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Photography Patrol — Caribou Coconut Carriers Limited–Nikon D 100 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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CARIBOU COCONUT CARRIERS LIMITED Barangay Baras  Photos_NIKON D 100 Photo 0245_by Samuel E Warren Jr_resized

Caribou Coconut Carriers Limited

The next time you are standing in a bakery and looking at that delicious coconut cake, think of these three men and the caribou. These coconut farmers in rural Barangay Baras, Leyte, Republic of the Philippines put their harvest into the bamboo sled pulled by the caribou. July 31, 2012, the caribou made several trips to the field for the sled to be filled with coconuts. There are many coconut trees in the Philippines, especially in Leyte. Thus, there is always a chance that when you open that can of coconut milk or a package of coconut to bake a cake that the coconut in that container grew as a nut in the top of a coconut tree that one of these men put in the sled to begin the journey to your store or bakery. Now, have a fresh cup of coffee with that scrumptious slice of coconut cake and be happy that these coconut farmers take good care of their trees. Nikon D 100 Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

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August 3, 2012 at 11:40 PM

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