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Good Riddance Scumbag ! Burn In Hell !

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By Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Osama 'been Toasted' Laden, a sadistic terrorist of international fame, is reported to have been killed. I, like many people, hope the report is true. Art by Samuel E, Warren Jr,

The Global Media reports: “Osama bin Laden is Dead.”

Before you break out the champagne, buy a round of beers at the local bar or press for a National Holiday Against Terrorism – let’s get DEFINITE PROOF.

In the early 1980s – the Global Media reported Yasir Arafat had been killed. Less than 24 hours later, the global media had to eat “crow.” They jumped the gun.

After more than 10 years and more than 200 Federal law enforcement agencies kicking over rocks to see if they could find Osama. Suddenly, Osama is Dead . . .

Sooner or later old age would kill off Osama like everyone else.

Is Osama Dead or is it Timing ?

The global economy is still in the toilet. For world stock markets to ever crawl back out of the sewers of oblivion they need a significant jolt. The Public Relations cheerleaders know their favorite pom poms have Osama bin Laden’s name on them – his death would bring points back into global world markets.

This is no time for a bogus U.S. Government Warren Report political fairy tale investigation that raises more questions than it will ever answer.

This story needs to be fact supported by published proof to post on the Internet : DOCUMENTED PROOF –

Autopsy Photos of Osama bin Laden – to include the supposed diseased kidney that required dialysis.

Actual Graphics of the DNA test that proves the corpse is Osama and not one of his kids or close relatives.

Actual Graphics of bin Laden’s fingerprints displayed next to a graphic of the corpse’s fingerprints.

Actual Graphics of bin Laden’s dental x-rays displayed next to a graphic of the corpse’s dental x-rays.

Satellite photos of the crime scene or fire fight scene that shows the area.

On the ground photos of the area to show that “Escape would be impossible.” Plus Ground Penetrating Radar Photos of the area to show there was no hidden tunnels, sinkholes or caves beneath the building of the reported firefight.

Posted statements of bin Laden’s soldiers in U.S. Custody that points out something definite like “Yeah, Osama bin Laden had this weird mole on the back of his neck and there it is on the body of the corpse.”

Posted witness statements of the locals who can confirm statements like “At (fill in the time) I saw Osama bin Laden and (fill in the number) of associates go into the building.”

Posted statements of individuals who participated – give them code names for security purposes, but post their words like : “. . .we blew away the scumbag. We watched the sucker fry like bacon in a hot skillet. I think one of the guy’s even posted the video on the net of Osama being blown away.”

Documented words of one of Osama’s wives, like, “He didn’t come home.”

Independent verification from Official Sources other than Uncle Sam’s boys and girls like Interpol, Pakistani intelligence or some source other than Uncle, which wanted Osama’s head on a pole.   The source  can use phony code names for security but let’s get some sworn oath statements on the record like, “Yeah, we’ve been after this guy and there is no doubt in my mind that –  that corpse is Osama bin Laden.”

If Osama bin Laden is DEAD – then, there needs to be irrefutable proof – like posted photos of the charred shot up corpse, so that it is obvious that bin Laden is Dead.

Do the Old Wild West Stand The Corpse Up In The Pine Box Or Against The Wall Photo and have a full-sized Osama bin Laden Photo posted next to the corpse. There can’t be any John Herbert Dillinger Public Enemy Number One Doubt about – We Did – In Fact – Get The Bad Guy.

Post all the data on a website for the world to see. Uncle Sam should cough up some money to help pay for the website, but other entities have to be involved. A U.S. Government website won’t work – posting the evidence on white isn’t going to convince anyone.

The last time the White House told the truth – probably – George Washington was president.

Remember the former Bush Administration’s declaration “Mission Accomplished” and, yet, U.S. Troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan – fighting, dying and trying to keep the peace.

The evidence has to go beyond “A Magic Bullet,” and the guy on the grassy knoll of the President Kennedy Assassination and the leads in the case that were ignored.

The evidence has to go beyond “the girl in the polka dot” dress of the Senator Kennedy Assassination that ended with a chosen suspect.

The evidence has to go beyond the photos of Saddam Hussein in custody and then a press release that he was executed.

