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The Most Important Holiday Of All–Your Birthday

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The Most Important Holiday Of All

Your Birthday

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

My wife, Christy Warren’s birthday is August 19. This, August 16, 2012, I asked her if there was anything special that she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday.

“We have never really celebrated it before; why should this year be any different ?”

Granted, active duty military responsibilities had disrupted some birthday celebrations.

Even retirement is no guarantee of a successful birthday celebration.

Despite her comment to “cancel out” all of her previous “birthdays, I remember, her 24th Birthday, when friends and family gathered in Angeles City to celebrate her birthday. It was a great party, a lot of fun and a lot of photos.

After approaching the birthday issue from every conceivable angle,CHRISTY_ID_001_resized she admitted it was the experiences of past birthdays that had made her take a “let it pass” approach. Previous celebrations had her plan, prepare, cook and clean up the dishes afterward for her birthday celebrations. The annual tasking of preparation and responsibility had simply caused her to say, “Enough.”

Christy Warren

I Will Have My Day !”

I am a birthday person. I don’t believe anyone should ever blow off their birthday,

My birthday is the one day a year that I plot, plan, program, schedule and come up with methods to guarantee that “I Will Have My Day.”

In a 365 day year,(or a 366 day leap year) you would not think that the “freedom to celebrate on one day” could be such a major universal glitch – and, yet, bosses are not always quick to let someone off to celebrate their birthday. Thus, in the military, I learned to put in my “leave” paperwork to make sure I got the day off to celebrate my birthday.

I have never had a problem with working nights, weekend, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or through the World Series or the Super Bowl – but – my birthday is The Supreme Holiday.

Christmas, and Easter are all holidays that were celebrated for hundreds of years before I was born, and, no doubt, will be celebrated hundreds of years after I’m dead and gone from this life.

Thanksgiving is simply an American Lincoln Republicans’ holiday that says the end of the year is coming and many hard working Americans are going to get “pink slips” before Christmas, so they can start the new year broke and unemployed ( Look at US History – notice how often companies lay off or fire people between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Look at all the days of the year and look beyond the brouhaha, propaganda and commercial schemes of holiday celebrations – Your Birthday Should Always Be The Most Important Holiday of All.


“Before you were born, no one celebrated your birthday. When you’re dead, no one will celebrate your birthday. In your lifetime, you only have so many birthdays to celebrate the anniversary of your birth. Rejoice in your birth. Always Celebrate Your Birthday.”

– Samuel E. Warren Jr.


Christy’s Birthday is approaching over the horizon of time,as I write this, Saturday, August 18, 2012. I can’t believe she simply wants the day to pass like “just another Sunday.” Guess it is time to call in “The Big Guns – six nephews, two nieces, her brother, Ramon,and her sister, Fe,” to see if we can get her in a more “birthday aware mode.”

Your birthday should always be too important to discard like a used hamburger wrapper in the nearest trashcan.

You are in the daily battle of life to earn a living. You withstand anxiety, frustration, depression, criticism, controversy, crisis, and essentially everything your fellow man, woman and the universe can throw at you in a 24-hour period for unrelenting weeks at a time.

Your Birthday should always be “Truce,” “Cease Fire” or in the best case scenario, “The End Of All Hostilities” – at least for the day,to allow you to celebrate “Your Place In The World.”

If no one joins you for your celebration – so be it. You should be able to look yourself in the mirror and be glad that the Universe picked this day, your birthday, to introduce you into this life. You should always celebrate “The Anniversary Of Your Birth.”

Allow me to wish you a “Happy Birthday !”

Thus, it is time for me to go back and try some “word work” with my wife to try and get her to open her eyes to the Universal significance of her birthday.

In the spirit of one of my favorite United States Navy Admirals, John Paul Jones, “I have just begun to fight!”

Batten down the hatches! Full Speed Ahead ! Operation Birthday Is A ‘Go’”!


Written by samwarren55

August 18, 2012 at 10:09 AM

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