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Ho, Ho, Horrendous Hopeless Herbert Hoover Holiday Ends …

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… Bush Administration Depression

Legacy continues

by Samuel Warren

The Ho, Ho, Horrendous, Hopeless, Herbert Hoover Holiday is over this year. Christmas Day, December 25, 2010 is gone. The promise of a New Year looms on the horizon. Before 2011 dawns, let’s take a quick look at this past comatose Christmas.

Penny pinching hillbilly Christmases are not new to the citizens of southwest Missouri. The Laura Ingalls Wilder, “Little House On The Prairie” Christmases are still alive and well in this part of the United States.

The 1960s took the Ozark hillbillies from being a stereotype citizen of the Ozarks hills to people who could affrd to feed their families on a regular basis. Silver Dollar City and the migration of some country music to Branson helped to bring a consistent stream of revenue into the area.  Even with cell phones and computers the global cash flow into this part of the Ozarks remains a trickle.

I’m a Halloween baby. Born the day before Halloween, that is my holiday. After age 13, I’ve never really paid much attention to Christmas. In the military, Christmas is simply one of those silly “family” holidays that means the “single” G.I.s are usually going to get “stuck” or scheduled to work so that the married people could spend the day with their family.

Christmas had lost all meaning for me until I got married to my wife Christy. Christmas is “THE” holiday in the Philippines. Those years, I got caught up in the Spirit Of Christmas.

When we came back to The States, Christmas began just another annoying holiday. It’s always nice to have a day off, but if you live in a state that it snows around Christmas – what is the point ? You are probably already snowed in anyway.

You see – I’m not a Christmas person. That’s why, it seemed strange that this year I noticed the overwhelming lack of holiday cheer. The “Bah Humbug” attitude of Christmas 2010 was everywhere.

What Happened To Christmas 2010 ?

Usually the “religious” people are out in force like an invading army. They “bombard” you with “well wishes,” and “witnessing.” Perhaps, they were all frozen in a “Global Warming Iceberg” because their absence was noticeable. Then, again maybe they were all warming bar stools hoping the holiday would pass quickly. The Christmas Mojo and Christmas Magick that people always talk about just never seemed to be unleashed this year. Usually there are those “Hallelujah ! It’s Christmas” people who spring from the shadows on the Day After Thanksgiving – this year, they were all – Missing In Action.

Outside of the plethora of Christmas movies on TV and advertising banners in the stores; it seemed like Christmas had become a worn out political campaign, whose major contribution is the “day after the election trash” like banners, placards and poster left to litter the landscape.

The hopelessness of this past December 25, 2010 alone – has to rank in the annals of disappointed holidays. The irony is that even in depressing times there are those happy, happy people out there spreading their optimism. They too were Missing In Action this year.

I have never believed History Repeats Itself; I believe History Rewinds Itself and then allows us to respond to similar scenarios of our parents or grandparents. This Christmas Season certainly seems like a Herbert Hoover Holiday. Hopefully, the events that come after will not be a replay of the Hoover fallout.

The Herbert Hoover Holiday Of 2010

October 3, 2007, I consider my generations’ depression. “Black Thursday,” October 29, 1929 signaled the start of “The Great Depression” under Herbert Hoover, who had only been in office a few months. My grandmother told me stories of The Great Depression as did my mother. But, my grandmother would always end her stories with I hope you never see days like those.

Ironically, both depressions happened with Republicans at the helm. Kind of makes you question the fairy tale that “Republicans in the White House are good for business.” I’ve heard that fairy tale for fifty plus years because I grew up in a fanatical Republican county.

It is reported that Hoover thought the voluntary efforts of Americans would save the economy. He had even gone on record as a staunch advocate of the Efficiency Movement, which said that the U.S. Government was diseased with waste and inefficiency. The solution was to allow “the experts” to find and solve the problems.

Herbie And The Bush Administration

The Politicians of 1929 and 2007 share one major misconception, when the U.S. Economy is in a nose dive toward the ground – it is too late to check the aircraft maintenance records. “Boom !”

Hoover’s economic problems had a million tons of topsoil blowing away in the wind to create the Dust Bowl. The Bush Administration had Katrina and the floundering of New Orleans. Mother Nature always seemed to ignore the economies of humans, so you can’t blame government incompetence of any administration on the weather.

In 1931 Hoover tried to save the banks by creating the National Credit Corporation. The theory was the big NCC banks would make loans to the smaller NCC banks. Wasn’t that the same non-working theory of the Bush Administration in their final days – “Save The Banks and They Will Save The Economy.”

The Great Depression had spread around the world by 1932. Thanks to electronics and technology, The Bush Administration Depression spread around the world much quicker – although the media has never been able to bring themselves to use the “D – word,” and refers to the global economic collapse as a recession.

The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for November 2010 showed the national unemployment rate at 9.8 percent. The U.S. Unemployment Rate in 1932 is reported at about 24 percent.

The sorry State Of The U.S. Economy in 1932 brought the largest peacetime tax increase in history. Some historians claim that it took FDR and his administration 12 years to try and rebuild the U.S. Economy, but credit World War II with getting Americans back to work at large, which allowed women to leave the kitchens and enter the work force.

