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End Of The World – May 21, 2011 NOT !

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by Samuel E. Warren Jr.

Yet another Sadistic, Masochistic, Paranoid Group of Con Artist Bible Beaters are out on the rooftops and knocking on doors to tell humanity that the World Will End. I read the Internet story, a few days ago. I didn’t even care enough to remember the name of this silly doomsday cult. I just shook my head and cussed, “Here We Go Again.”

This time the bible beaters have a date – May 21, 2011.

Horsefeathers !

This is a photograph of the Atomic Bomb exploding on Nagasaki in 1945. This photo is from Free Stock Photos If "The End Of The World" didn't happen in World War II why do religious nut jobs think it will end in 2011 ?


Doomsday Prophets Profit

In the Real World, Life always comes down to Dollars and Cents.

Doomsday Prophets profit directly and indirectly.

The Fear is always the prime ingredient of Doomsday Prophecy and The Fear is always the Paranoia Of The Moment expanded to unbelievable extremes – in the 1950s it was the “A Bomb, in the 1960s, it was The Cold War and The Godless Communists. Every decade provides it’s own, “The Fear.” The 1980s put AIDs front and center. While it is a legitimate medical concern, the fallout began as overwhelming as the Commie hysteria of the 1950s and 1960s. Doomsday Prophets always jump on the band wagon and go to town with “The Fear” – real or imagined.

The A-Bomb Paranoia of the 1950s and 1960s, and Cold War End of the World Paranoia of the 1950s through the 1980s allowed the arms race to continue for years. And, of course, the Survivalists and Militia Cults sprang up and fed off the Fear that you would have to keep your own personal armory, in case, the Commies ever got past Uncle Sam and into your front yard.

Governments benefited from the paranoia because the Fear fired up industries, companies or people built bomb shelters, which challenged money into the economy. Naturally, the politicians knew the fear would drive voters to the polls and some useless politicians would be returned to Congress and the White House term after term.

Religions benefited because when large groups of people get frightened they run to the churches to delay “Doomday, Armageddon, Apocalypse, Rapture, and The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse yet again !

The Local Nut Job Cults always make out like bandits because they leech the life out of people, who really DO believe the world is going to end. They empty the believers’ wallets and souls and don’t miss a step as the cult leaders dance to their personal banks.

The AIDS Paranoia of the 1980s did provide money for medical research and the chance to save lifes, but the quacks of the moment confused the real medical condition with religious views. The Holier Than Thou types turned to people who didn’t go to church all the time and begin trying to point the finger at these people.

The Fear of the 1990s had to look to the end of the decade and try to fire people up with the End Of The World based on the end of the century. “The Millenium” and “The Y2K” became the old “End Of Humanity As We Know It.”

Real Signs Of Doomsday

The Fear of the World ending is probably a justified fear, in the sense, that people die everyday and the thought of being one person in a large group of people facing imminent death would be the kind of thought that would keep people awake at night.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis destroyed millions of Jewish citizens. Saddam Hussein and other dictators have killed off millions of people before their crimes ever come to light. The World Trade Center terrorists attack infected a whole new generation with the ongoing paranoia of Armageddon.

Nature tends to be the most common traditional assassin that can kill off unknown scores of people in a single event. But, nature probably does it out of a sense of trying to keep the environment in balance overall.

If the World, i.e., planet ever does end, then, there should be “Real” Signs of impending doom.

If the Sun starts to go out then the obvious change would be weather and lack of daylight.

Nature could give off any number of signs: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, et cetera. A large number of Mother Earth’s convulsions from earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis around the world in s a short period of time would be better indications than any tongue-wagging nut job waving a book or sign.

Governments and religions are the most consistent threat that the average citizen can have some control over.

In the case of democracies: don’t support and vote for morons. Religions – don’t give them money,don’t attend their churches and don’t buy into their doomsday fairy tales.

The Global Boomerang Of Doomsday Prophets

Global history is full of these doomsday prophets who slither out from under their rocks into the sunlight anytime life gets rough for humanity at large. Be it a World War, Global Nuclear Fear, Global Terrorism or a Global Depression – anytime large masses of people get depressed, then, the doomsday prophets go to work. The going gets tough; the “crazies”gather their groupies and head into the nearest limelight.

The World Ends Everyday for some people – The Word Is Death. Death comes in the form of accidents, incidents, wars, natural disasters and when the cells of the human body wear out.