The evidence has to go beyond a commando raid into Panama and then U.S. Marshalls marching Manuel Noriega out the back of a C-130 to disappear into the system for X number of years.

The evidence has to go beyond guys in Nazi uniforms standing around a trench with a gas can and flames and the claims that the burning body is Adolf Hitler. After all Nazi Doctor Joseph Mengelles escaped human justice for years and supposedly died in exile.

The evidence needs to be so concrete even Conspiracy Theorists will have to come up with outlandish fairy tales about how at the – 11th Hour Alien UFOs Swooped Down To Save Osama but engine malfunctions and bad weather hampered the rescue and Osama was left to a major case of lead poisoning.

Bottom Line – The evidence will have to be so substantial that even Conspiracy Theorists will have to resort to really Out To Lunch fairy tales to cast any doubt on Osama bin Laden’s Death.

The World At Large Demands Proof That Can’t Realistically Be Denied.

Citizens Of The World need to know that the Osama bin Laden bites the dust story is FACT and not a lame Pubic Relations attempt by global bankers to jump-start a watered down global economy. There needs to be proof that Osama is not going to miraculously reappear in a couple of days sipping a cappuccino in a cave with al Qaeda again snickering in the background.

The Bogus Traditional Government Assurances ain’t going to cut it.

Words are cheap. U.S. Government spokesmen have less credibility with the public at large these days than a teenage prostitute.

Professional Politicians Lie So Often – even, they probably don’t know when they accidentally “Tell The Truth.”

The Office Of The President Of The United States Of America should always be respected. Yet, Americans need to be aware that near the end of the 20th Century major stationary fronts of “Hot Air” tend to reside in the Oval Office.

The current president, Obama, really hasn’t earned credibility with voters – the economy is still in the toilet. Thus, the old mundane “Speak To The Nation” Video Photo Opportunity is a modern cliché of “wasted airtime” probably better used by the WWF.

Without clear, concise, video footage of hot lead shredding Osama bin Laden to pieces that can be viewed and rewound for numerous intent viewings – then, the traditional talking head in the expensive suit behind the big desk in the Oval Office makes the “Speak To The Nation” dog and pony show  – tired theater.

The Old Speak To The Nation Ploy has become a click off the remote cliché that only means, “Hey, honey, where is that new DVD movie  ?” (Let’s not forget, even the networks are hooked on the grandstand tradition because they always use their talking heads to explain to us simple-minded Americans what the great Wizard has just told us.)

The Speak To The Nation Ploy is tired theater that belongs to the bygone era when such proclamations “probably did mean something” close to “a politician telling the truth to voters.”

The United States Congress is still Missing In Action – so no comments from any Senator or Congressman should mean anything – other than they can’t miss a “free” network photo op to be on the evening news.

The United States Supreme Court – once upon a time – the other arm of the American Democracy’s System Of Checks and Balances became old people in black robes. They are probably in a back room playing shuffleboard since interpreting the law and protecting the U.S. Constitution seems to be duties left with their Alzheimer’s medication and their adult diapers.

What can the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court say of value about bin Laden’s death – except “Shucks we didn’t get to see Osama bin Laden flown to Gitmo or tried by Secret Tribunal. Dang it all.”

The World Demands Concrete Proof that Osama bin Laden is Dead. Until then, “The Report” is just another “Press Release” – another fairy tale of optimism.

Hopefully, this is One Time that a World Class Bad Guy “Got What He Deserved In Spades.”

If Osama bin Laden truly is DEAD, then:

Glory Hallelujah !

Break Out The Booze!

Let’s Declare An International Holiday Against Global Terrorism !

But, before we celebrate, let’s make sure that One Of The Most Notorious World Figures Since Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin has finally been “put down like the rabid creature he was.”

If Osama bin Laden is Dead – May He Burn Hot In Hell For All Time !

Let’s hope – God – Allah – the Supreme Force Of The Universe – The Big Guy Upstairs – finally flushed a Grade A World Class Scumbag Down The Celestial Toilet.

Hey, Osama – this way through the Doors – Satan is waiting – Seems you are the Guest Of Honor at the Barbeque :}


Written by samwarren55

May 2, 2011 at 4:06 PM

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