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My Mark Twain Mode

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I love to write.  It is my calling in life.  Samuel L. Clemens before me became Missouri’s legendary writer, Mark Twain.  I don’t have his published credits, but we share the Missouri childhood.

From what I have read of Twain’s later works, he seemed to find humor in later years from the events of life around him.  I can relate to Twain’s humorous skepticism about life.

The boy from Florida, Missouri, a small town, near Hannibal, that no longer exists, had a way with words.

The boy from Galena, Missouri, may never reach the legendary fame of the Tom Sawyer author.  I may never have my bust in the Hall of Famous Missourians in the state capitol in Jefferson City to keep Twain company, but  I like to think I have my own way with words.

In 4-H, Galena Future Farmers of America, Ozarks Chapter of the Order of DeMolay in Branson and Forsyth and in the United States Air Force, I always wrote for organizations that I belive in about ideas that I believe in.

Now, I write about Samuel Warren and my experiences in my lifetime.  You can find my stories on my blogs like: my Tumblr blog or my Blogger blog Wham, Bam, Sam or my Word Press blog Sam I Am Blog at  These blogs are the locations that I publish my articles and stories to.

The TypePad microblog The Warren Reporter is at and is my quick update of writing projects that I am working on

Feel free to visit any of my blogs and comment on the subjects that I write about.  My email is  Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy reading the articles.

In my research of Mark Twain, apparently he wasn’t fond of the new fangled invention called the telephone.  Great minds think alike across time: Twain found phones annoying and  I really find cellphones annoying..

Samuel Warren

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January 18, 2010 at 9:01 AM

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