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Terrorist Treatment: Kill The Snakes !

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Terrorism Treatment: Kill The Snakes

by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

A southwest Missouri farmer, in the 1960s, knew you didn’t want to find a nest of snakes on your farm.

If a copperhead’s snakebite venom didn’t kill your milk cow, the poison could swell her udder and make the milk useless for the old cow to nurse her calf. You couldn’t use the milk to drink or make butter.

King snakes, black snakes, bull snakes, coach whips, blue racers and copperheads that got in your hen house would kill and consume the rooster, old hens, baby chicks and eat the eggs.

Cottonmouths and water moccasins in ponds quickly consume trout and bass that had been stocked in the farm ponds. Both snakes are poisonous, so no one would go into the water to swim.

Usually large old snakes will lie out under the wood pile and wait for a farmer to come and chop wood for the cook stove for supper. The wood pile protects the old snake from the heat of the day. When the farmer arrives a smart old snake slither away – like Osama bin Laden, the terrorist did for more than a decade) A stupid snake coils and strikes. The chopping ax falls true and the snake’s severed head flies off into the wood pile.

Al-Qaeda Anacondas

Global terrorists are, in essence, poisonous snakes, because like snakes, they kill people, destroy livelihoods and property. Snakes and terrorists leave only death and destruction in their trails.

Global terrorists in the 1960s and 1970s outwitted global governments, who tried to deal with the terrorists as though they were criminals, who wanted money. The governments didn’t realize the terrorists were simply dealing with vipers, whose poison brings only death.

Snakes are snakes. Terrorist are snakes. There is only one way to deal with a snake – you kill it.

Osama bin Laden, the terrorist, was a snake, who kept slithering from hole to hole to avoid the sunlight of law enforcement. He spread his venom to destroy thousands of lives for about 15 years. Now, that old terrorist snake is dead – his nest is still alive and slithering. Al-Qaeda is slithering in a World Of Farmers, who should remember how to deal with snakes.

Momma's Missouri Chopping Ax - Opal M. DeLong Warren used this ax in the 1960s to clear sprouts off of ten acres of land, near Galena, Missouri - until she bought "hair" goats to control the sprouts. At dusk, one day in 1962, Grandma Martha L. DeLong went out to the hen house to gather eggs. She screamed and Uncle Richard DeLong and I rushed to the chicken coup. He grabbed a pitchfork and ran inside to snatch up a six foot long black snake out of a hen's nest. Plopping the sneaky serpent down on the nearby wood pile and snatching up his ax - like the one in the photo- his aim rang true. The severed snake's head flew into the wood pile and we watched the wiggling tail die. Photo by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

A southwest Missouri farmer, in the 1960s, would carry a double barrel shotgun, a pistol, or a chopping ax to go out into one of his fields that he thought might have a snake’s nest. Shotguns and chopping axes are effective tools to kill snakes.

A five gallon can of gasoline and a box of kitchen matches were priceless in destroying all the snakes in their nest, in fields, on the property.

Missouri has more than 200 different types of snakes. Rattle snakes began arriving in southwest Missouri in the 1970s. Snakes like terrorists are hard to control. Some snakes can have up to 20 young hatch from eggs – like terrorists- snakes breed quickly and spread

Chadwick Church Copperheads

In Missouri, in the late 1960s or early 1970s, around Chadwick, Missouri, churchgoers one Sunday morning were in the midst of a service. The local story claimed that when the organist started playing the hymns, worshipers sitting in the pews, felt a swishing by their feet. They looked down and noticed “the floor moving.” A nest of copperheads had been under the old churches wooden floor boards. The music woke up the poisonous snakes, which slithered up through the wooden floor boards.

The Chadwick church copperhead snakes story quickly grabbed local, state, national and international headlines.

For years, Chadwick, Missouri sponsored the Annual Copperhead Roundup And Barbeque, where people would go out into the woods, carefully catch the snakes and put them in burlap tow sacks to be taken back and barbequed.

After years of rounding up the poisonous snakes the annual event stopped because there were no more copperheads to hunt, according to reports.

Survivalists Snakes

“Survivalism” was a popular movement in the Midwest in the 1960s and 1970s. People were paranoia about the Cold War and nuclear weapons. The persistent fear that either the Soviet Union or the Red Chinese would launch their nuclear weapons and start World War III caused some people to go out and live in the woods and stockpile food and weapons to try and be a “survivor.”

Some of the survivalists went “off the deep end” and formed their militias that taught “perverted fanatical religious views” of an impending, inevitable Armageddon and these people became “domestic terrorists.”

Like snakes, some of the domestic terrorists in the 1970s, slithered into southwest Missouri and northern Arkansas. At least one of the nest of the nut job domestic terrorists called themselves something like Arm of the Lord Sword of the Covenant. After the terrorists killed a Missouri state trooper, during a routine traffic stop, law enforcement swung into action. Soon, the domestic terrorism snakes’ nest was stamped out in southwest Missouri.

Slithering Past The U.S. Constitution

America operates on “The Rule Of Law” and The Constitution Of The United States Of America is considered “The Supreme Law Of The Land,” which explains why America presidents and federal employees down to a “slick sleeve” airman basic in the U.S. Air Force raises their hand and swears an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” – “against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

Sometimes America presidents do a lousy job of protecting and defending the Constitution.