Death Of The Planet and Death Of The Human Race is going to take more than “pessimistic crackpots” from the First Century or the 21st Century.

I believe humankind would become extinct long before Mother Earth ever decides to retire to obilivion.

The Doomsday Generation

I’m from “The Doomsday Generation.” No Generation in history could be more paranoid of oblivion than “The Baby Boomers.” We entered the world as the embers of World War II started to cool. We didn’t “Write The Book” on doomsday, but our generation “Wrote The Books”. We contributed tons of plays, musicals, scultpures, stories, books, novels, TV shows, movies, art exhibits, museum exhibitions and every form of recorded media and social events imaginable about Doomsday and The End Of The World.

As a Child Of The Cold War Paranoia, my greatest fear is that the A-Bomb would End The World and if anyone survived then we would have to deal with “Nuclear Winter.” Tons of stories were written and movies were made about the proverbial “Day After.” But, when the Soviet Union went bankrupt and The Berlin Wall started getting dismantled the A Bomb Fear ended like a really bad nightmare.

Atomic Bomb Explosion Experiment Made In New Mexico July 16,1945. My personal fear as a child was an A Bomb explosion would unleash a Nuclear Winter to signify The End Of The World. I cropped this photo from History Link 101.


Thus, the Baby Boomers should just smile at the latest “religious quacks” and comment “Eggheads !”

World War II should have been The End Of The World

If Planet Earth and Humanity were to end, then, World War II should have been the “Ultimate Ace Of Spades” card that God would of tossed on the table to end the game because virtually every land mass on the planet was involved in fighting for survival.

The death tolls, the missing people and the destruction from unknown Pacific islands to European capitols became the single greatest event in modern human history that should of pushed humanity over the brink.

ROMAN COLLISEUM – United States Army 5th Army soldiers study a map of Rome. In background is the ruins of the Coliseum. Italy. This is a History Link 101 Photo from World War II.








But, World War II did not end planet earth or the human race.

OKINAWA CAVE - Rifle sights are lined on the entrance to an Okinawa cave. United States Marines await the result of an explosive charge to pick off any enemy soldiers who attempt to escape. These bitterly contested cave positions formed the Japanese "Little Siegfried Line" defending the capital city of Naha. Okinawa - 1945. This is a History Link 101 photo.


























“The Greatest Generation” had the guts to hold civilization together in countries around the globe. Average men and women worked to keep civilization together and keep procreating future generations to keep the world turning.

All the death and destruction that resulted from World War II did not End The World, so, Doomsday Prophets should of went the way of the Dodo Bird, but, humanity seems to have a need to believe that the worst is still out there somewhere just over the horizon.

Since World War II didn’t spell The End Of The World, I’m not falling for the most recent mathematical gibberish of yet another bunch of whacked out religious panty waste bible beaters preaching the end of the world.










The Need For A Supernatural Belief

Everyone needs a spiritual or religious belief to make us all feel that our life means something and that in the end that our days on this planet haven’t been wasted.

Organized Religion needs people to believe their “sales pitch” to keep people coming to their churches and digging into their wallets and purses on a continuing basis to pay the bills to keep their “smoke and mirrors showrooms” open.

But, whether it is the blessed, sanctified. “Official” religions of the world or the quack cults that sprout up like weeds in the Seasons Of Hard Times – Faith, often seems to be more a mixture of Fear and Paranoia packaged together under the logo of the moment.

Boot Camp For The Doomsday Generation

We of the Doomsday Generation, cut our eye teeth on the “Commie” fear fairy tales of our grandparents and parents. We sucked the pacifiers of “The A Bomb Paranoia” where at anytime the infamous Soviet Union would push the button to start World War III and kill us all in our sleep or the supposed “legions of procreating Red Chinese would just keep marching through the countryside and overwhelming us all simply by their sheer numbers of regenerating manpower. One of the infamous tales of the day claimed “If a Red Chinese baby was born whenever the march began that baby would grow up and take his place in the never stopping army of invasion.”

We, of the Doomsday Generation, put our hands over our hearts in the classroom and stood looking up at the U.S. Flag, while our words were spoken to the Pledge of Allegiance, in the back of our minds were what seemed the very real “need to build a bomb shelter” and the always suppressed insanity of “The Mutual Assured Destruction Policy” of the days.

