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Yard Sale Inventory – Day One

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by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Christy, my wife, was up at Oh-Dark-Thirty, jotting prices on the colored round price tags to put on items.  She woke me up at 7:30 am to remind me to call the Stone County Republican and see if they could get a classified ad in for this week’s newspaper.  I was still trying to sip my first swallow of coffee and get the sleep out of my eyes, when she dashed out to begin looking for tables.  I had the feeling that Tuesday was going to be a long day.

Goddess Rain Forest Lamp One of Two Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. What makes these lamps so ingenious is that you add a little cooking oil into the base. Once the lamp warms the oil then it flows down the wires and looks like raindrops.

Antique Japanese Samurai Warrior Figure In Case Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. I bought this figure at Misawa Air Base, Japan from a Japanese Antique Dealer. One a month the base would allow local vendor to hold a type of mall in a hangar on base to sell items from the local Japanese community. I recall the figure is suppose to have been made in the 1930s. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Antique Phone For Sale Photo by Samuel E Warren Jr. I bought this antique phone from a shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas in the late 1990s for my wife. Christy used it until she decided the cell phone was more conveinent. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Assortment of Handbags Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. We all tend to have certain items that we tend to collect. Christy is a bargain hunter. She spends time looking at handbags. If the price is right and the style is right, then, she buys. Needless to say, she has an assortment of handbags. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Readers and browsers, please, feel free to send me feedback.  I would like to know if the pictures are sized to come up quickly on your computers and cell phones.  My thought is that by posting the pictures in the blog, it might be easy for you to download them to your cell phone to have on hand when you come to the yard sale so that you know the item that you are looking for.

Ball Gown by Warren Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. Hollywood, Paris and New York City Fashion Designers I'm sure would not fear a man from Stone County, Missouri, who decided to design a ball gown. I had always been interested in clothes. On a good day, I could draw a little. In the 1980s, in the Philippines, I met this Filipina seamstress, who sewed to earn a living. I had this Filipina girlfriend that I was trying to impress. I sketched out the idea for a ball gown for my girlfriend and this is the dress that the seamstress created. My girlfriend wore this ball gown to the Air Force Birthday Celebration Dance at Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines. Incidentally, my Filipina girlfriend is now, my wife, Christy. Maybe, I wasn't such a bad dress designer after all. Move over, Versace. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Star Trek Lt. Uhura Action Figure Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. I became a Trekker from the first episode of "Star Trek." I bought this Star Trek doll at the Barksdale AFB, Louisiana Base Exchange around 1982. I have some more, but shoppers will have to come to our yard sale to see them all.

Carousel Horse Music Box Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr. This Carousel Horse Music Box is from Donna DeLong's collection.


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September 7, 2011 at 5:13 PM

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  1. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the phone shown in your web page. Is it still available for sale?




    February 22, 2013 at 6:18 PM

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