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The Ultimate American Insult

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The Ultimate American Insult

by Samuel Warren

The New Year of 2010 is off and running.

I sit down to write a blog entry. I surfed the Internet for some data. I tumbled over and fell on this link:

At first, I thought it was a joke.

Apparently, there are currently 12 presidential libraries that start with Herbert Hoover. There is an agency called NARA that is apparently charged with keeping these Presidential Libraries up and running.

The NARA Seal

Politics is always controversial, likewise the presidents of the day. To break ground in 2010 for the next presidential library, in my opinion, would be the Ultimate American  Insult.

When I was in college in the 1970s, I heard about plans for a Nixon and Ford library. At the time, the whole presidential library issue seemed like a craze like “swallowing goldfish” or “seeing how many people could cram into a phone booth”

For the most part, presidential libraries seem like a good idea. I enjoy history. Naturally, I think as a rule, future generations will want to be able to look back and have the documents to support their ideas and beliefs.

Then, comes the 21st Century.

The global economy is trying to come out of the coma. America got not one, but two wars Thanks to the Bush Administration.

At the start of 2010, U.S. Flag draped coffins returning to the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan is still a reality. The Obama Administration and the American taxpayers are still paying for the Bush Administration wars.

The Ancient Egyptians may have had the best idea for dealing with former rulers that really made their lives miserable. Go to all the monuments and scratch off all their names and do your best to forget these rulers.

Americans are unemployed.

Americans are worrying about having a job tomorrow and paying bills. How many Americans are going to be counting coins to see if they can afford natural gas for heating this winter?

Americans can’t afford Health Care; so now President Obama and Congress are working on a solution. Meanwhile, while the United States, a global superpower struggles not to become a third world poverty-stricken nation: it appears that yet another library may be built to honor one of the most controversial and possibly inept administrations of all time.

Someone call Rome and see if there is any interest in starting construction on The Emperor Nero Imperial Government and Music Library ?

Does America really want or need this presidential library ?

What’s next ?

What are the chances that Iraqis are going to set aside a site and begin construction on The Saddam Hussein Presidential Library and Museum Center in Baghdad ?

Perhaps, there is an American university or college interested in building The National Enron Center for Business and Energy Studies.

The point is the U.S. Government and Americans should NOT feel compelled to immortalize every president with his or her own little propaganda center that will survive and be funded long after that administration has turned to dust ?

On the bright side, the Smithsonian could probably be convinced to place a couple of huge used green dumpsters in a relative dry area to hold the Bush Administration documents for future generations. The costs should be minimal and they might already have a dumpster or two that isn’t regularly being used that they would be willing to donate to the cause.

Seriously, if there are those Americans that feel this administration needs to be immortalized, then, let them have the materials to go off and build their cheerleader center. Just don’t look to Uncle Sam for continued federal funding.

Personally, I believe somewhere in Texas there is an old outhouse, missing outdated catalogs and corn cobs that would welcome the collected documents of the Bush Administration.


The Missouri Chicken Coupe in the photograph isn’t a Texas outhouse, but the structure seems secure and dry enough to protect Bush Administration documents for future generations.  Photo by Samuel Warren

I maybe the only American that thinks it is wrong to immortalize a FAILED administration, but to me it seems wrong that the government is willing to provide support for a center that pays homage to an administration that left the American people with two wars and an economic holocaust.


National Archives

Wikipedia article on NARA:


Written by samwarren55

January 6, 2010 at 1:52 AM

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