Every school kid of the 1960s knew the MAD Policy of the Cold War probably better than their alphabet because it was replayed time and again in one form or another in newspapers, TV shows and movies and basically MAD came down to: Regardless, if the U.S., or the Soviet Union launched their Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles first – the outcome would not matter.

Worst Case Scenario theorized that there was enough explosive materials on the planet to “kill earth 80 times over” as if once wouldn’t be enough. The Best Case Scenario meant that the handful of human survivors would have to endure unprecedented, horrific “Nuclear Winters” for an unspecified time, while earth reacted to the convulsions of destruction and the poisoning of the environment. Yet, these Doomsday stories had the survivors in various states of nuclear suffering and evolution emerging to attempt to once again “ jump start” the human race.

Bad Calendars, Busted Watches

In college, I came across the story of some whacked out “preacher” around 1913, who conned his flock into believing that the world would end on a given day. His congreagation sold off all “their earthly possessions” slipped on white robes and stood on the rooftops of their houses waiting for the Almighty to whisk them away to safety.

Have you ever noticed how “Doomsday Prophets” have bad calendars and busted watches ?

The 1913 Rapture didn’t happen.

Dialing For Doomsday Dates

In my lifetime alone, The Doomsday Dates have been rolled time and time again by events – the Drunken Gamblers Of The Cosmos – and the result is always the same.

The Sun Rises, the next day.

James Jones signaled the Apocalypse for his devoted and misguided followers in the early 1980s. Doomsday Prophets are always whack jobs, but, sometimes they are “deadly” nut jobs, who kill off unsuspecting people in need of hope.

George Orwell’s novel became the Bible Of Destruction for the Baby Boomers with an eye on the calendar in the 1980s. 1984 came and went and people forgot about the novel adopted as prophecy.

The Doomsday Addicts can’t leave the End Of The World alone.

The Stew Of Destruction

Events in the Middle East always have these doomsday prophet con artists donning their sack cloth and ashes. The Yom Kippur War of the 1970s and the almost routine “skyjackings” of aircraft by terrorists fanatics were the ingredients that helped to keep The Stew Of Destruction brewing.

By the mid 1980s, World War III became the paranoia of the day because the infamous political “Iron Curtain” of Communism still had the rock solid wall up separating East and West Germany. All leaders of the Soviet Union were still being seen as the genetic and political heirs of Lenin and Stalin by Americans at large because Uncle Sam had raised a generation to believe Communists were always Evil Incarnate. Thus, around 1985 when the World War III hysteria began to take hold: ideas like Civil Defense and “bomb shelters of the 1950s” didn’t seem like such bad ideas.

World War III In 1985 !

Naturally, “Bible Beaters” weren’t going to miss the “free publicity” of the day. They trotted out their “Gog and Magog” interpetations. They pulled out their dog-eared Nostradamus quatrains and tried to figure out how they could get Michel Nostradamus’ words to predict the imminent destruction.

Don’t give American Government Leaders of the day credit for avoiding any of the prophecies. They had their own agendas, which either played into or ignored the paranoia of the time.

1985 passed without World War III erupting across the globe. There was a brief paranoia about the end of the world in 1988, but people still celebrated a Happy New Year in 1989.

Veteran Of Imminent Apocalypse

The whack job Doomsday Prophets missed it again in 1999 and 2000. The Y2K Doomsday was supposed to be a bigger threat to computers than the human race. Still, some people did buy generators and stock up on bottle water.

I didn’t.

I had survived the Cold War of the 1960s, The Cold War of the 1970s, The Orwellian End of 1984, The Imminent World War III of 1985, The End Of The World In 1988. A Veteran Of Imminent Apocalypse, I figured I’d roll the dice and not worry about the End Of The World in 1999 or the End of the World in 2000.

And, once again – The Country Boy Did Survive.

Thus, the nut jobs, currently going around the country and “preaching” about the End Of The World on May 21, 2011 should update their global positioning systems to bypass my house because I don’t “buy” the whole End Of The World story.

The End Of The World – Just A Story

Has anyone ever stopped to think, The End Of The World story is just that: a story ?

Face it. Even in the First Century, writers and storytellers had to earn a living. Some man or woman tells the story and it goes from there.

