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Under The Big Top ! Our Massive Moving Sale

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Massive Moving Sale – 3 Days – September 8, 9, 10, 2011




Big Top !

By Samuel E. Warren Jr.

The Weiser Tent Service, of Monett, Missouri was scheduled to show up at 10 am to set up the 20-foot by 30-foot red and white canvas tent. The two employees showed up and set up the tent and were gone before 10 am. After they left, the real circus of activity began. Christy and I began trying to find tables and material to use to set up tables. Under the big top, Christy and I began putting out our yard sale items.

Dishes ! I’ve never seen so many dishes. Old dishes. New dishes. Dishes, dishes everywhere ! I bet I wake up in the morning with dishpan hands just by dreaming of dishes.

Since the last yard sale, back in mid August, Christy has been going through storage and looking at the different items. Clothes – she found clothes. Finally, she said “enough.”

Then, we discussed what furniture stayed and what furniture went. We now have four dressers under the big top. One of the dressers belong to my Aunt Bill along with the antique vanity with the mirror. The furniture rises up like islands in the sea of dishes.

I had the tool chest that I got for my birthday in my childhood. Then, I discovered more hand tools and some even in portable carrying cases. Donna DeLong, my cousin, showed up and helped us put out things as did Ken Sexton.

A few years ago, Silver Dollar City offered three artificial palm trees on a metal stand with white lights for about $350. This afternoon, Ken and I managed to reassemble the three trees on the stand and they are for sale.

I found toys for kids, which I have put in a big wooden crate toy box for them to dig through to try and find bargains. I have some antique toys and my dad’s little wagon for antique dealers to consider.

We have a variety of prices in a variety of price ranges. Christy and I both put prices on items. We know the prices in this economy and have tried to price items fairly. Shoppers should find bargains on many items. Most of the items in this sale we have not offered before because the items were in storage.

Stop by and check out our items. We have some unique ones like Christy’s bowling ball that never had the holes drilled for her fingers. We have two twin beds and a full size bed available. There is the black large lighted entertainment center, which she bought in Japan. And, there is an inventory of other furniture items from two swivel bar stools to footstools. See you at 8 am.

Stop by and see what exciting values and items we have to offer kids of all ages. Here are some photographs to inspire your shopper’s curiosity.


Big Top Going Up

Big Top is Up

Japanese Dish Set

Red Dish Set

Aunt Bill's Dresser

Japanese Dresser from the 1930s.

Setup Continues Past Sunset.



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September 8, 2011 at 11:25 AM

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