If it took America 16 years to recover from the failures of the Hoover Administration; how many years will it take American economy to dig it’s way out of the grave dug by the Bush Administration?

A true irony of society is that despite the current struggling U.S. Economy, The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum, is one of twelve presidential libraries run by theNational Archives and Records Administration.    The NARA is a U.S. Government agency funded by taxes from the American taxpayer. And, the Boulder Dam was renamed The Hoover Dam in Herbert Hoover’s honor.

Only in America do we allow a politician and his party to bring us to the brink of economic destruction and then immortalize their inefficiency and incompetence by a series of national monuments.

Whatever happened to Congress ?

Is anything being done to help Americans rise up out of the muck of the “official” recession ?

One of the fairy tales to come out of Washington D.C., a few days before Christmas, was that the Democrats and Republicans had agreed to work together. How nice. Now, that’s a fairy tale – Republicans and Democrats In Congress working together. Someone tell Dorothy to quick clicking her shoe heels together.

I remember the Carter Administration. President Carter came to Washington D.C., with ideas like cutting down on government paperwork and doing away with The Electoral College. The old heads dug in their heels and the word “gridlock” entered the vocabulary. The Congress of the United States grind to a halt. No one wanted to compromise.

To imagine the Spoiled Brats Of The Congress Of The United States working together to accomplish anything of substantial meaning to rebuild the economy is a fairy tale that even the Brothers Grimm would find hard to believe.

Three years into a recession and someone accidentally “woke up” the Congress of the United States. It must have been those annoying mid term elections. Still though Republicans must have been disappointed – no one came rushing out into the streets to throw roses or flowers at their arrival into Washington D.C.

The Mayan’s 2012

If the Mayans are right, then, come 2012 – none of us will have anything to worry about. Thus, there would only be one more Herbert Hoover Holiday, i.e., Christmas for the world to endure. Chances are though the Mayans probably just didn’t get around to picking up their new calendars before their civilization ended.

Doomsday Rollbacks

Throughout my lifetime, supposedly “civilization as we know it was always on life support.” As a child in the early 1960s, The Shadow Of The A-Bomb loomed over me. You could order “bomb shelter” plans from the U.S. Superintendent of Documents. Science fictions movies seemed obsessed with “The Day After The Bomb” and “Nuclear Winter.” Communists became the favorite fall guy of any and all social ills – it was always the Communists out to “destabilize” the government.

The late 1960s “Domino Theory” kept the national paranoia of Communists going strong. Supposedly one country would fall to Communism and then others would topple like dominoes.

The Soviets and “The Red Chinese” were the ultimate bad guys of the 1970s. There were “Arab terrorists” in the 1970s, but their “skyjacking” of aircraft and other incidents weren’t putting the country into an overall frenzy.

Reagan’s talks with Gorbachev changed Soviet Communists “Evil Empire” into a “detente” colleague. Now, the only Communist’s threats were “Red China,” North Korea and Castro’s Cuba. While the mid- 1980s seemed less paranoid – the Doomsday Prophets pulled out their day planners and began chanting off dates.

1984 !

1984 was The Big Date. In high school and college in the 1970s, people were wondering if George Orwell knew something that the politicians didn’t. 1984 came and went and the world kept spinning.

The 1980s may have been the Era Of The Doomsday Prophets. While some people had called for the end of the world in 1984. Others had decided that 1985 would be the year. There were even those people who were shouting loudly that World War III would begin in 1988.

The Soviet Union switching over to Russia and the Berlin Wall coming down destroyed “The Iron Curtain Paranoia.”

By the time younger people began to question the End Of The World In The New Millennium – I had survived too many phony doomsday dates to seriously buy into the paranoia. I will be surprised if the World Does End – December 31, 2012.

The Executive Branch Above The Law

I try to be optimistic. I’ve never been good at it. I’m a “the glass is half-empty “kind of guy. I want to believe that future politicians really do care about make life better for their fellow citizens. Yet, what I’ve seen in my lifetime, politicians just seem like criminals that can not be touched by the justice system because it does not apply to them.

It is truly said that Administrations are above the law because they don’t have to ever worry about being held accountable to their citizens. (What is it again that separates a Democracy from a Dictatorship ?) The “No Fault” wave caught on in car insurance and politicians had their surfboards ready to ride in the 1970s because it meant they no longer had to “accept responsibility.” The term “ plausible deniability” entered the language quicker than you could say, “political party.”

While two wars and a busted economy occurred during the years of the Bush Administration; it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever formally suggest government inefficiency and mismanagement. Meanwhile, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Economy keep backing up the system like a toilet that won’t flush; it is hard to imagine that the economy will come out of it’s coma anytime soon.

Thus, shop early for next Christmas. Don’t forget to pick up a lump of coal for your favorite Bush Administration official for their stocking. The next time you go to the polls to vote think Word Association: Republican, Hoover Administration, The Great Depression, Bush Administration, Bush Administration Depression, broke, unemployed, homeless and hungry.



Written by samwarren55

December 30, 2010 at 11:11 AM

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