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Third Samuel

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Third Samuel

by Samuel Warren

Lightnng flashes !

Black clouds explode!

Thunder shocks the mountains and electrifies the ground!

Tsunamis slam the shores.  The earth seizures.   Faults open.

Mountains stagger. Boulders dissolve to sand. Trees topple. Steam and flames incinerate the falling trees. Charred wood and ash sifts  into the faults.

Animals scatter to the four winds.

Mothers pray!

Babies cry!

I Arrive !

If you missed my birth, then, you simply had not been born yet.

I’m the Third Samuel.

Of course, the First Samuel, my grandfather, toiled the sandy soil of East Texas.

Joseph Samuel "Mr. Sam" Warren

Joseph Samuel "Mr. Sam" Warren, of Simpsonville, Texas

The Second Samuel, my father, a short-haul trucker in East Texas got the call from Uncle Sam and survived the Hell of World War II in Europe and the Pacific.

Samuel "Sammy" Warren

Samuel "Sammy" Warren, of Simpsonville Texas

I, the Third Samuel, arrived October 30, 1955 and the world has never been the same.

Samuel "Sam" Warren Jr.

Samuel "Sam" Warren Jr., of Gilmer, Texas and Galena, Missouri

I came into the world to make a difference.

I have.

Now, I sit back and watch.

Now, that I have your attention ( and have offended most of the world’s major religions)

I’m Samuel Warren.

I believe we all make a difference.

We all rock the world with our births. We all make a difference that changes the world.

I’ve worked my stint as a Professional Observer. I served as a reporter in the military bearing witness to the trials and tribulations of mankind.

Now, I pick the causes and crusades that I champion.

For now, I can concentrate on trying to sell more than 70 acres of land in southwest Missouri – that I and my wife own.

Meanwhile, we continue to work to help our family back in the Republic of the Philippines have a better life.

By now, a Fourth Samuel or Samantha is in the world.   It is up to him or her to take mankind to the next step.

My wife, Christy and I have our own agenda to sit back and observe the setting sun on the tropical shore.



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