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Republicans Prostitue American Women, Again – Political Editorial

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Political Editorial

Republicans Prostitute American Women, Again

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Republicans’ filibuster and defeat the Paycheck Fairness Act. They loose no time in preening and strutting like barnyard banty roosters. Scratching and clucking that they have once again stopped the Democrat president.

While they like to crow about how they outsmarted the president, America’s Greedy Oil Politicians Party has laid an egg with American Women.

One virtue of the Paycheck Fairness Act was it would close the “equal pay for equal work” gap that the American Woman protested as far back as the 1970s, when the Equal Rights Amendment was being debated.

Politicians shrugged back at the time of the quiet death of the ERA – No Big Deal – the Fourteenth Amendment will protect the rights of gender. It didn’t.

In 2012, obviously women are still being paid less than men.

At the defeat of the Paycheck Fairness Act, Republicans shrugged – No Big Deal – the Civil Rights Act will protect women.

Naturally, everyone sees the situation as Presidential Election Year Politics, but, outside of the obvious biological function of women to bring little Republican heirs into the world.

Republicans, since 1854, really haven’t worried too much about “them thar’ womenfolk. Reckon’ they is to busy out there in the field plowin’ wit’ the mule.”

Susan B. Anthony and the suffragettes were on the move and pressing for the rights of the American Woman to be recognized before the American Civil War.

The new Republican Party, born in 1854, was ready to champion “race”, but not “gender” as an issue, so the suffragettes were convinced to return to the kitchen and make bandages for the Union soldiers.

At least 240 American women found men’s uniforms and served in the American Civil War, while others served as nurses. Of course, after the war Lincoln’s boys had reintroduced the American Woman to housework and the GOP status quo had been saved.

Of course, by 1920 the daughters and the granddaughters of the American Civil War wasn’t going to allow either party to deny the American Woman the right to vote.

By the 1970s, the American Woman was again on the march. This time the Equal Rights Amendment lumbered across America like a World War II tank division – battering, bashing and blasting at the obstacles.

No American politician was dumb enough to challenge the tsunami of public support.

Thus, the only “conservative” alternative to keep the American woman – in the house, barefoot and pregnant – was to simply allow the ERA to die as quietly as an old man in a rest home.

Obviously, every law cost money, which means the ERA would of brought changes to the US Economy, at the time, labor unions were not overjoyed about the possible “dollar-to-wallet” cost to the status quo.

Plus, religions that teach God created women solely to be “baby factories and live-in cooks” were in opposition to the ERA. Naturally, the unions and the concerned religious groups are considered “conservative,” which, in America, “conservative” is just a discrete way to say, “Republican.”

The defeat of the Paycheck Fairness Act proves once again the American Republican Party has kept the American Woman in her historical place – in the background waiting on her man, just like the traditional Republican First Lady.

Perhaps, the defeat of the Paycheck Fairness Act is American Presidential Election Year politics, but, why in America is it so crucial to keep the American Woman a second-class citizen, especially in the worsening Republican Recession that is the Legacy of the Last GOP Administration ?

While the GOP pats themselves on the back for again stopping an economic initiative, perhaps, it is time for American Women to pick up that old world history book and turn to the story about the wars in the Ancient World.

It was either the new Greek or Roman brides that decided they were tired of their new husbands either dying in war or returning as old men.

The Ancient Women discovered “a political system” that worked quickly and effectively. After days and weeks of “The Headache” the soldiers laid down their swords, shields and realized the “Value Of Their Women.”

I find it hard to believe The American Feminist Movement would allow the American Republican Party to keep the American Woman manacled and shackled in the woodshed until it is time for her to perform her “wifely duties.”

Then, again, it was during the American Civil War that the GOP Lincoln Administration allowed their Union Army to legalize prostitution in New Orleans.

The prostituted Southern women had to have medical checkups to control venereal disease and have a license to operate their self-employed business. To my knowledge, this is the only time that “Prostitution Was Legal In The United States.”

I find it impossible to believe that the American Woman will tolerate being treated like an illiterate peasant by the American Republican Party.

In world history, in the hard times of a nation, the rate of prostitution rises to put food on the table and make ends meet. Prostitution was reported as a rising problem in Japan at the end of World War II until the economy began to improve beginning in the 1960s.

South Korea has been reported as having a prostitution problem from the end of the Korean War until the economy began to improve around the time of the Seoul Olympics.

It would seem unimaginable that the American Woman is allowing the Republican party to continue to hand out the mascara and hot pants, while pointing out the street corner to go stand on. Then, again, the GOP Lincoln Administration didn’t object to the prostitution of the American Woman.



Written by samwarren55

June 6, 2012 at 10:38 PM

4 Responses

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  1. This is a great article!!! I like your article very much and I’ll subscripe to it if you post more articles like this! Do you like EK Voetbal 2012 or do you wanna know the EK uitslagen take a look on my profile!

    ek speelschema

    June 15, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    • I am a proud American Democrat.