Good stories get stolen, rewritten, retold, recast and at some point take on a life of their own that stands the test of time from vampires, werewolves, zombies, King Arthur, to Messiahs. A good story is a good story. A good story sometimes gets rewritten and recast by legions of unknown writers and storytellers that eventually becomes a part of a culture that can spread around the globe.

The Second Vatican Council had to choose good stories for the publication of The Holy Bible. Naturally, the writer, writers, storyteller or storytellers, wouldn’t have been paid much. The sanctimonious editors didn’t even have the decency to give the forgotten scribes bylines. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are a far cry from an earned and recognizable byline.

An despite all his writings, poor old Paul never even got a chapter named after him.

Religious Books’ Traditional Story Plots

All religious books rely on a story or a discombobulation of stories to create an overall dogma of beliefs that can be retold and recounted again and again for generations to keep their religion replicating itself through the decades.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a newspaper notice that an Organized Religion Filed For Bankruptcy ?

An End Of The World Tale is crucial to an organization’s dogma because the believer has to believe that He or She will be The Big Winner In The Ultimate Lottery Of Life. There needs to be a Payoff Tale – that suggests rewards in the Hereafter like Mansions Of Gold or 70 Hot To Trot Virgins.

Why don’t Cults and Organized Religions ever suggest Payoffs in the Here and Now ? Forget Church Bingo – hand out Deeds To Mansions From Beverly Hills to Martha’s Vineyard or plane and hotel tickets ot Las Vegas or Atlantic City and watch your congregation sitting front and center every Sunday.

Then, of course, Cults and their mature sibling, Organized Religions all have to rely on their ultimate copyright tale: “There Can Be Only One = One True Religion. “ Only one religion can be the True Religion and have all the right answers. And that True Religion is always the one that coughs up the publication costs of their dogmatic novel and the associated media needed to continue their propaganda marketing campaign.

New Cult Dogma’s can’t use “The Word Of God” label because that advertising slogan became too connected with The Holy Bible. So, new cults have to come up with their own catch phrases.

Thus, any book, even holy books need good stories. Humanity relies on those Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Robert Louis Stephens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Horatio Alger and Shakespeare stories that wake up human emotions to continue to generate yarn after yarn of drama and melodrama that makes our lives more exciting, or, at the very least, worth getting out of bed for.

In my lifetime, I’ve noticed cult leaders all seem to suffer from lack of imagination. They go to the nearest store and buy a Holy Bible and a highlighter and start teaching their perverted interpetation of what had been written back in the First Century. None of these men or women read a comic book or watched a science fiction TV show as a kid ?

Thus, like Romeo and Juliet, no matter how many times you repackage the Ole End Of The World Story; it always finds an audience because humanity needs the belief that while everything disappears, there is always that one single individual that survives to continue the human race.

The Human Race Need Tragedy To Believe In Hope.

A self appointed Messiah and his or her Band of Beleaguered Believers should be smart enough to figure out a long term plan of survival.

In southwest Missouri in the 1970s, there was a cult that made the news. Something about the “Arm Of The Lord” or “Covenant Of The Lord” or “The Sword Of The Lord.” At a routine traffic stop, some of the cult members gunned down a Missouri State Highway Patrolman. The trooper’s death spelled the End Of Days for this cult, whose End Of The World came quickly as authorities moved in and scattered “the chosen” to the “four corners of the earth” or, in some cases, state and federal prisons.

Dogma Of Denial

What I have always found fascinating about The Cults Of Religion is The Dogma Of Denial. The Christian’s Jesus Christ wandered the countryside for twenty plus years with his groupies, wearing battered bath robes and there is never a story about them stopping off to buy a new pair of sandals or getting a shave and a haircut.

All religions seem to thrive on denying their members any type of comforts in this world. Yet, the holy people at the top always seem to have full bellies and wide screen TVs.

Whether the Cult is a bunch of whack jobs living out of wood sheds and barns in Arkansas and Missouri or operating out of fancy cathedrals in Rome or an office building in Springfield, Missouri, people shouldn’t be in such a hurry to fall for the “holy” doctrines.

What Do You Believe ?

Religion and spirituality should always be a personal belief based on the individual’s philosophy. You might want to look at the inherited dogma of denial or the cut and paste prophecies of dead writers and storytellers, who were probably just trying to pay the rent and put food on the table. But, even the accepted organized religions can’t answer all the questions. And the difference in opinions throughout history lead to sects being “spun off” from the accepted religion of the day.

