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Stone County, Missouri – September 24 – Celebrate !

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Thank God, It’s Friday ! Any Plans For The Weekend ?

“Celebrate !

Celebrate !

Dance To The Ozarks’ Music !”


By Samuel E. Warren Jr.



After a rough week, dear old dad, just wants to pull a pillow over his head, while the kids play loudly in the living room and turn up the volume on Saturday morning cartoons.


Meanwhile, the single man, who had the rough week decided to go out and party. Now, his head feels like Boeing decided to do major aircraft maintenance on their entire fleet of 747s inside his skull.


Still Saturday’s sun rises and the weekend has dawned.


Rather than plopping down on the sofa or in an easy chair and wasting the day in front of the TV, Stone County, Missouri observes Stone County’s 160th Anniversary with a variety of activities that will get people out in the sunshine in a county fair setting.


Armchair Farmer - Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. Give your armchair the day off and come to Stone County, Missouri for the 160th Anniversary and join in the sun and the fun "On The Square" in Galena.


The Stone County Historical and Genealogical Society hosts Stone County’s 160th Anniversary Celebration “On The Square” at Galena, Missouri from 9 am until 6 pm.


The Table Rock Art Guild will have art on display at The Stone County Library. The Hula Hoop Dance Troupe will perform. That’s right – Hula Hoops – those big plastic hoops from the 1950s and early 1960s that kids swung around them and tried to balance. Believe it or not – hula hoops have come along way and two young ladies will show how they dance with hula hoops.


Music ? Come on down to Stone County. Did you know that Bob Walsh, a former Stone County, Missouri game warden was “instrumental” in getting The Show Me State to name The Fiddle an official instrument of The State of Missouri ?


Well, The Possum Holler Fiddlers will demonstrate why the “fiddle” is such a popular instrument in Missouri and the Ozarks. Get ready for some toe-tapping music from a group that performed for Governor Jay Nixon at his inaguration.



Music lovers will be entertained also by The Visible Praise Singers, who will demonstrate sign language singing and The Galena Baptist

Possum Holler Fiddlers’                                                                  Courtesy Publicity Photo



Church Childrens’ Bell Ringer Choir will demonstrate bell ringing of familiar songs.


Naturally, there will be a parade. And the parade will honor Stone County’s 90 year old and older citizens as well as ALL Stone County Missouri’s Military Veterans. Six World War II veterans are set to be in the parade and veterans from Korea to Vietnam were signing up as the county put out the call to all of Stone County’s Military Veterans.


In the Ozarks, what would a country celebration be without quilts? Quilting Circles. Quilting Bees. And Quilting Guilds – have always been a social part of Ozarks life from the days of Mark Twain and Laura Ingalls Wilder to the present. Thus, Stone County ladies will have their quilts on display at the Stone County Courthouse.


When I plopped down in the easy chair Thursday night with the latest edition of “The Crane Chronicle and The Stone County Republican” the page one story about The Bank Of Galena caught my eye. The Bank of Galena Museum will be open to display photos and information about the history of Stone County.



Missouri Mules On A Mission To Stone County - Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. Gather the kids and hitch up the mules to the buckboard and drive to Galena to celebrate Stone County's 16oth Anniversary "On The Square" Saturday, September 24, from 9 am to 6 pm.




Come on out to Stone County, Missouri and join the people “On The Square” for a day of sun and fun to celebrate Stone County’s 160th Anniversary – Saturday, September 24.










See You at Galena !



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September 24, 2011 at 5:16 AM

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