      I actually owe a Debt of Gratitude to the American Republican Party for my choice in political parties. I grew up in Stone County, Missouri, one of the most hardcore, devoted, fanatical Republican counties in the United States.

      In the Day of Richard Milhous Nixon, when most Americans were calling for Nixon’s head on a silver platter over the unfolding Watergate investigation – Stone County’s Elder Republicans’ traditional response was, “The Democrats don’t like Nixon.”

      During the second Bush Administration, when even Stone County’s Elder Republicans were choosing to walk away rather than “make excuses” or attempt to verbally “defend” their “so-called president”; it was only Stone County’s young Republicans ( people who only had been “Republican” a couple of years), who would reply, “The Democrats are jealous.” How could anyone be jealous of an Administration of mentally challenged individuals, who should of been in strait jackets in padded cells, rather, than starting two wars, wrecking the US economy, sabotaging the global economy and driving the United States Government’s overall global credibility into the toilet worldwide ?

      “Tricky Dick” Nixon was the president that really caused me to watch American politics and the parties.

      As a naive young man, I had believed Nixon had a passion to make America better for Americans. Once Watergate began to unfold, it was obvious that Nixon was only interested in Nixon and no Mafia Godfather in the United States every did more to destroy the faith, credibility or economy of the United States, in my opinion, than “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

      Nixon had been elected to end the Vietnam War, which he put on the back burner to follow his own personal agenda. Vietnam eventually became a War of Attrition that Americans simply could no longer tolerate the excessive cost of lives and finances. When the American people said “Enough:, Nixon and his groupies simply drew up the paperwork to allow the US to exit stage left using a sneak away in the dark alley policy of Vietnamization. As US troops left, we handed the M-16s to the South Vietnamese troops and say,”Good Luck.”

      Bottom line – Nixon had no “Exit Strategy” for the Vietnam War.

      Nixon’s actions convinced me to look at both parties. The Republican presidents that came after Nixon were great advertisements for American Democrats. Ford called himself an “Internationalist,” but his most important action was to make a word change in the US Government fairy tale” The Warren Report.” As president, Ford seemed simply to be “a warm body to keep the seat in the Oval Office warm.”

      Some Americans like the elder George H.W. Bush. They point to the fact that he sent troops to get Noriega. I saw the television coverage, when the US Marshalls escorted Noriega off the C-130 and into US custody. But, whatever happened to Noriega ? He was never turned over to the World Court to stand trial. He was never brought before a US Court to stand trial. Whatever happened to Noriega ?

      Then, Americans point to George H.W. Bush and say look how quickly the Gulf War ended ? True – but, why are American troops needed to keep the world’s oil supply flowing. At what point in the day to day business of the world are nations going to realize The Price Of The World’s Oil Should Never Be Figured In Marines Per Gallon.

      I do respect President Reagan. He is one American Republican president of the late 20th Century, who I believe, really did love and care for his country. I really believe he did his best to always do the right thing.

      In 1999, I thought the Republicans would select a “Great American” to run for president. Senator John McCain of Arizona, had worn the uniform and kept the faith for his country as a Prisoner Of War in Vietnam. But, like Senator Barry Goldwater, Senator McCain was “too much his own man of credibility, honesty and integrity.”

      The American Republican Party like back in the Days of Stinkin’ Lincoln simply needed a “talking head,” like “Max Headroom,” to babble about domestic and foreign policy, while making sure that government policy at home and abroad would never interfere with day to day global business goals. Naturally, they already had their finger puppet waiting in the wings.

      For all the talk that Republicans do about “Conservative” values, “Family” values – the driving force always seems to come down to “Good Old Fashion Greed” – whether, as in the days of Stinkin’ Lincoln, the true issue is the price and flow of “sugar and spices” and manipulation of the overall economy or in the current world of making sure “oil” remains the “global gold” until the day that the last drop of rotting dinosaur fluid is finally pumped out of a Middle Eastern desert.

      Germany had the Nazis. Japan had Emperor Hirohito. Uganda had Idi Amin. Iraq had Saddam Hussein and the Bathists. Iran had the Ayatollah Khomeini and his radical clerics and fanatical student groupies. Spain had Generalisimo Franscisco Franco and his fascists Yugoslavia had Tito and his communists. All countries, at some point, seem to end up with greedy leaders and their supporters who are willing to risk the lives of millions to make sure they are comfortable. Usually the Gaddafi and Mussolini-types get what they deserve “in spades”.

      However, America’s Republican Party seems to be “AL-Qaeda in Business Suits”, because instead of destroying the world over religion – overall global stability and status quo of the family of nations simply rests on the whims of “powerful people to keep their political business party in power to keep the global economy in check.”

      I don’t believe, rank and file Republicans at the local and state level realize how they are being used, but at the national level. I believe, Republicans know Greed is the driving force of the party to maintain the economic status quo of the United States and to drive foreign and domestic policy.

      My uneasy concerns about the American Republican party is the reason, why I personally, “Never Trust A Republican.”



      June 16, 2012 at 6:51 PM

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