Less Likely Doomsday Signs

People who want to worry about the End Of The World will always find a fear. Some of the least likely are:

Asteroids, comets and meteors – Guess it is up to NASA and the other international space agencies to watch out for these “Kill Off The Dinosaurs Rocks.” Not much the average joe can do. But, since governments aren’t building starships or shuttles, then, we would probably all go down with the planet.

Aliens ? They could go either way. If another race from the stars visits earth, then, they might help out. Then, again they might be in their “War Of The Worlds” mode and humanity would have to learn to play together to avoid extinction.

Is “Global Warming” a Scam ?

I think so. I live in Missouri. The weather has changed since I was a child. But. Missouri still ain’t Florida. From October until April, it gets cold in southwest Missouri. The winters do seem as bad as ever. Not every winter is a record breakers, but, then, it has been that way throughout my life. Some winters are epic. Some years winter isn’t that bad. Still, if you “don’t break the ice” on the pond when the cattle go to get a drink, they will fall in and freeze to death.

Winters in Missouri is why I believe “Global Warming” is a scam. The annual winters haven’t changed enough to provide Missouri with California or Florida climates. Nor, has the climate sank so far into the red that Missouri’s winter is anything like Misawa Air Base, Japan where it was not uncommon to get 150 inches of snow a year back in the late 1980s.

Global Warming is a more contemporary “Doomsday” scenario. Like the A-Bomb and the Cold War Paranoia, Global Warming has enough “official” credentials to cause people to stop and say “What If ?” Like the paranoia that generated the arms race there is serious money to be made from this “future” fear. Grants go to universities to study the “What if” possibility and come up with some solutions. There maybe a future Ice Age, but, I’m going to bet “Dollars to Donuts” it won’t be here by May 21, 2011.

Incidentally, to the geniuses that came up with the “Global Warming” term: Put another log on the fire and clean your glasses – shouldn’t that be: “Global Freezing.” Maybe, the polar ice caps are melting, but the last time I saw photos of the North and South Pole – Earth’s Largest Ice Trays didn’t seem ready to completely thaw anytime soon.

Planet Shift

One short lived paranoia of the mid-1980s was Earth’s tilt on her axis could really mess up the weather and put humanity in the dinosaur category. Not much the average joe could do except pray. Earth didn’t tilt or flip – Hallelujah! Yet, another Doomsday Scenario passed. Still, though governments of the world ain’t building shuttles or starships, so, future humanity might be behind the power curve.

There was a Silly Happy Ending To The Planet Shift Fear Of The 1980s: The sun came up. The Planet Shift Doomsday Prophets didn’t have a quick explanation handy, so, the best that they came up with was basically, “So many people were worried that they kept praying and the tons of prayers kept earth from tilting too far and stopped the End Of The World.

I believe in prayer.

But, The Planet Shift Doomsday Prophets probably just didn’t have the guts to admit they were wrong.

Profit Prophets

To the Whack Jobs calling for The End Of The World on May 21. 2011 – Be Careful if your leader asks for your “plastic” credit cards, checkbooks, and loose cash before He or She strongly suggests you drive maximum speed into a brick wall. The “Heaven’s Gate” cult were promised a better life and wound up in black body bags on guerneys being filmed for the evening news.

To The Doomsday Prophets Of The Future, we have heard it all before.

Armageddon. Apocalypse. Rapture. Revelation. Yah. . .dah…Yah. . .dah, et cetera, et cetera.

Get smart.

Buy a video camera and go shoot a movie. Whether you wind up with a blockbuster or a B roll footage, no doubt, you will find some followers because there are always people hurting and looking for someone or something to believe in.

For those Doomsday Prophets Whose Greed Knows No Bounds – Two Major Choices: (1) Join A Cult Of Organized Religion and slither your way up the heirarchy or (2) Graduate Law School, Join A Political Party and slither your way up the ladder.

The Successful Doomsday Prophets know The Best Legitimate End Of The World Con Games are government approved because they help to divert the focus on incompetent government officials at embarrassing moments like Watergate, the Iran Contra Affair, et cetera. In addition, The Doomsday Prophet nuts can keep cackling their drivel as long as they don’t rely on specific dates.

End Of The World ? Maybe, in a Hundred Quadtrillion Years. Perhaps, by then, Society At Large will have the technology that will allow someone to fire up their space shuttle and put the pedal to the metal or take their suitcases and step into a teleportation device and arrive on a new planet light years away.

