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FREE Photo — Rockets’ Red Glare Over Galena

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FREE PHOTO — Rockets Red Glare Over Galena

This cloudburst of fireworks launched into the night sky from the Y Bridge at Galena, Missouri. This symbolic explosion of the Fourth of July celebration entertained spectators, who watched sitting on the ground and in lawn chairs at the Y Bridge Park.

The old Y Bridge is only one of two such bridges in the United States. Today it is a bridge that still spans the James River, but is usually restricted to just people walking across the bridge. Since the 1930s, the bridge gets bombarded by trees and other debris that James River slams into the bridge anytime the river floods.

Actual automobile traffic flows along the boringly named. “new bridge,” which was built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The old Y Bridge has an interesting architectural structure, while the new bridge is the basic, lack of imagination, no artistic style structure normally associated with local, state and federal government construction projects since the 1960s.

Naturally, the “new bridge” leads past Galena, so that motorists can quickly speed on past Galena, Crane and head into Republic or Springfield, The new bridge is a few miles down the river from the historic Y Bridge.

The fireworks in the sky is a reminder at how we take the simple thing in life for granted. In the five years that I was stationed at Misawa Air Base Japan I never saw a Fourth of July fireworks celebration.

Misawa, Japan’s weather was always so lousy with a damp, thick cloud cover that base officials always decided to postpone the Fourth of July fireworks until Labor Day Weekend. Fireworks on September 1 ain’t the same as on the Fourth of July – regardless of dismal, damp cloud cover.

The Rocket’s Red Glare Over Galena is a reminder that the freedom to think and the liberty to enjoy your life should always be celebrated.

Story Behind The Photo – I used my Nikon D 200 and took extra Compact Flash cards to be ready to do some serious holiday photo shooting.

Like an old fashioned gunslinger, I slipped my Canon holster on to my western belt. I chose my Kodak CX7300 camera because with two rechargeable double A batteries the camera shoots amd shoots. I like it as a backup camera. So, I slipped it into the holster and spent the day shooting.

By nightfall, the Nikon had consumed the cards and flashed “FULL.” I aimed the Kodak skyward. The flash kept going off against a black sky.

Fast on the shutter can yield too little too late. I clicked in the Movie Mode and watched through the shutter window of the camera.

Back home, I downloaded the Nikon and the Kodak’s cards. The Kodak gave me pictures and some MOV clips. I remembered the Avidemux program that I had seen discussed on the Internet. I downloaded the program and used it to separate the movie into frames that could be saved as photos.

Then, I chose the photo I liked and cropped out some of the night sky.

Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Written by samwarren55

July 6, 2011 at 4:27 PM

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