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Reboot ! Beware The Croop !

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Reboot !

Beware The Croop !

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

It has been more than a couple of weeks, since I have published an article or photo to my “Sam I Am Blog” on Word Press or my “Samuel Warren The Writer” blog on Blogger.

My wife, Christy and I have been ill. We caught “The Croop.”

The Croop is what my mother always called flu-like symptoms that people come down with until the global health officials like the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control get around to publicizing an official name for a global virus or disease like “Swine Flu,” “SARS,” and others.

I don’t trust doctors, medical experts and medical officials.

I’ve lived in my body long enough to know, when I feel a cold or illness coming on. I know how to “reboot” my body and get it back up to speed. I know how to “recharge” my battery and get back on line.

I know, I’m getting older and someday my life force will go “off line” for good – that is Life.

Unlike many older Americans, I don’t have a doctor on speed dial. I don’t “pop pills” like a kid in a candy store.

The pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies of the world will have to keep getting rich off of other people’s pesoes and pennies; because I don’t play their silly “pill poppin’ game.”

Live Until You Die

When I was a child, Grandma DeLong gave me the best medical advice of my life: “Everything in moderation.” I don’t remember what the original topic of discussion was about, but, I had asked grandma about some advice about life. She was one of those natural born Ozarks philosophers, who had earned her stripes the hard way – Life.

Grandma smiled and said, “You are just going to live until you die. Enjoy your life. Use your God-given common sense to help you in life. And, always remember – everything in moderation. In Life, you can always eat too much. You can always drink too much. You can always smoke too much. Anything you do in Life, you can always do “too much” of. I’ve noticed that when people go to the extreme – they get sick. So, learn that you don’t always have to “pig out” on whatever it is that you are doing.”

The American Medical Association and all of those other “official” medical experts of the world probably would not agree with my Ozarks grandmother, but, Grandma DeLong lived this life more than 80 years and gave this world four sons and a daughter that helped to make a difference, plus leaving behind a legion of DeLong grandchildren, great nieces and great nephews that continue to soldier on in life.

Now, that Christy and I have battled “The Croop,” we are back on line.

My Windows Live Writer 2011 blog editor appears to have finally given up the ghost, so I’m going to attempt to publish this post using Blog Jet.



Written by samwarren55

September 29, 2012 at 4:04 PM

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