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Memorial Day Weekend Prediction Prophecy

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Stone County Old Timer observation

Memorial Day Weekend

Prediction Prophecy

by Junior Warren

I’ve decided to get into the Nostradamus business.

It could be fun to be a prophet.

It is a win win game. If yAdd Mediaou are wrong, people poke fun at you. If you are right, people get uncomfortable and try to figure out if there is the slightest chance.that maybe. . .just maybe…

The Magick of Warren Land - Agriculture to Astronomy and Weather to Wisdom.

Prophets, might have been real people in the days of the Bible. In the 21st Century, prophets seem to be the literary characters of books, plays, television and movies.

The traditional doomsday prophet stands on a street corner shouting about the end of the world. Think about it. Prophets are usually only remembered for their BAD prophecies of Gloom and Doom.

Biblical Prophets

The Prophet Ezeikel always comes to mind anytime Unidentified Flying Objects, flying saucers and lights in the sky, other than lighting is seen or talked about.

Biblical prophets have literary immortality because their names live on the every reprinting of the book.

When was the last time you heard of a GOOD prophecy from a GOOD prophet. The bottomline is prophets are usually considered to be negative. I can do negative.

Modern Prophets

There are modern day prophets, but, they are always controversial because society gets all caught up in trying to categorize where to list these people. Religion, medicine, astrology, mediums – all these areas present problems in trying to classify a prophet.

Positive Prophet

Edgar Cayce is a modern day prophet of the 20th Century. He presented information on medicine that seemed to work for clients. Needless to say, the medical authorities of his day might not of been happy, but – if something works, then, it works.

In my study of prophets, Cayce is the only one who seemed to offer hope and encouragement.

The Profits of Prophets

Orthodox Religions usually like to decide “WHO” gets designated as a prophet. Media organizations can use their resources to designate a person as a prophet. In recent history, the whole title of prophet being used for people seems to relate to ventures that relate in profits for people, usually other tan the actual prophet.

Self-appointed Prophets

Throughout history, some people have designated themselves as prophets.

We. self- appointed and self-annointed prophets, have an agenda of our own. For now, my agenda is to set the stage for my prediction.

My Predicition – Warren Quatrain One

My prediction is : It will rain in Stone County, Missouri at least once between Friday, May 28, 2010 and Tuesday, June 1, 2010. Sometime during the Memorial Day Weekend it will rain in Stone County, Missouri. That is my prediction.

My predicition is not earth shattering. Not monumental. I’m new to the prophet business, so I figured that I should start small.

Junior Warren


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May 25, 2010 at 6:32 AM

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