to find the statue the proper “Command Post.”

My Saint Michael statue arrived with “Permanent Change Of Station” orders to go “PCS” to my home. This General Saint Michael is now “On Duty” in my home, which in a military literary sense, makes my home a “Base Of Operations,” for Saint Michael. I trust that the general will watch over this old soldier and his family. I believe, Saint Michael is now “In Position” to watch over any of my nieces and nephews, who may answer their nation’s call to don the uniform and serve their country, on land, in flight in the air, and afloat on the sea.

“Present Arms !”


“Order Arms !”

“Hoo-rah !”


New Year – New Look – New Focus

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The Sam I Am Blog started as a way for me to try to reach out to potential buyers interested in more than 70 acres of real estate in southwest Missouri.  That was the initial reason that I went on the Internet and set up this blog.

This blog – Sam I Am – now, has a new focus.  Effective immediately, it is now a Personal Blog.  I have always believed it is important to be plugged into the Political progress.  I believe, in the United States, each American does make a difference.

While this blog is now primarily a Personal blog, it will undoubtedly contain My Personal Political Opinions from time to time.

I changed the blog template to reflect the new focus.  I welcome spirited political conversation and comments.

Internet surfers consider this blog Personal.

While there will undoubtedly be political opinions that I express in this blog, I also reserve the right to write about other topics that I am interested in from time to time.  Please visit often and don’t hesitate to leave your comments.

Thank You.


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