Don’t hold your breath. In my lifetime, government has been uesless in most areas, except collecting taxes.

One of the Best Ways to Beat The Doomsday Prophets at their own game is to recognize them for the paranoid people they are. Just walk away. If they can’t get inside your head, then, they have no power.

If they do get inside your head, then, the outcome usually is disastorous.

The James Jones Cult of the 1980s killed off people by having believers drink poisoned kool aid.

The David Koresh Cult let believers get mowed down by gunfire.

The Heaven’s Gate Cult let their believers die in a group and then the authorities were left to try and figure out what happened.

If you really want a Doomsday fairy tale, buy a comic book, or watch one of the tons of End Of The World movies from the video store.

But, relax, Face it. Until the planet starts giving clear indications that it is coming apart at the seams or Outer Space starts using earth as a Galactic Landfill by dumping asteroids, meteors and comets on the planet, there isn’t too much to worry about as far as the “End Of The World” goes. The sun will come up tomorrow.

End Of The World on May 21, 2011 – Horsefeathers ! (If you truly believe that, then, you are probably in the market for beachfront property in the Mojave Desert.)

Politicians And Preachers

Life has taught me the Greatest Threat To Humanity Is Politicians And Preachers. They keep people on edge and off balance and they fatten up their bank accounts by keeping “The Fear” of the moment front and center.

Be careful of the Politicians you give your support to. Be careful of the Preachers that you believe in.

Vote Against Nut Job Politicians, despite what their publicity people and their Party tell you. Do you own research and act on it at the election polls.

Good Lord Willin’ And The Creek Don’t Rise, I’ll meet you kiddies, here, on May 22, 2011. Be sure and bring your copy of Chicken Little.



Written by samwarren55

January 17, 2011 at 11:25 PM

4 Responses

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  1. thank you for this. 🙂


    May 12, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    • Jada,

      Thank you for your comment. It is rewarding to know that when you post an article in cyberspace, someone may read it. It is truly rewarding, when someone takes the time to comment on the article. Thank you.



      May 14, 2011 at 6:11 AM

  2. Dear Sam,

    Thanks for this my grandmother keeps saying the world is going to end and that I should read a bible and pray, but I keep telling her it wont end and I told her she can believe in what she wants and I believe what I want to.



    May 21, 2011 at 6:07 PM

    • Abraham,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      In time I imagine everything dies, even planets. I believem if earth does get to that point there should be some obvious indications that will be to obvious to ignore, cover up or blow off. Plus, I believe it would probably be a series of natural disasters,

      I have a more spiritual than religious outlook on the world.

      I can appreciate your grandmother’s concern. In the 1960s, American, Russian, Chinese, Korean politicians had everyone living on the razor’s edge afraid that someone would push the button and start World War III. Fear and paranoia are powerful instruments of government policy and recruitment tools for churches of all faiths.

      I watched the video footage on television of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers, I heard younger people afraid that that event would set the End Of The World into motion.

      I was a child when President Kennedy was assasinated. I still remember how numb adults were an unable to believe someone would assassinate the President fo the United States of America. Then, the assassinations of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Senator Bobby Kennedy happened. Those assassinations really had Americans on edge.

      The Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt was also one of those events that had Americans wondering if the world was being pushed close to the edge of War and a possible End of the World.

      Years later I stumbled on a movie about a supposed Assassination Attempt on Richard Nixon; I can’t recall the event.

      There was also supposedly the Assassination Attempt on Gerald Ford or George H. W. Bush by Squeaky Fromm, one of the Charles Manson Family, but, it always sounded like a “bogus” or maybe even “political” sham to try and bolster sympathy for a lackluster Administration. As I recall, Squeaky Fromm admitted on television that she didn’t even have the gun loaded.

      With all the American history that I’ve witnessed made in my lifetime, I find it hard to believe that the End Of The World is going to happen anytime soon. Of course, I’m trusting NASA and the U.S. Space Command to keep their “Eye On The Sky” to warn us of any planet killer asteroids or meteors headed our way.

      Keep the Faith. Enjoy your life. Don’t worry about getting a good night’s sleep – the United States Armed Forces are wide awake,

      Thank you for reading my blog. And thank you for taking the time to comment.



      June 1, 2011 at 4:06 PM

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