America’s King Cobra ?

“Tricky Dick” Nixon, a former American president, during the Watergate Affair, proved he was “Above The Law,” when the investigation got too close to the front doors of the White House, rather than face impeachment Nixon slipped away.

  1. Nixon fired the Attorney General of the United States of America, John N. Mitchell – who by virtue of his office was “The Ranking Lawyer In America” and “The Chief Law Enforcement Officer In America” – “America’s Top Cop.” Nixon may have had a “legal right” since he, technically, hired Mitchell – but what better way to stop an investigation than to fire the lawyer and cop in charge?
  2. Nixon claimed “Executive Privilege” – he took the “plea bargain” and left office. While Nixon claimed that he had done nothing wrong his vice president became president and offered “Tricky Dick” a pardon. If Richard Milhous Nixon had done nothing wrong; why would he take “A Presidential Pardon?”

The Watergate Affair really made a mockery of the U.S. Constitution, The concept of The Rule Of Law and the whole concept of Justice In America, where the theory is – No One Is Above The Law. The global terrorism issue really pushes the concept of justice and individual civil rights: How Can Anyone Feel Safe in their home or person if they surrender all their civil rights to the government? Thus, We The People all become “subjects, serfs, and slaves instead of citizens.”

Perhaps, global terrorists should be viewed in a different legal light. If their actions are global, then, a global terrorist’s suspect would have No Citizenship – A Man or Woman Without A Country. With No Citizenship, then, they would have no legal rights on the planet, thus, they could be treated like a creature and a creature would not even be given the civility accorded to pets or livestock.

Should someone like Osama bin Laden or the Mastermind of the Lockerbee Scotland Flight Bombing be considered human and given protection under the law ?

A post Civil War criminal – i.e., “Domestic Terrorism” issue in Missouri reminds us that sometimes Justice can have an extremely creative outcome.

Head On A Pole

Alf Bolin earned numerous labels: guerrilla, bushwhacker, carpetbagger, criminal, and outlaw – among others. Caught in the crossfire of the Civil War, he took advantage of being caught in the middle to inflict robbery and murder on everyone from “Union Blue Bellies” to “Johnny Reba” to poor dirt farmers and their families. Like bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, Alf Bolin seemed to enjoy killing just for the sheer fun of killing.

His numerous psychotic crimes terrorized people in the Ozarks, even to the tiny town of Ponce de Leon, Missouri. The most popular story credits The Governor of Missouri calling upon the Union Army for assistance. A young “butter bar”, “still wet behind the ears” Yankee lieutenant was sent undercover to try and bring Alf Bolin and his thugs to justice.

Fortunately. The young officer got the drop on Bolin and shot him dead. Even, then, the young officer faced the problem of “evidence” to prove the domestic terrorist had been dispatched to meet his maker. Before he “headed” to the authorities, the young man “took Bolin’s head” as “proof” of death (or justice). The severed head ended up placed on a pole before a rural Missouri courthouse. The slowly rotting “buzzard bait” head of Alf Bolin allowed local children and citizens to throw rotten tomatoes, vegetable at other garbage at Alf’s final remain. While the official authorities were trying to decide what to do with the decaying public head – Nature acted.

Farmers routinely allowed their livestock to graze or root – past the rural courthouse – one day the head fell off the pole in the midst of some hogs. The Alf Bolin story claims that some citizens watched as the hungry hogs fought over and devoured the head.

Missouri’s approach to “domestic terrorism” in the late 1800s is obviously different than the terrorism issues of 2011. Leave it to the legal scholars to debate if Osama bin Laden got “justice.” Global terrorism should remind us all that you can classify snakes as “good snakes” or “bad snakes” – but, a snake is still a snake.

History and Society can decide if a controversial person like Yasser Arafat is not a terrorist and decide that his reported “viper” actions of his life were like those of a . . . King Snake useful to get rid of mice and other rodents, but a snake is still a snake – no matter how colorful or how many times it sheds it’s skin.

A dead old cobra like Osama bin Laden, will have to rely on his supporters to try and prostitute history and society into viewing him as a happy, harmless garden snake. Still, a snake is still a snake. Some environmentalists might be wrong – perhaps – sometimes the global eco system is better off without a species. Humanity has done pretty well without dinosaurs.

Perhaps, it will take governments decades to decide on the type of justice for international terrorists, but to feel sorry for a dead terrorist and not celebrate his death is a greater “Injustice” to the victims and humanity as a whole.

Lethal Legacy

Global terrorists. Like bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are snakes – and, a snake is still a snake. Sometimes Fate intervenes and a snake gets crushed to death in a hay bailer, smashed to smithereens by a tractor tire lumbering through the field or squashed by speeding motorists on the highway – I don’t know any Missouri farmers, who grieve or even care about the sudden demise of the serpentine “buzzard bait.”

The old cobra, bin Laden is dead, but, global governments can’t afford to quit hunting the terrorists. Terrorists like snakes, breed, thrive and spread. Global governments need to keep their shotguns, chopping axes, gas cans and matches at the ready to deal with the terrorists, wherever they rear their poisonous heads.

Missouri has never had a shortage of snakes. Snakes always come back. The wise goal for snakes and terrorists remains – Extinction.


Written by samwarren55

May 11, 2011 at 6:46 AM

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