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Memorial Day Arrangements

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by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Memorial Day is May 30th, 2011. Yesterday, Donna and Christy went to Springfield, Missouri to buy flowers for Memorial Day. Naturally, Ken and I tagged along – after all, Krispy Kreme donuts, is nearby.

Christy and Donna shopped the aisles of Martin’s Floral and Home Decor for a magnificent assortment of any type of artificial flower or accessory to make a Memorial Day wreath.

Christy Warren positions a flower in a monument arrangement for Memorial Day 2011. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

May 18, 2011 — Today, Christy gathered (her steak knife to cut the green foam) her tools and materials like pliers, green floral wire and the flowers to begin the creation of wreaths for Memorial Day.Christy is one of those creative people who looks at the colors of flowers and greenery and envisions the mixtures and arrangement of colors.

Christy Warren arranges flowers in a momument wreath for Memorial Day 2011. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

I question light orange roses and step back from a dark purple flower. Christy takes the flowers, hot glue gun and the wire saddles for wreaths and creates an arrangement that makes me stop to admire the finished arrangement.


If you are in the Springfield, Missouri area and shopping for Memorial Day flowers visit:

Martin’s Floral & Home Decor

3910 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65807


Written by samwarren55

May 19, 2011 at 6:19 AM

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