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“All I Want For Christmas Is . . .A Washing Machine.” Nikon D 100 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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“All I Want For Christmas Is . . .A Washing Machine.” Christy Warren washes clothes in Barangay Baras, Leyte, Republic of the Philippines.  It is a common sight to see Filipinas in the province washing their families’ clothes almost everyday.  In rural and remote areas, water lines and the infrastructure to supply water is not always readily available, even, when you live on an island in the middle of the ocean.  Christy had a Whirlpool washer and a Kenmore dryer in our home in the United States.  But, she made a decision.  In my lifetime, I have witnessed three women, who know the word, “family,” to be more than just a series of letters in the dictionary.  Opal M. DeLong Warren, my mother, Donna DeLong, my cousin, and Christy Warren, my wife.  In my lifetime, I have heard many people “talk” about “family,” but, these three women always moved “Heaven and Earth” for “family” and I witnessed it time and again.  When we retired, Christy had a dream that some day we would move back to the Philippines to be close to her “family”; it took a few years, but, it is difficult to deny the dream of a “Leo Lady.”  Nikon D 100 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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