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The Star Picture Frame Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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The Star Picture Frame

The glass star picture frame is an American antique from the World War II and 1940s era. Opal M. DeLong Warren and her husband, Samuel E. Warren sit at the counter of “Sammy’s”, a landmark and famous Houston, Texas restaurant.  Sammy and Opal smile at the photographer.


In this photograph, Opal worked as a sales clerk at Foley’s, a major department store in Houston. Samuel E. Warren worked as a "Heat Treater" at Cameron Iron Works, In his job, molten metal was poured into dies to make tools for crescent wrenches,oil well equipment and jet plane pistons.


At the end of the day, the Warrens would often meet for supper at "Sammy’s." Both of the Warrens had a second job. Opal worked nights as the chief waitress at "Cook’s Hoedown Club." Samuel worked nights "pulling bar" as a bartender and sometimes a bouncer at "Cook’s Hoedown Club."


Mom and dad were "workaholics", but their efforts paid off they "owned" their home in Houston and they bought a farm in Missouri. Of course, they were also the proud parents of the world famous American Reporter,Writer and Photographer, Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Opal and Sammy established the foundations that guided Samuel E. Warren Jr, to join the United States Air Force and try to make a positive difference in the world.   CHRISTMAS TREE LOGO PHOTO TWO THUMBNAIL


Samuel E. Warren Jr. married Maria Christina “Christy” Saldana at Clark Air Base  Republic of the Philippines, July 19, 1990. December 19, 2011, they moved to Leyte, Republic of the Philippines to allow Christy to return to her birthplace. Nikon D 70 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.


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Freedom From Christmas

Christmas Star Photo 1 by Samuel E. Warren Jr_resized

Christmas Star

The five point star is an ancient symbol of protection. The star in the photograph is obviously a Christmas decoration. Not everyone gets excited about Christmas. Since I wanted to write and publish articles and photographs that might not have the normal “happy- happy,” joy-joy” feel that the holiday is suppose to have. I have decided to use this “Christmas Star” decoration as a visual cue to an article or photo that does not have the traditional Christmas message. I will use this “Christmas Star “ logo to indicate “Freedom From Christmas”, which will, no doubt, show the other side of the coin. Nikon D 70 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.


I tolerate Christmas.


Christmas, to me, now, is a meaningless global holiday that the population of the world expects you to celebrate.


My Last Monumental Christmas Day – December 25, 2010.

Christy,my wife, and I celebrated the holiday with family in the United States.



The Global Nuisance Holiday Christmas


I know, I am not the only Citizen Of Planet Earth that does not get excited about Christmas.


Every November 1st, after Halloween, I “wish” I could travel to another planet in the galaxy until December 31.


I always look forward to the “New Year’s Eve” celebration to send the old year into oblivion.


Before you get to the New Year, you have to survive the Old Year, which means you have to pass through December 25 Christmas Day.


I have had Monumental Christmas Days. I have had Worthless Christmas Days.


I now consider Christmas The Global Nuisance Holiday.


Fast Christmas


Fast Christmas December 25, 2011, Christy and I had just returned to the Republic of the Philippines.


December 25, 2011, I call this day, “Fast Christmas” because the celebration took on a life of it’s own and I made it through the day. There were a lot of people and plenty of food.


Before the end of the day, there was San Miguel beer, Tanduay Ice rum and Tuba, the local coconut wine, so I chose the Tanduay Ice and got to drink away the remaining hours of the annual global nuisance holiday.


More than 300 days have past and the annual holiday is on the horizon. I hope I have enough booze on hand to deal with this annoying holiday, this year.


I can not imagine December 25, 2012 as being anything other than a catastrophe waiting to be born.


Benefit Of The Doubt


I will give the holiday “the benefit of the doubt”, but, as of December 10, 2012, Christmas is shaping up to be a disappointing holiday.


Life, Liberty and the “Pursuit of Happiness”, should be the Universal Right Of Every Citizen Of The World to “Life, Liberty and the chance to try and find a way to be happy in your life. If the December 25 Christmas Scenario is messing up your life, then, the time has come to find a way to “Trash The Holiday” and do something else.

Momma always said, “Son, There is two sides to every story.” Momma was right.


This year, I am going to publish articles that people on both sides of The Great Christmas Divide can relate to. Readers will be able to tell the difference in a passing glance.


      ONE WARREN WAY CHRISTMAS TREE THUMBNAIL STORY LOGO_resizedWhen the story is the traditional Christmas story it will have the artificial silver Christmas Tree logo.


      CHRISTMAS STAR THUMBNAIL LOGOWhen the Christmas story has the colored star Christmas Star logo, then, the story will not be the traditional Christmas story.


In ancient cultures, the five point star was a symbol of protection. Thus, the logo I have chosen is an ancient symbol of protection that, while it maybe recognized in the 21st Century as a traditional decoration, the ancient meaning remains embedded in the symbol.


No one should have “to pretend” Christmas is wonderful; if they feel it is a annoying holiday.

If you feel December 25 is a humbug, brouhaha,ho hum holiday try to meet other people, who share your opinion and try to plan some activities to get you through the day.

Perhaps, you will have laid the groundwork for a global holiday that most of The Citizens Of The World can look forward to and enjoy.



Among the important Freedoms Of The World should be the Freedom From Christmas.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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